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  1. Hope that’s a lake cause sea level and all

  2. LOL! There are 4 story townhouses near me in Stone Ridge. I call them "every day is leg day" townhomes. Buy extras of things like phone chargers so you can have one on each floor and not have to go hunting for them up and down the stairs. Learn to go up and down stairs safely while avoiding the stuff you've put on the stairs for the next trip up or down. They actually make these baskets that sit on two separate stairs just for this. Get a phone app/ camera for your front door so you can decide whether you want to hoof it down a couple of flights of stairs to go answer the door. Learn to yell louder! If you have kids remember that it doesn't matter who wants to speak to who, they must come to you. They have young knees, you must protect yours. Is your laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms and closets? If not why not? If laundry has to go up and down the stairs remember, you only carry your own. Others will learn when there are no other clothes to be worn. Maybe you can get designated laundry baskets, like the gray one is for the hubby.

  3. This is good advice. We have good scissors, screw drivers, tape measures, box cutters on each floor. More about quick convenient rather than not wanting to go up and down the stairs.

  4. Unless you have a high end HVAC system, the top floor will always be several degrees warmer than the bottom floor. Since I can't sleep if I'm uncomfortable, I sleep upstairs in Winter and in the Rec Room in the Summer.

  5. Our dampers were dry walled over. Go looking and it will make a world Of a difference

  6. The lock on mine is busted so I am curious too.

  7. I’d love to see/hear one of those on the road

  8. It will probably sit in the garage and not see the pavement much


  10. I don’t believe you’ll find anything wired. In my experience they only require batteries about every 6 months and they give you a low battery warning well in advance.

  11. aqara is tempting for the low prices but at this point i can’t really justify buying a hub just for a humidity sensor

  12. I thought the same thing but the USB stick hub they have wasn’t that big of a deal to add to my setup.

  13. Roughly, how long does the eve sensor last on a charge?

  14. Haven’t been keeping that close of an eye on it. Had the Bluetooth and I think I had a bad one because that would die after a few days (week max). Seems the thread ones maybe last about a month. Not saying it’s bad that it is battery powered. I obviously knew that when I bought them just annoying that it’s something I have to think about.

  15. I did a slightly different thing - got some regular under cabinet lighting and used a HomeKit outlet to switch them on and off.

  16. Hue are very good, but also pretty expensive. They also have a fairly low LED density (LEDs per foot/meter) compared to some other options. Overall though, they’re probably the best native HomeKit option.

  17. 🤔 interesting idea about just using the hue controller and creating your own. I am between hue and Nanoleaf. Maybe I’ll get both and see what I like best.

  18. Not a good solution but you could turn off all home notifications 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. (2 days ago?! I thought Reddit would ping me when I got a response!) This is super helpful, I hadn't thought about switching out the dock itself. I will definitely try to digest all this and apply. Thank you!

  20. Response was deleted so you know what the answer was?

  21. Someone posted in the Discord a while back that they were having issues with their scramble + kvm setup. I don’t remember the exact model they had, but I think they were seeing something similar to you. I believe they resolved it by switching to a different kvm, which isn’t exactly helpful….but I thought I’d share anyways.

  22. Ah, I kinda figured. Oh well I’m sure I’ll find another use for it.

  23. Next step for next time out router and Jon hubs on a UPS battery back up for small outages. Keeps all your network gear online and powered up. Eliminating a lot of little Headaches.

  24. Where could I get one and what would I have to hook it up to? Sorry, I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to power reserves.

  25. APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector, 600VA Backup Battery Power Supply, BE600M1 Back-UPS with USB Charger Port

  26. Eve has an outdoor camera and the Logitech circle view is also an outdoor cam. Neither need a separate hub to my knowledge.

  27. This might not help your issue but since it is a thread device I put an Eve Energy outlet (acting as a thread border router) close by the door with the lock and haven’t had any issues. I am not sure what the thread range is but our old HomeKit door lock never stayed connected but the SEP has never been disconnected from thread.

  28. Yeah I have a big enough thread network that it shouldn’t be a mesh distance problem. There are thread devices further than the lock that work

  29. I think homekey still works because it does that check local on the lock itself (I could be wrong in that). Just to rule it out I would put a thread router closer just to rule out a connection issue. My Apple TV isn’t far from the front door but maybe something with the thickness of the wall cause our old lock to never work great over Bluetooth. Good luck!

  30. Haven’t seen them, but Serena by Lutron has a wood blind option that may work.

  31. I want these but got our quote for our townhouse and it was over $12k (some of our windows are quite large to be fair). 8 windows of various sizes. I’m trying to learn more about somfy blinds but I do online isn’t great.

  32. I'd be happy to help answer any questions you might have about Somfy blinds if you like. Disclaimer: I do work for a company that sells Somfy blinds and shades.

  33. I love having my networking gear on a ups. If there is a power blip I have uninterrupted service, no more waiting a few minutes for the router to boot back up. You don’t need a fancy one, just get a cheap cyber power/APC unit. Networking gear generally doesn’t pull that much power, it isn’t a gaming rig.

  34. This looks cool thanks for sharing. Doesn’t look like it is currently available for sale.

  35. Touting my own horn a bit, but Little Big Scroll 4 seems it should be a good fit, 4 keys plus a scroll wheel makes it perfect for what you describe, plus perhaps a layer for media controls or whatever.

  36. This looks cool. The knob on my keyboard doesn’t work when connected to the KVM so I assume it wouldn’t work here either. But this is almost exactly what I am looking for.

  37. I just recieved and put together my Zoom65. I am hoping to remap two keys and the knob press, but I can not get Via to recognize the keyboard. Anyone else have this issue or offer any advice? This is my first mechanical keyboard so I am very new to this. I have tried connecting both on a mac and a PC with the same result.

  38. Haven’t read all comments and don’t have this specific TV but I had this issue on my LG C1 and the trick to get this to work is to turn off any feature to “fast start” the tv. I forget the exact feature name. My guess is when this feature is turned on if it doesn’t get the CEC signal fast enough it switches to TV speakers. Would be nice for these TV OS’s to force it to always do eARC.

  39. Yup, but instead of homebridge I would recommend Scrypted, I have found it to be more reliable with my Ring doorbell.

  40. The vibration wont hurt your tv. The Arc is not powerfull enough to be of any concern. What you should be concerned about is having it mounted so close to the tv that the upward firing drivers will be severely muted. Also you have your tv mounted waaay too high.

  41. General bag is correct. The arc has upward firing speakers and they will not work properly mounted behind your TV. It ideally should be a few inches in front of your TV.

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