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In America’s ‘Uncivil War,’ Republicans Are The Aggressors

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  • By - dNYG

  1. Okay so do these peoples only get off to ai generated sex? Because they are really upset about it. I see some legitimate complaints but they are super weird I’m how defensive they are about it.

  2. Do people get off to erotic literature? Of course. And AID is pretty effective at making such literature and it’s very easy to find yourself exploring sexual fantasies about yourself. I’ve spoken to many LGBT+ individuals that admit that AID was transformative in their understanding of themselves.

  3. Having social anxiety and being accused of being flirty sucks. You begin to have anxiety about being perceived as being flirty and it multiplies the issue.

  4. With help from a lax process due to the circumstances. The broader point is that if you’re a taxpayer in the US, you should get the checks. I’m happy to get the $1400 even if a few mistakes are made.

  5. Let’s not try to make “uncivil war” a thing. Lives have already been lost.

  6. If America would stop subsidizing beef we wouldn’t need fake meat.

  7. Yeah, we would. I want to be able to enjoy a hamburger, for cheap, knowing a sentient creature didn’t die in the process.

  8. They actually can, they just prefer to spend the money on other things (hobbies, travel, eating out). You know they can because poor people have 4, 7, 10 kids. That Tanzanite guy in Tanzania had 40!

  9. Income and wages have stayed stagnant for 40 years, while costs of living, education, and healthcare have rapidly gone up.

  10. So not even 1/10 of 1% of the overall package. Sounds like a success to me- except for the fact that millions of people are still waiting to get theirs

  11. Why is it that taking care of someone else’s kid is considered “work” but not your own? Sounds like a stupid redundancy. The unemployment people get should be basic and universal.

  12. Fuck TERFs. It's reductive of me, yeah, but I refuse to stoop to arguing if my friends deserve rights when plenty of other feminists welcome Trans rights and recognize using a movement to keep people you don't like from getting those rights is shitty

  13. Alternatively, LGBTQ+ groups should reserve the ability to exclude advocacy for... you know.

  14. Would it not stand to reason that these high profile individuals would be scrutinized, whereas widespread activity is different?

  15. How is this more cost effective or efficient? They are literally getting nothing back.

  16. The alternative is a lien placed upon the property which will create problems for the homeowner when they eventually try to sell. That’s money and time out of the workers’ hands, all the while the homeowner gets to enjoy the end result of the workers’ labor.

  17. They weren't reclaiming it they were just destroying it.

  18. Right, which I remarked on. I’m guessing it’s highly unlikely those materials could be used again even if removed intact.

  19. I work fine dining at the Disneyland Hotel and I was under serious review because I told people I don’t think about work when I’m home.

  20. Driverless cars shouldn't even require a working internet connection. If they require 5G, don't even bother.

  21. You could eliminate traffic altogether by having self driving vehicles communicate with one another at lightning speeds on 5G. Imagine San Francisco with 0 traffic

  22. None of that is true. He has said that if you’re on benefits currently, you can choose to stay on them. Only 1/10 Americans live alone, so in most households even if you are on benefits you’ll get more because a family member who is not on welfare will now get $1,000 themselves.

  23. I'm saying of people already in poverty, welfare replacing what they have isn't a net good.

  24. Most people in poverty get nothing at all. And means tested welfare is awful for many- having to prove your worthy of assistance is a full time job itself.

  25. I said exactly what I said. Circumcision affects the male orgasm. Ask any man if they prefer masturbation over sex. There are different degrees of orgasm that a man can experience. The foreskin is involved in the stimulation of an orgasm.

  26. This would only make sense if we saw higher levels of sexual fixations in areas where circumcision is the norm. Since circumcision is the norm in America, and we don’t see any real difference between America and the rest of the world, I don’t think your hypothesis holds much weight.

  27. I down vote you because your response has nothing to do with his question of what can billionaires do to be more philanthropic.

  28. My answer was saying that billionaires should use their money to lobby for and help enact a Universal Basic Income. That would be the most philanthropic thing they could do.

  29. Why should people get money undeservingly?

  30. I think auto drive will be the standard in less than 10. Cabs at the minimum and trucking definitely next. There might be some laws placed to protect truckers for a few years but manned trucking will 100% die.

  31. If anything I think laws will quickly protect autonomous vehicles, given the amount of lives the could save. Not to mention how much of an impact it will have on traffic. Imagine San Fran with 75% less traffic. China is building cities from the ground up to accommodate SDVs. We have to compete or risk losing a ton of distance in the race

  32. What’s not childish and stupid when it comes to anything in life? There’s enough lowest common denominator BS in this world. There’s little need to chastise people acting out in responses to the butchering of a creative work that has captivated the imaginations of millions of people for nearly two decades.

  33. If you want full blown policies, check our Andrew Yang! is where to go!

  34. Tesla has forecasted lvl 4 autonomous driving by the end of this year. Another company is in Texas on the highways with SDVs right now. Waymo is taxiing people in Phoenix. What plans does Elizabeth Warren have to deal with the 3.5 million truck drivers out of a job? This could very well happen in 2020-2024.

  35. Well, it did say "wrongly identified". So if they were wrongly identified against mugshots, then doesn't it follow that the mugshots must not have been them?

  36. I actually got confused. I thought the poster was saying that the facial recognition pointed the finger at lawmaker mugshots for crimes they had been committed of, meaning the facial recognition identified 30+ cases of justice not carried out.

  37. I seriously doubt the U.S. will have fully self driving trucks. A human should be present if something goes wrong and needs to take over.

  38. For some amount of time there will be safety engineers present. Mostly, they’re working on centers that you can remotely log into the driving module if something needs to happen. But these systems are already safer than human drivers. We have 5-10 years before it’s a job of the past

  39. Then how are you on reddit? Doesn't internet cost money?

  40. I saved up money from my previous job and am running low. I want to do something in my life that I’m actually passionate about, and seeing that self driving cars are about to automate one of the main providers of jobs in the country, i’d say it’s long past time that we end our obsession with “being employed”.

  41. They’re subverting expectations. They know that the audience would be upset if Jon didn’t pet the wolf. Their formula is so tired. They better not do what they’re thinking of doing

  42. Honestly we should move away from this idea that credit is the way to start life.I say introduce a Universal Basic Income first and then let’s talk about accessibility of credit.

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