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  1. I wonder if it's the the on street that makes it much slower. In most if not all the surrounding areas there are no cars parked on the street over night and can be plowed much faster.

  2. Wings.... Good at Dinner, breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner... and in-between

  3. I could tell because the street was plowed. Not yet here in N. Buffalo.

  4. 20 Years ago I lived on Norwalk... I remember pushing many stuck cars down the street each winter...

  5. Ha! That's where I live now...

  6. lived in the lower at 206... I'm betting the plowing is about the same as it was... bad...

  7. I need to give them my street so they know which district ( there are two in my polling location) I’m in but the never asked for the house number

  8. It’s how it works… you sign the book and you are who you sign for

  9. does he have eyes in there somewhere?

  10. He does, hidden very well! The kunekunes freak me out a little, I'm always trying to check their eyes to make sure they're ok.

  11. I'm assuming Jethro works mostly off smell anyways.... but its probably a good idea to make sure his eye function too :)

  12. intentional self inflicted chainsaw would partially severing someones hand. They lived.

  13. I walked in on my parents going at it... it was dark, there was screaming, my grandparents were in the corner....

  14. When the web was new back, in the mid 90,s my wife was into doll houses... While at work she went to dollhouse dot com... it was not what she expected....

  15. It just depends on whether you are rich enough or not. If you can barely afford a boat and all its associated maintenance and storage, it's going to be a source of pain. If you can easily afford all of that, it's going to be great.

  16. My dad bought a used 2012 42 footer 3 months ago... one of the diesels blew up last Monday with only 500 hours on it (should have lasted much longer)... 50k for a new one... he can afford it... new motor will be here in the spring... he's not upset...

  17. Everyone I know with COVID right now wears masks religiously and is fully vaxxed, if not boosted. The cotton masks most people wear are doing nothing.

  18. Week prior to thanksgiving 5 people out of the ten that sit in my office area, all sitting 8 feet apart, wearing masks and vaccinated came down with covid, including myself. My booster was scheduled for 3 days after I test positive. While I didn't need to go to the hospital it was a very rough week.

  19. My 19yo son also in the spectrum is in a club in a local college. I do think they allow people not at the school to 'play'.i will ask when he wakes up. Are you in buffalo or suburbs. I may be able to offer some supplies I own a 3d printing shop and make things.

  20. we're in kenmore... is he in Yalt or standard college... we were behind this year trying to get her into yalt.... I didn't really know it was a thing until summer...

  21. I'm near Ellicottville he's in JCC. He dorms with 3 other boys also with autism, we were able to check on the any time. It was actually rewarding. He can't drive it's too much stimulus (he's a big flapper). But just that routine is all we needed . We would also send him to summer school even though he was a high honor student, keeping that routine was huge. We have tried to get him diagnosed as an adult and the doctors out here tell us that he's too text book and it's all scripted since my wife is a rn. .. but back to what I'm trying to say. My son sounds like he does all the same . If he's off a week of school he flips to '3rd shift' and is up all hours sleeps all day . We are trying to look for jobs once he gets out. He will graduate in 1 year with his associates (back to going to summer school he picked up college classes while in high school) we are looking for at home data entry type work I think that will be the best for him.

  22. My daughter had a personal aid since middle school as she got lost. I work for SUNY managing blackboard for 33 campuses (not ECC) and we rent space out of Buffalo State. I looked at our campus and could not see her not getting lost... We're working with opwdd for Job opportunities and trying to get her into SSI-D which we've had to get a lawyer as she was rejected her first go around. As someone who hasn't done any Government stuff beyond my taxes its overwhelming.... I wish there was a guidebook...

  23. If you live in a cold weather area electric car ranges are greatly reduced during the winter because of the cold which is one of the down falls of them. I am sure they will figure it out over time but as of now it is a big issue.

  24. a car with a full tank of gas can idle for over 30 hours. You can extend the time the car can heat by running it for 30 minutes and shutting it off for 30 minutes.

  25. five people in my office, all vaccinated, got it this week, including myself. I was scheduled for my booster today which obviously had to be postponed.

  26. I just want to say to them “dude, your profile says you love beer, hunting, football, big trucks, Trump, Let’s Go Brandon- I doubt you are a Shea’s patron”

  27. My family was all vaccinated as soon as we could (my booster is scheduled for Tuesday next week), I am a Shea's patron with my season pass in the front row, I love beer, hunting (will be back in the woods Friday), football and big trucks. I also have season passes at several other small theaters.

  28. For any reason? Surely there would be circumstances in which you would agree that the government could intervene in the event of a catastrophic public health crisis. One that transcends the burden that our economy and society could withstand without intervention.

  29. We lost my uncle (state's mandate to put covid positive people back in his group home for people with Down syndrome caused it) and my sister-in-law prior to the vaccine being available.

  30. I've had my 2015 e350 for a little over a year... wouldn't have done the wagon (have a full size pickup too) but think they're cool... so far love my e350....

  31. Libertarians are just Republicans who know the shame of the name

  32. that's a simpletons explanation. Libertarians want drugs legalized and instead treated like a medical issue, prostitution legalized and regulated, they don't care who marries or sleeps with who, your body your choice, they prefer Government controlled as locally as possible, they want to own what ever firearms they want to and carry it where every they want, they want the US to stay out of unnecessary wars overseas, repeal the patriot act (which at this point since its inception Democrats have been in power longer and kind of own it at this point... they were against it until they came in power - all the war protest stopped when Obama was elected, started again with trump, and disappeared again), they want big business to be permitted to fail when they fail (the entire 2008 bailout was not popular to Libertarians)...

  33. How bad of an human do you have to be to even be able to do such a thing on a BABY. break all their bones, then dont give them any medical help.

  34. as a person that's done CPR on an infant after because of the dad, pretty bad.

  35. Aegi says:

    Was it better to have saved the baby in that instance?

  36. who am I to play God. At the time we could not have known the outcome.

  37. Having a colonoscopy without anesthesia/analgesia would feel like having a 3 liter fart forced into you.

  38. I've had two colonoscopy's now. The first time, about 20 years ago, I was wide wake. I would not advise anyone being awake. Think of the worst gas pain you ever had, now picture two people being position near your arse while having that pain....

  39. I did hay in the early 90's... back than the under the table rate was $5 a load and we could unload two loads an hour. When I came back the second time they said I was the first kid in years to do it more than once. With min wage being $3.25 I think I was there every time they called.

  40. The wailing of a mother while doing CPR on her 3 month old baby. We found out a week later the child lived but had permanent brain damage. About 3 months later we found out the father took a plea deal for slamming the kid down causing it. He did a year in prison.

  41. technically my kids avoided coming out of a vagina and burst out the stomach area...

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