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  1. The children are in desperate need of grooming and haircuts once again. But I cannot wait to see the "back to school" kids photos. All the school-age Baldwin children in their pajamas again.

  2. "I don't have time to spend with my six children, so sticking this one in a plastic container with junk in it will amuse her for a while."

  3. LOL it is literally fucking impossible to lie on your stomach when you’re this pregnant.

  4. She is an abomination and an embarrassment to humankind.

  5. Translation: Carmen is in no way attempting to "fix her back" because there is nothing wrong with it. Carmen was ordered to do this so Grifter could fool people into thinking one of her kids cares about her pains and aches and falls for her lies.

  6. Her sense of humor should be depicted on the back of a milk carton as "MISSING."

  7. Was that estimate before or after she bought all the Moncler Puff Diddy jackets?

  8. Are we sure he was invited or did he simply wander in asking for spare change?

  9. OP, I'm consideringthesource of that outfit choice and wanting to punch them in the throat for this abomination.

  10. "Let's see, I won't shower or attempt to groom what's left of myself, but I will put on a wrinkled ill fitting suit jacket over my shorts and sweaty t-shirt. I will fit right in."

  11. This is incredibly witty, low key with just a sprinkle of in-your-face. I love it.

  12. It doesn't appear to be either, going by the photos. No one else is around in any of them, no activity. They could just be sitting outside somewhere, but they all look very tense and uptight, even the child.

  13. Just like in my post yesterday, my spidey senses point towards HIL getting a brown/olive baby this go round using a donor egg.

  14. She would do this, no question. And with the first noise out of that baby's mouth, Grifter will claim "Her first word was 'hola' when I popped her out!" Yeah, Grifter isn't racist at all.

  15. I didn't know Spanish people are dark Latinos, Hilary. I'm Spanish. And you, you're very uneducated.

  16. Rocket is posed and ready to intercept a treat. I love the stylish little pantaloons she wears.

  17. "The difference of"? "Difference of"? Whoa, your stupid is showing again.

  18. The other thing that "all blends together" is her mental illness.

  19. "Calling all pedophiles! Just follow me and you'll have plenty of material to enjoy while alone. I want everyone looking at my babies!"

  20. It is absolutely lovely, inviting, and beautifully done. Enjoy

  21. "And I was careful to have someone film it all so you would all know what a kind giving person I am. I give the homeless moisturizer and paper money."

  22. Oh shut the hell up, you pathetic bully of a loser, and have Leonetta take care of the pup already.

  23. This should be captioned "Don't let this happen to you during that life thing you're given."

  24. So it was Carmen's tutu too? Did she wear it to ride the tutu twain?

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