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Iranian women - no Hijab - sing the Farsi version of Bella Ciao, the anti-fascist anthem of the Italian resistance during WW2. The song is catching on as Iranian women lead a revolt, standing against a repressive theocratic dictatorship.

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  1. Fruit has fiber which traps the sucrose and pushes it out of the body before it's metabolized. So no, I would not stop eating fruit. Melons however, are high in sugar and low in fiber. I avoid them and honestly I don't like them anyway 🤷‍♂️

  2. lol, what witchdoctor told you that lie? 😂 fiber is also carbs, but one that delivers no energy. What it does is either swell inside your stomach or form some kind of gel, depending on the type of fibre. Mostly, they‘re not digestable, but improve your satiety and this help regulate your blood sugar by increasing and decreasing it slowly (unlike monosaccharides like glucose, that increase your blood sugar almost immediately).

  3. Imagine a sand strainer. The small stuff falls through the strainer easily while the rest is caught. Your duodenum works in much the same way. The small stuff goes through the epithelial lining into the hepatic portal vein to the liver. The big stuff that can't be absorbed goes to the large intestine. Some absorption happens there, but most occurs in the small intestine.

  4. I wish European countries would combine their current pro hockey leagues into 1 single league. Then they could partner with the NHL.

  5. I think it might happen with the KHL basically being done

  6. I think, in moneypuck‘s modell, goaltenders play a big role. And while none of them are elite, the Devils currently have 3 nhl goalies on their roster if you count Bernier. Meanwhile teams like Vegas have to do without their main goaltender for the whole year

  7. Seattle with a 63% chance to make it lol. They didn’t want to look bad again after Vegas didn’t they?

  8. Well Philipp Grubauer completely falling apart out of nowhere did numbers on them

  9. That's a sim right? What kind of idiot doesn't abort once the caution comes on.

  10. This is not only aggression on your part, dad, but failure in teaching as a parent. Not funny in the least.

  11. Ah yes, leave it to redditors to judge someone‘s parenting based on one picture

  12. Leave it to a half brained male(you’re missing a leg one of your X’s) to think pretend gore and violence is good parenting, even if it’s ‘only this one time’. Blather blather blather-you’re wrong.

  13. Lol, I love when people that think they know it all best expose themselves as old, bitter sexists.

  14. didn't the Flyers lose against Lausanne HC a couple years back?

  15. They did. When it comes to NHL teams vs Swiss National League teams, the NHL now leads 4-3 thanks to Nashville. NJ beat Bern, the Rangers beat Bern and Davos. And now Nashville beat Bern. Meanwhile Lausanne beat the Flyers, Zug beat the Rangers and ZSC Lions beat the Blackhawks

  16. Can you imagine the confidence those European teams that won had, stepping into the season.

  17. A bit into the season. National League usually starts mid september

  18. Depends on what you mean with “stuff” if you mean harder alcoholic beverages, cigarettes (unless you’re in Aargau, Luzern or another canton that does allow it) or things like that then legally no. If you mean wine, beer, champagne then yes. If you are underage and do want to get stuff for 18+ then going to a volg or any other recognizable shop just isn’t a smart thing to do.

  19. It was always 18+ here but I remember when I was 16 there were places where it wasn’t. I think that’s still the case but I could be wrong.

  20. Well I don‘t smoke, so I don‘t know for sure. But for some reason I thought, cigarettes were 16 also

  21. Yeah I can imagine that hahaha but where more exactly?

  22. Oh wanna be there until you pay 15 dollars for kebab

  23. More like 10-11 dollars for a kebab 😁 but the wages are also vastly higher

  24. I don't think his problem was ever skill. IIRC he had some attitude issues and then was injured 24/7

  25. Never heard anything about attitude issues, but 5 concussions definitely will fuck up a hockey career

  26. There‘s always a free stream if you spend 2 minutes googling. It‘s also on NHL Network

  27. Chanterelle mushrooms are amazing! One of the best things about fall

  28. Yeah season starts in summer, but in Europe they‘re tipically served on iconic fall dishes

  29. Haha yes, if it‘s smoked on the plate (they did the whole fancy cloche thing).

  30. If it's not that really sucks. I love when pro sports players do funny stuff you would only see at a kids game because games are supposed to be fun.

  31. Huesler reaches the first final of an ATP singles tournament in his career, aged 26. He's quickly cementing himself as the best active Swiss tennis player whose name ends in "-er"

  32. Nah, he‘s the best actice (male) swiss tennis player at the moment. Period.

  33. No offense but this looks like trash. If you want real pizza, don't go to Italy, go to New York.

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