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  1. My work is forcing me to change pass every 3 months, annoying.

  2. If you start with Leroy, other chars gonna feel harder to play.

  3. Im starting to think they are getting paid to cause chaos.

  4. Make sure you are playing against ppl near your rank and know when to stop rematching.

  5. Alot of smurfs I’ve encountered play Mishimas, mostly Kazuya or Jin/D.Jin, in this case you both play Kazuya, weird.

  6. Yeah I'm not exactly sure as to why that is. I play all Mishimas & I'm only good with Kazuya & Heihachi. I got real rusty & wanted to start over again but I'm also trying to get better with Jin so some times people run into my smurf characters if I'm not feeling Jin that day or that moment. Oddly enough I some times get people adding me wanted to play me or learn from me which is always nice.

  7. I dont add ppl anymore because of toxic players and sometimes i go online only for 3-5 matches.

  8. Your attack timing is too predictable, opponent has downloaded your patterns, habits and recognised your flow chart, you could be playing like how other people would play that char you are playing, so switch it up.

  9. Played chicken with a bus and chose to hit the brakes at last second, he must have sped up hoping the bus will stop for him.

  10. I wish Gigas b2 can be cancelled at full charge, i just got destroyed by turtles playing chars like Geese, Lidia and Leroy.

  11. And when yellow truck swerved and flip over they would probably just drive off like nothing happened.

  12. Gigas with the B2 and F4 and F3, 2, forces mix-up either eat a mid or the unlockable high.

  13. Im learning Gigas, stuck at blue rank right now, unblockable from b2 is kinda useless because of the sparks i rarely use it.

  14. In high level play it's not really useful especially against Jin or leeroy because of the parry. It's still an okay 50 50.

  15. Its not 50 50, ppl can see the unblockable and just duck.

  16. Must have been working so many times that she told the second Karen to get evidence thinking she is in the right.

  17. I Recently ran into the problem and spent to many hrs trying to solve it.

  18. I bought a ds4 controller and that solved it somehow, but i never tried it with xbox controller anymore since then, might have been fixed now who knows.

  19. Backdash, ducking and sidestepping usually enough for me but grabbing alot tend to be a sign of desperation.

  20. Meanwhile in western countries ppl are more concerned about the well being of the criminals.

  21. How is Mexico not a western country?

  22. Wanted to say first world countries but then again Mexico is not a third world country, so ill take downvotes on this one.

  23. Both the driver and mom are idiots, the mom really should not play chicken with her child like that.

  24. I was matched with a TGP player few days ago and he had Cs on all stats but he was good, how is this possible?

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