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  1. Oh no 🙈 Not to freak you out, but you can use my story if that helps her understand! When I was a baby, someone - a relative- kissed me on the mouth and I ended up with cold sores all down my throat - couldn’t eat, swallow, etc. my mom says I was miserable. I still get cold sores when too stressed, etc. a cautionary tale!

  2. Solidarity! I had 4 under 4 too - they’re a bit older now - and the older two are extremely emotional and tantrumed at the drop of a hat. They’re only marginally better now. All of the screaming/fussing/whining has really done a number on my nervous system. My house is not at its best, but I decided this is the year I work on it and I’m making progress with baby steps. I highly recommend paper plates and cups for awhile! I also really like the 30 Bags in 30 Days challenge - definitely makes a difference week to week.

  3. As long as there's no bugs I ignore it. It's really hard to keep a house neat and tidy with kids and full time jobs.

  4. In no way do I expect perfection, but this is not even trying

  5. I’m always saying I should make more smoothies but the problem is I haven’t hired a fruit helper. 🤦‍♀️

  6. Oh goodness, sending you lots of good wishes for better week! Can you take the baby out for a walk before her rest? The sunshine, fresh air, and stimuli usually exhausts the little ones

  7. Really good advice here! Something to add that might be overkill but has helped me this season - I kept getting sick the first part of winter, think it’s Covid/immune related - was wiping down the kitchen and bathrooms with Clorox wipes every day. Seemed to help!

  8. I’m not very active on social media, but I do have a couple of NP’s from way back, and my college-aged NKs! Not my current NPs though. I have peeked at their profiles though. Kind of annoying: MB uses the photos I take of the kids, uses them as her profile pictures, and takes the credit for them!! (Photography is my passion, so they’re pretty good.)

  9. What?? That’s so weird!! Wanting to join in on the fun is normal and natural, but removing the nanny is not! Red flag convention!

  10. I think with some SAHM it changes their perspective from treating nanny as nanny and rather a co-parent causing more comfort and unfortunately less respect on the profession. I'm sure this isn't always the case but must be exhausting when it is!

  11. That sounds soo exhausting to have a “boss” who reacts that way. Sounds like MB is almost like another child you have to take care of. Just out of curiosity, are you older or younger than your MB?

  12. I’m a little bit older but it feels like a lot more. She has had a very sheltered life and mine has been the complete opposite

  13. I didn’t read every single comment, but wanted to mention KC Davis (domesticblisters) on TikTok. She has great strategies for keeping up with housework - she calls them “care tasks” - and she has a book too, “How To Keep House While Drowning”. She is a counselor and has ADHD. Good luck!

  14. OMG! You're talking about being paid closer to market rate for your nanny job. Their response is, "maybe if you clean the bathrooms." That's NOT a nanny's job.

  15. I’m really sorry. They sound incredibly entitled (to use the kindest words possible). Have you looked into agencies? The ones around here offer jobs that start at a very decent wage. The agency people must prep the parents ahead of time about wages, PTO, etc.

  16. You’re doing the lord’s work! Maybe you could send/show them how Scandinavian babies basically spend tons of time outside? Good luck!!

  17. One of my NKs is a Capricorn and she is very much her sign. We get along so well!

  18. The worst NK I ever had was an Aries—hot headed, refused to listen, truly devil spawn. I promised myself I would never nanny an Aries again and since then I’ve had almost exclusively Pisces babies—a MUCH better fit for me lmaoo

  19. I have Aries twins! They’re the hardest kids I’ve ever taken care of in my life!! 🙈🙈

  20. If it were me, I’d get some books and watch videos on bottle prep/proper feeding, burping, safe sleep practices, etc. I really like the book Newborn 101 (written by a labor and delivery nurse). Good luck!!!



  23. I’m so sorry! Sounds like the child and parents need professional help. Issues here all around. This is completely unfair to you and I hope you can find a new job ASAP.

  24. It’s harder for babies to learn how to sleep on their own if the parents have been rocking, shushing, all that. The babies become dependent on it and it gets harder to deal with as the babies get older. Have you tried filling up his wake windows with stimulating play, especially some time outside in the light?

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