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  1. Guessing that it may have been a baby katydid. They bite me sometimes but it resolves quickly. If it was a katydid, they don't have venom or anything but their bites can sting a bit. Maybe it is their saliva or regurgitated fluids or whatever. Viewing the head and antennae without that extemity in the way could be more revealing. I really can not be sure about what it is without actually seeing the parts. Can you get photos from a different angle?

  2. Quality of meat has been down. Boar taint in packaged pork roasts is something I never had an issue with until the last couple of years. I have had to throw a few away. It is terrible and will stink up the whole house.

  3. Did you guys have Covid? This is what I’m dealing with and it started after Covid. We do buy our meat from a local farmer and it still smells off, but only to me, so I chalked it up to long Covid symptoms

  4. Most people probably are too scared of getting stung to think about how it may taste.

  5. They got their own personalities. The one you had sounds like a nervous wreck to be attacking everything. Good on ya for trying!

  6. I had him for over a month before he died, but I liked him and didn't want to leave him to be eaten.

  7. Good God, this website is awful. I've tried four times to read this story, and each time it just locks my screen with an ad about cleaning my Samsung phone.

  8. Edit: I guess they will do anything to lessen the sentence of that monster. Now he is out and a danger to republicans if that is what moves him to violence. Who is the extremist here? Clown world.

  9. Absolutely, some details matter. You're talking about an investigatory element that could differentiate between murder and manslaughter. I expect that much. But why investigate whether or not the kid was a Republican or an extremist?? That's immaterial to everything.

  10. I edited to add why I think they investigated that. I agree with you on account that there are no actions reported to have been committed by the victim. Just what that miscreant alleged.

  11. The other lady: "How dare you go against communism!"

  12. They look like young ticks that are about done with their first or second meal. Dog got tick bombed by a tick nest.

  13. No wonder they are falling off now…ugh…I have absolutely no idea how I missed them 🫥

  14. Before they are full, they are super easy to miss. First instar is super flat and smaller than a pin head. Very sneaky. Very very sneaky. Don't forget to check between toes! I have found one between my pinky and ring toe that must have been attached for a whole day. On me, that caused itching halfway up my foot for more than a month after the mark healed. Maybe I am allergic.

  15. It is the piercing where a barbell goes through 2 points of cartilage of the ear.

  16. What is your location? Can you describe or photograph a web or one of their retreats?

  17. Europe, Netherlands. A lot of spiders have moved here recently. I haven't seen much of their webbing but they stick to the roof of our sofa. It's hard to explain and I'm no spider specialist. Love spiders and I'm fascinated by them but hardly know anything about them. During the summer I removed about 5 of the same ones hanging around together. As far as I can remember they stick to the wall and pillows. Hopefully when they show up again I can capture one and take a picture.

  18. Less than 48 hours of having them in their gated community and suddenly these people are trash to them

  19. I wonder what is in it for these founding members of these foundations. I doubt it is all about helping these people. Just like many of these foundations and "not for profit" organizations are just sucking up donations and tax dollars for their pockets and not the people they claim to help.

  20. Selenopid Spider. Its a harmless Flattie.

  21. Honestly, I think there is money in it for companies that prepare heavily processed foods.

  22. Interesting. Maybe it is the horde of a wasp.

  23. One thing that tipped me off personally was the bulbous pedipalps. Even male recluses don't have such pronounced "boxing gloves." Since I already know how similar male Kukulkania looks to Loxosceles, those enlarged pedipalps are something I'm always on the lookout for.

  24. Kukulcania have very long pedipalps but not so fat. I have never seen one with fatter pedipalps than the front legs.

  25. Yeah true. It's not an exact match. I wonder it if could be the tube distorting the image.

  26. That spider sure has "a pair", regardless of the tube. Just a fat pair. Lol

  27. That is a big ol' Cellar Spider. It could be Artema atlanta, (Giant Daddy-long-legs). The biggest pholcid in the world!

  28. Nice! I love those Pholcidae. The way they hold the eggs and sometimes young with the mouth is adorable.

  29. Nothing to be afraid of, just a harmless Kukulcania hibernalis (Southern House Spider).

  30. Thank goodness! I've definitely seen the webs, but since this place is old and we've got a bit of a bug problem, I usually let spiders chill anyways. Glad to know I wasn't foolishly putting my pets at risk.

  31. Thanks for being nice to them. At least those hide well from cats, unlike the Huntsman spiders. My cats will kill those if I don't get them out fast enough.

  32. Not that I know of, unless they are bees.

  33. thank you! that's it, I've only seen two and this one was smooshed by kitten before I could get a good picture, but that's definitely the first one I saw I appreciate it :)

  34. I'm actually jealous. Supposedly we have them here in FL, USA but I have never seen them in the wild.

  35. I really want to see a photo of an arthropod that matches that description.

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