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  1. Even before covid i noticed the regular chicken pieces were smaller, then i moved to only buying wings until they started to swap some of those to smaller pieces as well, thanks for stopping me KFC.

  2. Just waiting for a comment about how U.S. is more unsafe.

  3. 50/50? The unblockable you can see to duck and mid that can be blocked/parried.

  4. I dont mind the crying but i feel like everything she can do other chars can do better.

  5. I thought the video was reversed at first until that silver car showed up.

  6. Regular sex offender? As is hes been caught multiple times and released multiple times?

  7. Looks like he is about to get dumped and propose just prevent it.

  8. Motorcycle drivers in asia like to do this , they would speed up to cut you off but then slow down for no reason.

  9. On the westside we have dickheads that merge after their on ramp has already ended so they can get ahead of the traffic. Causes massive delays

  10. Trick is only give way to one car, but most ppl dont do this and let up to 5-6 cars in at a time and thats what cause the lane stops moving.

  11. Id like to know this as well, as a casual i skip stories and not interested in glams or savage stuff, spending most of my time doing duty roulettes and gold saucer like chocobo racing and whatnot i have generated over 4-5 mil mgp so far with 2 mil mgp that i dont know what to do with.

  12. I never talk other than hi and bye in duty, but i enjoy this kind of interaction instead of the cringy overly nice comm fishing kind of attitude i see most the time.

  13. Spoiled with security they put themselves in danger.

  14. Position yourself near tank to make it easier for healers to do their job, tank is their priority.

  15. No rematch when it’s close, isn’t the game about playing people on your level? Ggs

  16. Alot of times i won close rank matches like 3 times in a row, then they finally get one win and no rematch, then i would move from rank to player matches and i get matched with the same guy again.

  17. Is it just me or countries with high population dont value lifes as much?

  18. Check you gear and rotation first before blaming healer every time you die.

  19. Free trial here, only issue for me is the 300k money cap, sometimes i just forget to spend it.

  20. Ps lost about 2M subscribers this year maybe this is why, no issue finding matches on PC for me.

  21. She pushed a smaller kid and stole his chair, for context.

  22. Aarum Vale, been leveling dps lately, too many noobs playing healer/tank just bail after wipe on first boss and left me with another dps looking for healer and tank.

  23. Genuinely curious, why so many ppl park like that Hyundai at the front?

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