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  1. I agree. I have the Zoia and while its possibilities are enormous its workflow and small screen makes its harder to work with. It would benefit so much from an editor. The LVX seems much more instantaneous and quicker to program. But does it have utilities like LFO that can be assigned to any parameter?

  2. And the Democrats that Helped Murder those Americans in Benghazi are BIGGER PIECES OF SHIT who deserve to be put in Prison for the rest of their pathetic sorry lives

  3. Guess who cut the embassies security budgets many times before the attack?

  4. I have the MS-70 CDR and I like the effects and it’s great being able to stack them. I don’t really like the menu diving though personally when I’m trying to tweak things on the fly. It is definitely more suited to being a preset pedal.

  5. Check my previous comment here. The G3 is the best MS-70cdr. Plus its screens are backlit!

  6. I think the thing that makes the MS 70 somewhat more attractive is the stereo input.

  7. It has hardware stereo inputs but sadly not all algos are stereo and some do sum both channels together. For example all compressors are mono.

  8. that collection of pedals is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural

  9. Is it possible to learn this power?

  10. Arturia Microfreak (or the new Minifreak) are some of the most versatile synths on the market. There is a vocoder version too. Has an on-board sequencer that is very intuitive.

  11. Actually with the update they all do vocoders. Its even possible to buy the mic separately (although it works with other mics).

  12. Hahaha..I never thought about that. He's just waking down the street with a newspaper and looks at the sign like, "hey maybe I'll be a Ghostbuster." That's pretty good.

  13. To me at the time it emphasized how unpopular they were and how they weren't being taken seriously before really getting big.

  14. IMHO the non-waza Zoan has better toan and is sharpoer.

  15. You put the patient in a freezer for a few days.

  16. It happened to me once, but then I fell.

  17. Biden does have a thing against oil, and it's weird in the current environment when he needs to beg the Saudis and Venezuela and is enriching Putin with it (contributing to his invasion)

  18. Does this take accounts of acres already leased?

  19. How would your question make sense? Like really? Why break the precedent now?

  20. If all available land has already been leased, there would be no more available to lease. This is what I was asking. Instead of simply answering you went on a rage rant. Who is brain damaged now?

  21. I have quite a bit of experience in this department. I am not especially noise sensitive, but somehow there's always someone. I always win in the end. Here is the protocol:

  22. I already did step 1 and 2 to no success. I haven't called the police yet but its very likely I do at some point.

  23. Good to hear you're on this. I just wanted to lay it out for you and others facing this issue, and to validate that I don't think you're "overly sensitive."

  24. It was also the goal of this post. Surely I am not the only one in such a position and besides from the obvious I had not find that much information.

  25. One of the most annoying things about the Werkstatt is that there’s no power switch. I do have a power strip, but that turns off my other stuff as well.

  26. Its the same with the Minitaur and the Sirin. I use similar switches.

  27. man, where were you when i was selling mine, lol. 😅

  28. Every pedals are stereo, if you get two of them :P

  29. A filter with an expression input sequenced by the EHX 8-Step or the Korg SQ-1 (or any other sequencer). It ends up taking even more space but its likely cheaper than getting a used MURF at these current insane prices.

  30. Gros speaker, un enregistrement d'enfants qui apprend a jouer du violon. Des voisins de marde, mérite un minimum de marde. Colle dans la serrure, liquid fart par la fenêtre, patate avec un sifflet ou condom sur son échappement de voiture. Tout dépend de l'âge des voisins et ton âge. Mais certaines fréquences qu'on n'entend plus en vieillissant aussi ;) ça peut être très désagréable pour certains et aucun effet sur d'autres.

  31. Un petit speaker ça peut être surprenant aussi, avec en bonusnque les plus cheapndes fois vibrent quand il y a trop de bass.

  32. Bon point! Ou en tout cas jespere que je le suis mais je ne suis pas parfait.

  33. Je ne connais pas personne de parfait non plus :)

  34. Yes. There is no glue. To be honest with you it's just as much gravity holding it in place as anything else. The brushed finish on the pedal isn't ideal for static adhesion. Would I buy it again? Probably but I will say this, three of the six knobs on the pedal have identical functionality so the learning curve may not be a steep as it appears at first blush.

