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  1. Quite a strong lineup considering we’re in the first week of international period. Especially strong in the backs too!! Should be a decent outing! 🤞

  2. Turn it into a Yin/Yang Piece. With a hexagonal gazebo on the big rocks, and a fire pit on the sunken rock. Incorporate the two together with a winding S-like staircase, then on the exterior circle plant loads of flowers/herbs etc

  3. ITV player has them. You’ll need an account (which you could lie about your address) and you’ll definitely need a vpn to show that your in the UK.

  4. McCall and the coaching team have definitely changed the way we play this season

  5. Yeah I love this high tempo, play from anywhere approach! We certainly have the skills in the back line for it (providing lewington has a good game, which he did today tbf!) Then we only need to box kick when we’re on the back foot!

  6. Some say if Nate throws his kick and Askren throws his spinning back fist at the same time, the earth will begin to rotate in the other direction due to the sheer momentum generated by these titans

  7. Don’t forget to add Paul Craig’s takedown attempts!!

  8. The only player to comeback after being hooked by Eddie, is Ewels. Luther and Harrison were never seen again, so don't like Danny's chances. Real shame coz he's so good for Quins.

  9. Nick Isiekwe was also subbed in the first half, a couple years ago, but he’s back in contention now. Although he has a few more years left in him than Danny does…

  10. I can't see beyond the pay wall but great work getting it so far.

  11. - gets you through any pay wall!!

  12. Big advantage with Worcester playing on Wednesday evening. In their backs Simpson (68), Smith (59), Howe (80), Venter (15) and Heward (80) all played.

  13. Yeah this is big, they did get a huge victory over glos away nonetheless, but with only 3 days recovery, they will be suffering!! I’m betting 50+ on them

  14. Don't use a powerbank but charge it with a normal wall charger or from your computer's usb. Above 95% the needed charging current is very low, powerbanks switch off because those feel that there is nothing on them.

  15. Ahh okay, that is most likely the problem, as I travel a lot so usually only have access to powerbanks!! I’ll test this out next time my battery runs out in 2 weeks or so!!! (God I love how long the battery last on this watch 🥳)

  16. Ok, so you’re saying they each need their own separate mine? I’ve been trying to minimise tiles in order to maximise my total number of cities/population, so have been putting mines in between cities in the hope they can share… should still work right?

  17. they dont share mine,everyone need their own mine,if you put mines in middle on cities ,you might get confused that which city is using mine,its best that each city have separate iron and coal mine. And put mines of each city away from other cities to avoid any confusion. Basically if you have 3 cities each cities need their own copper ,iron and coal mine,hence each city should have its separate 3 mines,so total 9 mines for 3 cities

  18. Ahh okay! Will give this a go and let you know if it works! Thanks for the tips!!!

  19. It's a bit odd as I haven't really felt as though as it has been a good season but when you put it like that it turns things around in my head a bit! Also small margins on most of the losses means that a pick up in discipline and some returning players could mean a very interesting end to the season...

  20. I think we’ve picked up a losing bonus point in every game we lost too, which is hugely positive.


  22. Solved!! And super useful too!! Thank you 🙏

  23. Both my uncles played for them, back in the 90s, so it’s all the family ever talked about!! My grandparents bought the whole family season tickets at vicarage road today throughout my whole childhood. (pretty lucky looking back at it now) Plus my cousin is in the sarries womens team now, so sarries has always and will always be in my blood!!!

  24. Is it worth it though? I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews. It is On sale now -20% but still not sure I should buy as I’ve heard it lacks content when compared with RE4 and walking dead which are the same price…

  25. Dude, same for me. those 2 are also impossible to complete (as far my capabilities go) I gave up on trying to complete them as there’s no enjoyment from repeating the same mission over and over again or throwing 1000s of darts to get like 30 lucky darts in row…

  26. About an hour each, I found. The lightsaber dojos are fun for a replayable bit of exercise, though.

  27. Completing all the dojos with 100% completion was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time! Having to dodge, swipe and attack for 5mins straight without getting hit was intense!

  28. Good. They need to do something. It's beginning to ruin the experience, last few times I've been I've spent as much time standing up and sitting down to let people past for bar trips than I have watching the bloody game.

  29. I feel like this is only going to make this issue worse. If bars are closed at half time, everyone will be standing up at 35-39mins to go get a beer….

  30. Didn't really get it, can someone explain it to me ?

  31. Not happy, as in one of seven dwarfs ‘happy’. Cos he’s 5ft6

  32. Repeating an action during a dream, in particular lucid dreams, have been known to improve real life performance. Source

  33. Nds games work fine now on the most recent version. Was able to play mario kart on my phone no problem! 😄

  34. Oh damn, I hope it’s not serious 🤞,

  35. I think we’re ok for back row seeing as Billy, Earl and Isiekwe haven’t been selected. International experience will be great for his development, we need our players getting that experience if we want to compete at the very top IMO.

  36. This is true, with only 4 sarries selected for England I guess it’s not too bad. Just hope Christie (and Tompkins for that matter,) don’t start expecting a salary rise later down the line. Really don’t want to lose either of them, especially with the recent salary cap restrictions

  37. True but Andy has just signed a new contract and will be pushed as a first teamer in the next few years, I imagine his salary will be prioritised.

  38. Yeah I forgot about that!! Pretty decent timing then!! Let’s hope he get at least some game time then. As I think he has huge potential!

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