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Train Hits Cop Car with Handcuffed Woman Inside

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  1. Ivan Bates beat Mosby in the election. He was already on record saying he would push to free Adnan. try again with new made up facts.

  2. its funny when guilters say innocenters are the ones who do mental gymnastics but then they go on to say shit like this.

  3. The motion went in Tuesday, hearing next Monday. Incredibly quick. We're talking new laws that went into affect and understanding and asking for an injunction to make sure it was done right was a possibility. The law required that the office consult with both the victims and the prosecutors of the original case. That wasn't done.

  4. rule 1, again. So you're saying you DO think jay had 10lbs of weed or?

  5. This all started because you made a comparison to the drug trafficking in the movie Blow and how it’s virtually impossible for Jay and 10 lbs of weed. Which is ridiculously false.

  6. The Cosmos, and the recent Stellar Apotheosis are total showstoppers. I was worried the new ones would be too flakey after BadtotheBrow's video on them, but only really had that problem with Solar Delerium.

  7. i LOVE solar delerium, and stellar apotheosis. Terra moons is really giving us reflective shifty sparkly goodness recently. I want to get a lot of their blue shadows too like celestial and orions belt and aquarius moon

  8. The Cosmos is INCREDIBLY beautiful, but if you're not a fan of more chunky, thicker formulas, I think they have another shade that has similar shifts but a thinner formula. If how substantial the formula is doesn't deter you, though, I can't recommend it highly enough!

  9. I really don’t like this chick and never have lol. Why is half the “apology” just her slyly saying that we’re all jealous of her and how “cancel culture is bad”? What?

  10. I can't take anyone seriously who talks about "cancel culture" seeing as how its something the right demonizes as an excuse to not hold people accountable

  11. And who exactly are we to “hold people accountable”? Who died and made us the accountability police? Yakking here isn’t “holding anyone accountable”. Not watching content we don’t like, and voting with our wallets is just common sense.

  12. This is a widely held attitude among gun owners. People like the guy in the video are a minority, believe it or not.

  13. Depending on where you are and who you interact with, sure. But i don't think its as small of a minority as you think it is.

  14. Home schooling been saying it. we last in education anyways might as well take ur kids education into ur own hands

  15. I'mma say it, very few parents are suited for home schooling.

  16. I’m going to be honest champ if someone says they’re going to shoot up a school and fuck-head there doesn’t move you proooooobably don’t want to stay around her to long

  17. or shes just in the freeze response of "fight flight or freeze"

  18. The flint water has been safe for 6 years and the last remaining bad piping is being replaced.

  19. The upbringing had very little to do with what he did. That much is obvious. His sexual preferences being skewed from a young age combined with his mental illness is what did it

  20. There’s millions of people that have had the same and worse childhoods. So I can say that

  21. and yet horrible childhoods are a constant with people who commit violent crimes.

  22. Weird it’s almost like the left hates America and wants a globalist agenda

  23. Lol you sure? You may want to dig into the story a little more there

  24. where in the story is there any part that definitively proves this is because of the left? the fact that they're trans?

  25. you got downvoted but yeah, it now has no meaning whatsoever.

  26. I hate how all the trans characters are written as absolute evil but she definitely adds smth interesting to the show

  27. Pathological liars tend to lie to make themselves appear better, not worse.

  28. depending on their motivation. not being the murderer but an accessory DOES look better, not worse.

  29. You don’t have a lot of interaction with criminals, I’m guessing. I work in corrections. Inmates know exactly what to say to sound good a lot of the time.

  30. Yeah, i hate to push a narrative that would demonize "criminals" or "addicts" but most of us develop amazing manipulation skills as a means of survival. We can feel out a room and say what we need to say to get leniency or make things work out in our favor.

  31. Did they create a crypt, or go through one that was already like a tunnel? I can't quite tell...

  32. I get these sorta semi cyst like pimples that explode every other day on my nose. Theres a few areas they show up on my nose pretty frequently and this is one of them. Sometimes they fly out when they pop, sometimes they jus pop this.

  33. Ok dude but you don’t have to act holier than thou. “I guess Reddit doesn’t like it when you’re secure in your relationship” like bruh 😂


  35. I didn't go to your comment history, you just replied to almost every comment I saw above this one.


  37. We have higher sentences than any other western nation in the world. More jail time is not the answer.

  38. i'm sorry but saying you think false/coerced confessions don't occur is absurd.

  39. Sorry but I'm out of here. I'm so sick of people downvoting me while i'm simply trying to kick ideas around. This place is toxic and I've had enough.

  40. lmao i'm sorry, but if you're this bent out of shape over downvotes, then maybe the internet isn't for you.

  41. Same! Always waiting for sales or offers. I think the last time I bought something full price was the Norn's and Red Dragon palettes from Oden's Eye, because the Hummingbird eyeshadow formula was just SO good. I couldn't wait to get another one. It was worth it imo, but there have been some price increases since then unfortunately. Still pretty accessible for an indie brand, but some items are quite expensive. Would wait for the Black Friday sale or get them second hand for sure.

  42. i wish i got a backup of the odens eye giant wolves palette. its genius

  43. i mean i see a lot of arguments being made that are essentially saying it can't be anyone else or citing jays testimony as a main point (which is the second point they made).

  44. but they didn't say that somebody was making the arguments, they said "It’s a proper witch-hunt mob-mentality," implying there's an entire mob making arguments like

  45. i do think people have brought up the likability and likened him to ted bundy based on that trait but yeah nobody has based guilt on that fact alone

  46. Maybelline Sky High mascara. It’s goopy, wet and flakes. It gives me spider lashes, not long wispy ones.

  47. i have the ND triochrome and i think its amazing, but after finding indie brands i've found formulas i prefer for much less. (well... danessa myricks is about that price range but those are true multichromes.)

  48. The evidence is that someone rang them up and said he was a terrorist! What kind of sick fuck would lie about that?

  49. Sure it is. Witness accounts are very commonly used as evidence even in criminal trials.

  50. when those accounts are vetted, yes. but do you realize how many false eyewitnesses there are out there? it happens a fair amount of time. so what is done to ensure the witness is credible? oh? further vetting to solidify the evidence? not just taking a phone call from a random person at face value?

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