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  1. Hitting your elbow, it really hurts like a mf during the actual impact, but the aftermath of it all? It feels like my whole arm was used to hit the Gong for encore.

  2. He is really a people's magnet, he's adorable. 😊

  3. Hey! I'm back, hehe. I really loved the responses I got from you guys. You're all so sweet... Here we have, Leshawna and Harold! Whew, it took me a while drawing these two. But it was very fun, I enjoyed drawing Leshawna so much. ^^ I hope I did okay.

  4. Omg, hi! I'm new here, waaah! I thought of a very cool idea, and it's the Total Drama couples dressing up for Prom Night! I dunno if there has been anything like this in the subreddit before but if not, then I'm happy to accommodate y'all w/ my art!

  5. Whenever I get reminded of this fact, I always think that the writers are preparing her to win at some point, when her character is developed. Kinda like Heather. I'm always counting on that thought in my head......TT

  6. My classmate's dad is the school janitor, most of the time during lunch, I would see them talking and giggling on a bench while eating food that was packed by my classmate's mom and she would often share it with her dad. One time, I saw this upperclassman and they literally threw a candy wrapper in front of the janitor so that he'd be the one cleaning up the mess, since it's his job.

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