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  1. I think I’ve been to that taco shop! Our friend brought us when we visited for the final four a few years back. Incredible tacos

  2. In a similar vein, in a mid size or smaller cities in the US, the highest rated ethnic restaurant is rarely a good, authentic one. Instead, they are the ones that cater to probably well-meaning but clueless white people who only care about the fancy looking food and cute interior decor.

  3. I knew we were at the right taco joint when I realized my buddy an I were the only white people there.

  4. Unfortunately it would seem I have arrived to this comment section ahead of the people who always seem to show up claiming that rev-matching is completely unnecessary.

  5. You saw different answers because there are different answers. There is no universally correct way to rev match. There are multiple correct ways and multiple wrong ways.

  6. I give some examples in the pinned post, and they're definitely going to be specific to your car, but honestly "landmarks" as

  7. A sticker or magnet isn't the worst idea, but people are dumb so don't expect it to help TOO much. Honestly, just time and practice is your best friend here. Find the steepest hill you can with the least amount of traffic in your area and just practice starts there. If you haven't done the e-brake start yet, might be a good thing to have in your toolbox. E-brake on, start releasing clutch and giving it gas, then when it feels like you're pushing against the e-brake disengage it.

  8. I’ve been practicing hill starts with the handbrake method and I’m usually able to do them pretty well but I feel under pressure when I have to do it in scenarios like this which makes me mess up. It’s super frustrating to not be able to do it when it actually matters and be able to do it flawlessly on an empty street. For example when I got home after this whole ordeal happened I did a hill start on my street and I did it textbook, no roll back, no lurching, nothing, just perfect.

  9. Yeah, I get it. You'll get out of your head and panic less the more you do it. Just know everyone makes beginner mistakes, you'll get there and then wonder how you ever had trouble with it.

  10. Just reached 10k miles, always thought that was protocol for the break in period.

  11. Break in for these is just keep it under 4K RPMs for the first 1K miles. ALWAYS keep it under 3K RPMs until that oil light goes off.

  12. Yeah that's what I did with my dart when i had that. Only time i really let it warm up was winter, and mostly because it took a while to get heat

  13. Winter is almost easier for me... start car, turn on heat full blast, scrape snow and ice off car for 10 minutes, car is magically warmed up!

  14. If you’re going 20 or 21 I’d just buy brand new personally. Be the same price or pretty damn close. If you don’t mind the looks it’s a better driving car for sure. I came from the previous gen and it’s night and day.

  15. I've been interested to get in a VB for a test drive, a lot of people like them and saying they drive better, and others saying they don't like that it's more refined than previous generations. I would love to put one through its paces and see for myself.

  16. thank you I found a 2013 owned by a old lady unmolested with 27k miles I’m thinking about going to go pick up

  17. "Old lady" and "WRX" in the same sentence isn't something you usually see... but my mechanic before he retired told me there was a 70+ year old lady in the area who had never driven an automatic and didn't want to learn, her family searched high and low for a lightly used manual without much luck. She finally ended up just buying a brand new WRX off the lot of the local dealership 😅

  18. If you're constantly riding the clutch, which means you constantly have the clutch plate and flywheel spinning at different speeds creating friction (heat) because you haven't let the clutch out all the way, then yes, that's what you can expect on ANY manual vehicle.

  19. Starting slow to normally from a stop, 2.5-3.5 seconds from when you start to release to fully off the clutch sounds about right. It's all a balancing act, slow off clutch and not a lot of gas for a slow start, faster off clutch and more gas for a faster start. The bucking/shuddering when you pull the clutch out faster is the engine lugging because you're not giving it enough gas to overcome the higher load you've placed on it by pulling the clutch out faster. Clutches are meant to be slipped, otherwise how would you get going at all right? Usually low speed low throttle input maneuvers aren't where they get destroyed.

  20. The amount of former WRX owners with Tacomas, and former Tacoma owners with WRXs is too high to just be a coincidence. Something with the Toyota/Subaru relationship is causing this to happen, I'm just not sure exactly what yet 😆

  21. Toyota pickup reliability is indeed legendary, makes sense.

  22. I’m in New Orleans, so I can say that making fried chicken is a workload that doesn’t ever need done. My favorite fried chicken comes from a gas station that also has a liquor cabinet.

  23. Maybe it's because I don't live in the south, but I'm giving this one a HARD disagree. I can make better fried chicken in my kitchen than 95% of what I've eaten out, and for a fraction of the cost. I also don't mind the work of making it so that probably helps too.

  24. It's just a hassle dealing with the oil. Even if you pan fry in cast iron there's a ton of it to deal with. I think I'm ultimately going to get a deep fryer and put it outside by the grill but in the mean time if I can't shallow fry it (like katsu) then I probably won't be making it.

  25. I just let it cool, have my wife hold a freezer bag open, dump it in and toss it out with the trash. Deep frier would be ideal but alas, our kitchen is tiny.

  26. Eh, Crosstreks are supposed to look a little goofy IMO 😅

  27. That's the Core edition. Also 1,500 Circuit edition and 200 Morizo. I reserved a Circuit because Subaru won't and why not

  28. Still not a lot, I don't have the cash for it anyway (or spousal permission, only got away with the WRX because I put nothing down on it after selling my '18 Crosstrek private party). I am following the car though, very interested to see what people say when they start arriving. The best thing I've seen in an article was something along the lines of "Customers have the option of either a 6 speed manual gearbox, or getting the fuck out of the showroom and walking to the nearest VW dealership."

  29. I bought the K&N for the intake, and use the ecogaurd from Amazon for the cabin. You can pickup the factory Subi filters from Amazon as well and they come with the crush ring

  30. I have a Fumoto valve installed so no need for the crush washer, but good to know. That's 2 votes for K&N, I'll look into them.

