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  1. What ever happened to panjshir valley? I feel like a ton of people forgot about it after russia invaded Ukraine

  2. Ahmad Massoud has said their is about 3000-4000 resistance fighters cooped up in the mountains.

  3. The cia trained literal death squads in the south and the east, look into Khost Protection Force, idk how anyone can defend the Republic after tht shit.

  4. Idk how anyone could support the current barbarians in charge with the ban on women’s education + countless Haqqani massacres

  5. Do you know which unit? I spent a lot of time with SOB-N in Balkh province

  6. He was a member of the elite 01 unit Commando’s under command of General Alizai pre U.S withdrawal. Post U.S withdrawal he was a member of the National Resistance Front (NRF)

  7. It’s weird how this thread is defending Oscar. Eddie is 100% right, oscar is literally the last person who should be talking with all these trash garbage Munguia and Zurdo fights he makes.

  8. That's one hell of a card, valdez vs navarrete is a main event worthy fight.

  9. How much confetti they gonna spray? My god Lol

  10. What in the Rocky 4 was that shit??? Why didn’t the ref stop it earlier tf

  11. Showtime crapping on fox Australia lol

  12. Tank gets crap for being “protected” but Ryan gets praise for his trash win on Fortuna ?? Fortuna came in extremely out of shape looking for 1 last payday, this was nothing more than a showcase fight.

  13. O CANADA MFERS 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  14. Saw that, “I don’t know you bro”. Don’t know what kind of stick was up his ass

  15. Da’mon put something on his story calling them p*ssies or something a few weeks ago

  16. Ben Askren will never fight in the UFC

  17. And let me tell you this: When the world gets back to normal, I’m doing an event at Tachi Palace.

  18. I know this is an overpay but y'all gotta understand we do not have the cap space to be going into the free agency and draft with only a single reliable focal point (Ceedee) on our offense.

  19. Yeah fans acting like the offense doesn’t need TP is crazy. As if divisional vs the niners didn’t show that we do. If he walked fans would still be complaining.

  20. Tagging Pollard is a right move if he's used correctly as an offensive weapon and not strictly an RB

  21. Why cut Tyron, I’d keep him in rotation

  22. Not sure they will since Tyler is cheap right now.

  23. Yeah he’s still a great linemen. I’d keep him in the rotation like how they used Jason Peters this season.

  24. Ok let's calm down it's not that hard. They're being paid to basically be professional fans.

  25. No not really, I had a buddy who commented for boxing on DAZN Canada and he told me it’s a grind. You have to interview all the fighters to have insight on them to say something appealing to the viewer who may know nothing. They create long notes on each bout, some prep a lot. Part of it is like doing a speech.

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