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I’m painfully aware that I am still fat, thank you, but I’ve got a new costume in the works that I’ve made with a 10$ budget, of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea!

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  1. Married for almost 15 years, dealing with this myself. Fist bump.

  2. honestly, good on you for sorting it out. it's really nice to see people become self aware of things they've done wrong and rather than act defensive, make genuine effort to better themselves. i'm sure your wife appreciates it.

  3. Demo or Destro lock? Affliction is on the harder end so nope to that.

  4. i've been enjoying arms warrior a lot. not immensely complicated, but fun to get your damage cooldowns to align and hit those massive crits with mortal strike and execute.

  5. its technically a failure when everything comes up blank, but my group does a fun houserule we call "escalation" where the person gets to roll again, upgrading both their check and the difficulty by one. leads to some fun moments with surprise triumphs and despairs from the escalated dice, and is just generally a bit more fun than "nothing happens" imo.

  6. We do this but as an option. So if it comes up null either the player or GM asks "can I/do you want to escalate?"

  7. oh yeah, same for us. we're also just reckless idiots who never turn down a chance to roll more dice, lmao.

  8. i was just doing the quests as a druid and grumbling to my partner every time she called me two-foot when i'm running around as a cat lol

  9. check out the discord, i believe there is a channel for people looking to start/join games. should be a link somewhere in the sidebar.

  10. compare this to retail arcane, which needs a masters degree and 8 years prior experience to play lmao

  11. Regardless, wouldn’t really want to unbind them anyways since you need them to steer. Best combination is WADQE never press S unless you’re a Tank and steer the toon with the mouse.

  12. nah, backing up with S still has uses for small positioning changes. you just don't want to get into a bad habit of backpedaling out of aoes (too slow and you might back into other packs).

  13. works well, but you do have to input everything manually

  14. What's the point in this race if you can just stick to humanoid form?

  15. the only thing i can think of is the mog issue, honestly kinda hope they go back and add full tmog to dracthyr

  16. when it comes to desirable items with annoyingly low drop rates, people are always going to flock to the fastest way to farm it. if they wanted people doing higher level content for gear, then they need to make that gear drop more frequently at those levels, not arbitrarily cap item ilvl depending on where you got the item to drop.

  17. Then complain to Blizzard about M+ gear acquisition. That's the core problem.

  18. you're admittedly not wrong, but this system definitely exacerbates things rather than fixing them. i and many others were perfectly fine with valor, feels like they're just changing things to change them.

  19. your costume looks great, and so do you. stay killin' it. <3

  20. Go rogue. I love WW and tried my best to enjoy it in dragonflight, but it's now got a couple of supremely frustrating aspects and it simply will never compete on single target dps. Amazing cleave, but I died far too many times to accidentally teleporting into swirlies and not having any real defensives to use to survive it.

  21. monk has a ton of defensives... and you can trait out of the teleport now, it's a choice node.

  22. Unless service is exceptional, just stop tipping, period. I see no reason why I should be expected to comp the wages a company should be paying their employees. I pay company for product, company pays for workers.

  23. you do realize being called cisgender isn't in any way removing your womanhood? it's not like you can't call yourself a woman anymore, cisgender is literally just a term to differentiate transgender people from not-transgender people when speaking about different issues.

  24. I have never liked labels. Ever. They just succeed in more division. From sub-genres in music, sub-grlenres in culture labeling (goth, raver, hippie, yuppie) to sub-genres in lgbtqiawtfpdq and now some dumb morherfuckers wanna relabel me. I'm good. Not everything is a transphobe problem. Fucking narcissistic to think that way about everything that could be related to you.

  25. i guess you hated being labelled an adult when you hit 18, because you sure don't act like one. grow up.

  26. Never. But I don't typically fantasize about people like that, just not really something I think about.

  27. To them, it might just be coming off as you trampling their fun. It's healthy to think critically about media, and you're welcome to dislike it and state why, but it's not nice to force negativity on other people who enjoy it despite the flaws. I don't have high opinions of the writing this season, but I still sit down with my partner and watch every week, and I can put aside my criticisms to have an enjoyable experience anyway.

  28. Far as I know, they can speak basic just fine, just generally don't when speaking to each other. My shistavanen PC speaks basic 99% of the time, only really speaks his native tongue when angered (i.e. threats/curses/etc.). It makes sense for him, as he has spent most of his life isolated from his people.

  29. Beskar is rare metal, makes for a good reward from any of your various powerful, dangerous people who want to attract Mandalorian-tier mercenaries to do their dirty work. Definitely not going to be anything low-risk.

  30. There is no obligation to use it anyway with incantator flow, so no need to remove it since an alternative already exist.

  31. an alternative that is drastically worse is not really an alternative.

  32. if BM, almost definitely not worth it over higher ilvl. idk much about marksman, but in general i am pretty sure ilvl is going to be stronger.

  33. Why do people keep bringing this point up? You honestly can’t expect everyone to play final shape in fuckin French or something lol

  34. no, the point is they're not going to retire a fictional character because the english VA died. they'll recast him, maybe put a small tribute to Lance in the game since he was such an icon, and things will move on.

  35. except they do similar all the time in some other languages. An example being Kingdom Hearts 2, with Phil from Hercules. His English VA was Danny DeVito but his Japanese VA passed away, so they left him mute in all scenes across all languages in KH2.

  36. all i'm saying is that writing out zavala, which makes little to no sense storywise, is pointless and doesn't honor reddick's memory whatsoever. he was a talented VA, but he isn't literally zavala. i don't feel that refusing to recast and having the vanguard commander perpetually mute is respectful at all, to the VA, the character, or the players.

  37. Because the competition for getting into 16+ keys is much higher and as DPS you are going up against so many other DPS who will have both more ilvl and more score

  38. my issue is i run my own key, invite the highest scores that apply, and inevitably one of them is actually trash and someone ragequits

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