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  1. The rangers were pretty not good at 5v5 and Shesterkin probably isn’t doing that again

  2. We were average at 5v5 (158 goals for vs. 148 allowed). Any system that tells you otherwise is overemphasizing shots for/against without considering the quality of the chances created or the in-game context of how teams play. No one who actually watches the Rangers feels like we're "pretty not good at 5v5", it's only people who look at CORSI and think that it captures the whole game (not even close).

  3. Going by goals scored versus allowed is not what I’m talking about. In terms of expected goals, the rangers were very not good until the deadline

  4. I love the idea but it’s too small for that price

  5. OK but he said it with nothing behind it. Andrade just said "Hey take off your mask" and 10 was like "Sure I'll put it on the line"

  6. AEW only tells, they don't show and this is a good example of that

  7. Aew has enough guys they can’t figure out how to build already

  8. Sule/Kimpembe partnership has been great for me. I’m putting up clean sheets regularly

  9. It’d have to be a good deal for 3ish years since Luke is gonna push him down to the 3rd pair

  10. There’s no story related reason I should care about this. No thanks

  11. Don’t think my current partner would go for it

  12. Juice Robinson has two pin fall victories over Jon Moxley and is a free agent. Moxley, who has only been cleanly pinned ONCE in AEW, is looking to avenge that loss. Moxley has a chip on his shoulder over never being treated like "THE Guy" and the "interim" label. I've never watched NJPW in my life and I got that story.

  13. If I have to watch a different promotion to see something and be invested in it, they’re not doing their job on making it something worth watching

  14. He’s right. He’s not good at making the story but he’s right

  15. Kind of dont love the way we seem to be pushing Severson out. Rare guy who clearly wants to be here and hes had a few really good seasons here. Now if hes gonna ask for something crazy I understand business is business but at or slightly under market value Id like to keep him

  16. We have no space for him with Hamilton, Marino and Nemec the RDs next year

  17. I wonder if we are better with Marino at 4.4 or severson at say 5.5 plus whatever assets we could get for Marino. I lean torwards option 2. But I think whoever outplays the other should get the chance

  18. $5.5 for a future 3rd pairing defenseman who isn’t going to kill penalties or play the PP once Nemec/Luke are here just isn’t as good a use of the cap. Marino can at least do that and for less money while being close to as good and cheaper

  19. In what world did hangman have good booking after he won the title??

  20. People who only care about matches themselves in a vacuum can say that. But there was essentially no storytelling after Danielson and he wasn’t treated as the main guy at all. Just random feuds that never went anywhere

  21. Alright I'll argue that Hangman had a good reign, although it would and always can be better.

  22. They barely even used anything from the past in the Cole feud. You filled most of that in yourself. Which was kind of the main problem - aew didn’t do any storytelling themselves after Danielson. It was all just good matches that meant nothing because there was no real story happening if you didn’t fill it in yourself

  23. We are heavily overpopulated as a species. And depopulating naturally would solve most modern crises

  24. You’re assuming the problem is lack of resources. We have enough of everything, the problem is lack of redistribution to the people who need things

  25. Again, these things aren’t because of too many people. It’s because rich nations hoard everything

  26. We seemed to realize we have to play defense and focused more on countering which worked after we went down 2-0

  27. Going to venture a guess and say person knows absolutely nothing and the red flags are all baseless speculation

  28. the luke hughes incident should've made her toxic to a team that employs his brother

  29. wait till you find out what male hockey execs/scouts/management say about your [insert favourite player here and their sibling]!

  30. Most of them aren’t stupid enough to say it on a podcast available to everyone though

  31. I think Boqvist fits the description. I feel like the guy is on the bubble every preseason, but then has hot streaks where he's a no-brainer for the bottom six.

  32. Haula kinda took his spot and if the team is married to a certain under investigation center playing on the 4th line, it’s hard to see where he fits even if he’s clearly deserving of at least being on the 4th line

  33. I think it’s funnier to assume they just did a reverse moneyball and are determined to prove they can win a world series in today’s game by throwing money at all of their problems without thinking about them

  34. I really wish that was actually the case

  35. I don't know who "most of us" is, but if you're trying to get into the show and there's a reference you don't understand or a wrestler shows up from another company without a lot of direct explanation, there's no shame in asking someone more familiar with them what's going on. I don't think hardcore fans are chomping at the bit to tell people to fuck off for asking questions. That's all I was trying to say to the person I initially responded to.

  36. Again, if I as someone who watches every week have to ask who these people are, aew isn’t doing their job. They have to show how important this person is, not just mention that they did x y or z

  37. I think we all understand it at that surface level. It’s not going to make most of us care or be invested though which is the main criticism

  38. Being completely unbias I legit think it deserves to be #1 for it's impact and longevity. In my opinion it's the greatest pop culture institution in American history.

  39. If you’re gonna use that criteria, I think most would put the Simpsons above it still

  40. Wasn’t it because he played more in the back at Monaco so him choosing it makes more sense I guess

  41. Why should I care about 99% of the roster when NJPW and ROH guys hardly any of us care about are most of the show

  42. Hughes/Bratt depending on the day but mostly Hughes

  43. Bratt was maybe a tick better last year but going forward it’s Hughes obviously

  44. Kane is underrated because his team is so bad. Probably every forward you can name ahead of him is on a playoff team. I would put him on the level of guys like marner, rantanen, Marchand etc.

  45. Unless he starts playing defense, those guys are better

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