  31. Can you share the link for the fumoto you got installed? Struggling to find the correct one for my va wrx


  33. Friends of ours just moved out of a town home neighborhood with an HOA and one of these petty tyrants. We were taking a few things they didn't want to bother moving which meant I had a Uhaul van. I took small revenge for their years of dealing with this lady by starting the van and not listening to her trying to yell something about where I was parked (as I was leaving... wtf lady?), and as she was walking toward the van from below (parked on a downhill) I disengaged the parking brake which made a really loud KATHUNK sound and the van lurched forward... saw the lizard person try to break out of the human-suit she jumped so high!

  34. no, some cars like subarus are below even an average level of reliability. jeep wranglers if i remember are about 30% less reliable than average. like i said, enthusiests come up with all sorts of excuses. if you start to give me a whole list of things you need to do from picking the right model / engine / transmission to maintanance above rutene in order for it to last, im going to say that car no longer can be defined as reliable by a reasonable peraon.

  35. Aside from anecdotal evidence, where are you getting your information that Subarus are below average on reliability? They're consistently ranked above average for reliability. I'll add my own anecdotal evidence if it helps... I had a '98 Outback that died at ~200,000 miles, traded in my '05 Outback at 115,000 miles which still had a ton of life left, but I got hit and had a big insurance check in my pocket that wasn't worth putting back into the car, bought an '07 Impreza that I ran from ~50,000 miles to ~110,000 miles with no more than the usual wear and tear work, traded it for an '18 Crosstrek that I drove from 6 miles to ~65,000 miles that didn't need anything other than oil changes during the time I had it, and I only sold it because I had a golden opportunity to buy a brand new WRX. They've been great cars for me.

  36. i hear the same thing about jeeps lol. oh, its not supposed to be a daily driver, people don't know how to drive them, its all your fault not the cars. you have to make sure to get the right year / engine / transmission / etc. oh and it needs special maintenance. that's not what i call reliable. enthusiests always go to the ends of the earth to make excuses for their beloved car. you are obviously an enthusiast and set on that car, and that's fine. just don't claim they are reliable, reliable is being neglected, abused and still running 300k, not picking the exact right one after researching it and making sure you know all the quirks.

  37. So a car can only considered reliable if you can abuse the living shit out of it and it still runs at high mileage? Suuuuure, Jan.

  38. I'm also just curious what his plan is here...

  39. NTA. Wanting to track his adult daughter without her knowledge is what's "unhinged" here. I have a plan though... tell her about it privately, and calm her down. DON'T let your husband know that she knows. Your stepdaughter will tell dad she's going to see a friend, you and her then switch cars, and you go hang out at a dive bar for a few hours or somewhere else that definitely looks suspicious, then switch cars again and arrive at home close to the same time. Let the man tell on himself at that point.

  40. Push it from the bottom to remove if you want to. I always just use cast iron if a pan is going in the oven, but I know a lot of people remove that bit if they're going to be doing that.

  41. Was it a one time thing or has it happened multiple times? If it was a one time thing, are you sure you got it all the way into gear?

  42. It happened multiple times, but it literally just happened yesterday. All the gears working fine, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th. Going to check it in the shop on Friday...

  43. Gotcha. That's where I'd turn next too. Good luck 👍

  44. Not even turning over. Just nothing. I know what a starter click is and it’s not that, just nothing coming from it.

  45. Interesting. Could be a bad connection somewhere, just because the battery, plugs, and alternator are new doesn't mean any of the wires are, but we're getting past my diagnostic abilities now. If you have a mechanic you can trust might be good to have them take a look.

  46. Check out the pinned post at the top of the sub for some good beginner advice, bad habits to avoid, and FAQs. If your shifts are jerky you're either coming off the clutch too quickly, not getting on the gas soon enough, or some combo between those two. Learning that balance takes practice. If you're looking for vehicle recommendations, IMO Honda makes the easiest to drive manuals out there, and they'll last forever.

  47. I was able to clutch out smoothly after 2 stalls initially when I got started, then I stalled a couple times in the middle of the intersection because clutching in + shift from neutral to first + take off brake + clutch out + gas was too complicated to try and figure out. I didn’t leave it in gear at the lights because apparently it’s not good for the transmission?

  48. Definitely don’t leave it in gear at lights. That keeps the pressure plate loaded the entire time you’re stopped and will wear that and some other parts out prematurely. Going from neutral into first and starting sounds like a lot but with practice it’ll become second nature.

  49. Shameless. After a while I just couldn’t watch the same characters make the same dumbass decisions and fuck themselves over and over again.

  50. I keep a can of spray olive and avocado oil just for these circumstances. Otherwise I have to wash a giant bowl that takes up half the dishwasher and I hate it.

  51. I came here to say this. I'm not Samin Nosrat, I can't tell the difference between spray and the real stuff after 15 minutes in the oven. Spray pan, spray veggies, season, and give it a good shake. Easy.

  52. THEIR liberty to control what OTHER PEOPLE see and read. Conservatives have always believed they should have the liberty to push their values onto other people.

  53. I downshift while slowing/stopping because a car in the right gear is more controllable, and if you have to accelerate again you're already in the right gear to do so. Engine braking is also nice to take advantage of, and when engine braking your car uses no fuel so it's more economical as well.

  54. Solid points! Appreciate it. The control especially is something to think about.

  55. I live in an area that gets decent snowfall during the winter. It's amazing how much more control keeping it in the right gear will give you in less than ideal weather. Of course tires are the most important thing, but might as well use every tool at your disposal.

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