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  1. I juiced a whole cabbage with 2 apples every day for about 3 months just over a year ago. I have had a few juices here and there over the past 9 months or so but have not had one in ages now. I no longer suffer with any symptoms, it would seem I am cured. :)

  2. Does juicing cabbage helps to kill HPylori also? Do you know? Do you need a juicer or can we use a blender?

  3. it would seem it does yes. The study proves that cabbage juice heals ulcers. Then 40 years or so after the study was done, we find out HP is the cause for the very same ulcers. So essenrially the study from years ago shows that cabbage juice gets rid of the HP overgrowth which actuyally leads to the ulcers... Interesting ay!

  4. Thank you! Wow I will try. I have HPylori but not ulcer. Does it need to be juiced on a juicer, or can it be blended?

  5. I kept wondering why this is so satisfying to watch. I think I figured it out.. it reminds me of the feeling of a good 💩 that is so reliving it makes you so happy afterwards 😅

  6. You are not alone add me on WhatsApp we have a H pylori group there we talk everyday to help each other together we are strong.447500876112. We can share knowledge as well

  7. I don't know if this comment it's directed to me; but if it is....I can understand, I hope you don't go to treatment again; I don't wish that to anybody who's dealing with this and yes antibiotics were made the devil himself I swear or someone likes to torture people 😅 so that's why you should take some type of probiotic; definitely NOT a week before your test because the probiotics could possibly fake the negative from what I've heard I'm no Doctor though, but you should try the Manuka honey and the wild orégano oil, I will try it myself, stick to gastritis diet as best as you can and try meditate, I know it's easier said than done but what other choice do we have and you won't get worse.

  8. Thank you! Yes my comment was for you. I feel horrible for OP who has done the treatment and has not worked. I want to treat it naturally, but not sure it will kill the H Pylori. Though my symptoms aren’t very bad now. And yes, antibiotics may kill HPylori, but it kills everything else also! And like OP, it may kill everything else and the HPylori still stands strong. Oh I hate this.😩😩😩

  9. You can treat naturally but they have told me it would take some time, like in worse case scenarios take the antibiotics and do it naturally at the same time to protect your gut flora, don't worry too much about because it won't help, keep in touch with your doctors and specialist to have 2nd opinions and do research too, hang in there, the Facebook support that I lefy above is so helpful.

  10. Thank you! I have requested to going the Facebook group! Thank you!!!

  11. I had two antibiotics for 10 days. I had all the symptoms you’ve seen here. Worst ones were diarrhea, weight loss and fatigue. But I had all the other ones too including anxiety about what was wrong with me.

  12. Do you mind sharing which antibiotics. Did you have to take omepraxole also? I don’t hav want pain. My main symptom is burping. My energy is fine, I actually gained weight. Is weight gain also a symptom?

  13. Some people gain weight while others lose it. Mine was weight lost like a lot of people. Amoxicillin and levofloxacin were my two antibiotics

  14. Thank you! I will ask my doctor about changing doses 😆

  15. Of course! I take a mix of mastica and pepti guard! Mastica 3x a day 30 minutes before food and Peptiguard 2 pills a day am and pm 30 minutes before food! It has helped SO MUCH

  16. Hi. Is the mastica you take the same as mastic gum? I also want to treat it naturally

  17. But I have to take it with the pepti guard by the brand throne also for it to work efficiently!

  18. Did you by any chance got Botox on your masseter? I had similar changes to my face after Botox to masseters.

  19. It sounds to me that she is fed up with several issues you guys have been having (finances, chores, trust issues, you having a very close relationship with her best friend and she is so hurt it comes out as anger. She also sounds frustrated with possible past issues. Texting her all sweet while you are doing something that is clearly bothering her (hanging out all day with her bestie) makes things worse. Trust needs to be re-built for your relationship to work.

  20. OP, you are suffering from betrayal trauma caused by the lying and gaslighting of your boyfriend. Look for a podcast called betrayal trauma recovery and listen to as many episodes you can, to understand what you are going through and tools to deal with this problem. All the best to you.

  21. I say lift only, you have good volume. Implants aren’t forever, you would have to replace them eventually.

  22. Hi OP. Are your pics taken a few years apart? If I didn’t know, I would have thought that the second pic is an after pic post jaw botox. Tmj Botox can slim the face. Did your face got naturally slimmer?

  23. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain and it’s real 😞. It hurts so much we think we can’t take it. My dog passed 3 weeks ago. I cried nonstop for a week. Hugs to you. What do do now is speak to him at home, hoping that maybe his presence is still there. I started crying again writing this. I can’t imagine what you are feeling now. Allow yourself to grieve him.

  24. Looks amazing! What is Invisalign light? What is the difference? And the average cost?

  25. LMFAOOO I CANT STOP LAUGHING OMG THIS IS THE LAUGH I NEEDED THIS WEEK 🥲😢LOL op I’m sorry to laugh but I feel like this is some shit that would happen to me 😭🤣

  26. Thanks, I think I’m just too overexcited haha have been looking forward to my first session for a few years lol

  27. How are you doing now? Happy? Any changes?

  28. Hi OP, how’s your Botox treatment going? Are you happy? Did it help? Did you notice changes to your face?

  29. I got sunken cheeks by my ear. I feel my bite way too weak. I feel out of balance in general. My face hurts when I eat. I will never do it again.

  30. I am sorry OP. Please look for a podcast named Betrayal Trauma Recovery and listen to as many episodes as possible. It will help you understand your abusive situation and give you tools on how to deal with it. Take care

  31. I am so sorry for your loss. That’s heartbreaking 😔😔💔. I lost my pup a week ago and it has also been the worst pain I have ever felt. Peace be with you 🙏

  32. I am so sorry for your loss as well. What a terrible pain to go through. Sending you love 💗

  33. Thank you so much. It’s comforting knowing we are not alone right? ❤️ I am glad I found this forum. I cried all day for 5 days. Yesterday it hit me throughout the day, today was a bit easier at work, but still extremely hard in the mornings, abs when I get back home from work. I stay in my car for a while because it’s painful knowing he won’t be greeting me at the door. It’s slowly getting easier 😔💔

  34. This post helped me. My pup passed last Thursday. I have been crying so much all day every day since Thursday- 5 days- I do feel Dehydrated and will drink water. I also will pick up his ashes next Friday. Though I feel a bit better today, I don’t know what to expect when I bring the ashes home. I am hoping I feel a sense of peace, and not a sense of desperation again. His loss was sudden and it hurt so much. Take care every one, and I hope you all feel peace.

  35. Op. I am sorry for your loss. It’s so incredibly painful. You are not alone. I feel Like you, I can’t eat or sleep. My fur baby just left us on 1/20. He died on my arms. After 5 days of treatments, diagnosis, chest fluid tap, oxygen therapy. They couldn’t find what was wrong with him. He had fluids on his chest, and he quickly worsened after being in an out of the vet. I kept him home his last two days. His last days he was struggling to breath, and I held him in the car on the way to the ER. He took his last breath in my arms. It hurts so much. I joined this forum and this is the first time I am posting. I am hoping to find peace and comfort but I have been crying non stop the past three days. I miss him so much. I wish I could hold him one more time. I pray you get comfort and peace also OP. And everyone else in this post. I heard if gets easier. But how and when? I am here sobbing.

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