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  1. How exactly did he rise again?

  2. 10 minutes in and we hit the trifecta: Rolex mention, Jim's diet/eating normal food and a turbulence mention

  3. Can you imagine a leaky windows / bug infestation drop!? The vibes would end world hunger

  4. Hey just so you know there’s an app called Relisten available on iPhone and android that acts as an archive stream on your phone. It’s totally free with no ads and has all recorded Dead and Phish shows (and plenty other jam bands). You can also search by date or venue or year. Jam on

  5. I think we're all talking about the same thing. I sent the correct amount to the correct address to cover my order and even an extra tip. My order went from processing to cancelled. The last time I ordered was in late December. This time I ordered powder instead of solution. I don't know if the solutions are going through and the powder isn't, but I've been a customer since 2019 (when their automated email server still worked) and I'm bummed and a little freaked out. I did receive word from someone who placed a solution order a few days ago and received it. I also received word that someone's cancelled but funded order was completed after emailing the correct address. That gives me enough hope to place a 5 bottle order, but that's it. I will reply to this with how things go. I absolutely will do this. Anyone who knows anything will understand my last sentence. If you're absolutely working with this vendor right now, please reply and we will work out a way to communicate.

  6. My order was canceled then I emailed and within 24 hours it was completed, then got the bottles in 2 days

  7. So why the fuck didn’t they announce they were going on a 1-2 week vacation? That’s kinda shady

  8. You would think they would at least put out on social Media

  9. Dude why not move it up for them? Maybe something’s physically wrong and they can’t move it.

  10. Another day another shooting. Another day another “thoughts and prayers.” Another day another “this violence needs to end.”

  11. If so oxy and obesity is not an ideal combo. Can’t be both for long

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