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  1. …right before he hops up and murders a straggling weekend hiker.

  2. i once didn’t shit for an entire week because i was at cub scout camp. i’m not sure how i still have an anus.

  3. middle one looks like it’s giving the bloke the side-eye.

  4. why pamper life’s complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?

  5. he’s right, though—people who think their mental illness is everybody else’s mental illness need to fuck off immediately.

  6. coincidentally, the mark of a company close to bankruptcy.

  7. it’s called “western society”. it worms its way in like a parasite, and once you have it, it’s for good.

  8. how much does one have to spend on a telescope to be able to see this?

  9. yes, absolutely. the way you know it’s not true, though, is that if it ended, you would descend into hell so fast it would make your head spin. at, least that’s how it is for me.

  10. the third flexigrip is gently inserted into the anus, to keep the driver in place.

  11. Moth in a Goth, and I fuck both.

  12. there is now UK now without its history. everything privilege we enjoy only exists because of it.

  13. Do you truly believe the mark of a good poem is its ability to accurately reflect yours and only your understanding of love/the world?

  14. the mark of good poetry is not sounding like a fortune cookie.

  15. it's not bad because it makes you uncomfortable.

  16. nope, it’s just facile and trite. like much of the poetry posted here.

  17. it’s not some male conspiracy, you know. it’s our species. evolution fucked us. you can’t just conquer an entire planet with unbridled aggression and violence and then suddenly decide you’re gentle and just. we live in the product of our own bellicosity. the entire framework is the result of a warring, ultra-competitive temperament. the jobs we have and the economy that emerges from it are designed and headed by unfeeling psychopaths. the whole system has been shaped by our admiration for individuals who are “strong” and “capable”, and we do our best to be just like them. money is an abstract token that reflects these qualities, and rewards for them. and now we have to live here. dismantling the patriarchy would require dismantling the entirety of civilisation. the mould will always produce the same shape. we are defined by the phrase “might use right”. the pressures of ice age survival made us what we are. it’s no one’s fault. it just is.

  18. i’m experiencing visceral jealousy, right now. i want to be a house-cat in a good home so badly.

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