  35. Its the same for the other Meris too where its handful for half of the knobs, mostly the ones where you select scales or filter types. Some people make it as if they're super hard to figure out but its really not that bad. I will probably try one first and then the others if I like it. And maybe tape it down if its slippery. I wonder if Meris will eventually sell their pedals with all the labels printed directly on their pedals, and I will be annoyed because it will look better :)

  36. I’ve had the pedal for a couple of weeks. The unmarked alternate functions for each knob was a little bit intimidating so I bought the overlay. All in all it’s a fun and flexible pedal.

  37. What are your thoughts about the overlay? I'm about to get ones for my Meris pedals. They are holding by static and not glue is that correct?

  38. Notice there are a ton of expression modes, are you going to get an expression pedal for it?

  39. I also have one. Its very fun with an expression pedal but it also have an expression switch which is very handy even though it only has on/off positions.

  40. Techniquement pasmal toutes les viandes c'est des cadavres ...

  41. J'ai ôsé parce que ça ne bougeait plus.

  42. It's hard to dial in at first, but it's an absolute blessing for recording once you get used to it.

  43. I think that being marketed as a super heavy distortion for 7 and 8 strings guitar while its in fact an overdrive hurt its reputation. Its parametric eq alone is worth its price and its super affordable.

  44. Hahaha, it's supposed to adjust bass content, but I just adjust the depth knob as a superstition at this point. It is subtle.

  45. Oh! I never noticed even thought I play on a bass amp (with 7-strings guitar, 5-string bass, and synths). I will be more attentive buy as you say its suble.

  46. ouin je ne reste plus à Montréal donc ca ne fait plus aucun sens. Dans mon jeune temps j'adorais le club video au coin Guizot et St-Denis. Il avait tous les vieux classiques francais, russes, Criterion, les vieux films oscarisé, etc. C'était gratuit être membre et c'était pas aussi hautain et pas mal plus accessible comme films que la boîte noire.

  47. Ah oui! La boîte vidéo je pense? Il était particulière excellent. Ma blonde habitait à côté et on y allait toutes les fin de semaine ou presque. J'aimais son petit sous-sol paqueté de vieux VHS et acheter des mini macarons à la caisse de temps en temps (ceux qu'on porte, pas qu'on mange). La selection des employés était toujours intéressante.

  48. exactement La boîte video, je ne me souvenais plus mais c'est bien ça. Ils avaient des vieux films de guerre introuvable. Me souviens encore de Stalingrad ( film allemand des années 90 en version sous titré en anglais) ou Alexander Nevsky et la fameuse scène de la bataille de la Neva. J'aimerais les revoirs c'est 2 la. Ils avaient aussi la collection complète de Veber et ses films fait avant Le diner de Cons qui étaient super aussi.

  49. Le plus triste dans tout ça c'est que beaucoup de ces films, surtout ceux en VHS qui n'ont jamais été numérisés et mis en ligne par des gens passionnés sont maintenant impossible à revoir nulle part sauf su par chance on tombe sur une copie usagée dans un bazar. Je ne suis pas trop inquiet pour Veber mais tout le reste ouf c'est dommage.

  50. Service de piètre qualité, pas fiable, pannes et retards fréquents, métro tellement paquetés qu'il faut en laisser passer 3-4 avant de pouvoir rentrer et même la faut pousser le monde. Je préfère la bicyclette même l'hiver.

  51. Malekko B:assmaster and Diabolik will turn you inside out but I prefer them on bass

  52. I love the B:assmaster but its pretty mild compared to DBA Apocalypse, Wolf Computer, or any gated fuzz.

  53. I got mine used and one jack nut bolt was loose from the inside. Finding that set of teeth was not what I expected 😃

  54. I always through the selling point for Kaoss pads was the touch screen, without that it’s just dated digital effects from 15 years ago

  55. The touch screen is only a part of it. To me its biggest appeal is the tempo based effects, especially delays, looping and stuttering. Its really simple to sync with anything just by using its tap tempo button. To this days its still one of my favorite looper and stutter effect because of this.

  56. Also now including Kaoss Pad. That should be interesting too.

  57. dans toutes les grandes métropoles du monde le prix du logement est prohibitif... c'est une question d'offre et de demande. plus des gens veulent vivre dans les grands centre plus il y a de la pression sur les prix.

  58. Les loyers à Val-David / Sainte-Agathe c'est très similaire à Montréal.

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