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  1. I hope Peepaw makes a shirt of Hillz Pillz’s greatest faces (deranged roadside howl, nyc street paper towel mug, etc)

  2. This happened with my youngest 😂 do we occasionally joke about it? Yep!

  3. Let me guess--Raf picked out that sweatshirt and made you take a picture. Right, H?

  4. She has the face of a 50 y/o triple divorcee who still thinks she's in her early 20's and not aging....

  5. Marilu had a cone head at birth. I can imagine hilz and peepaw just standing there awkwardly watching the surrogate push for an eternity impatiently tapping their foot.

  6. On the bright side, the only “positive” exposure she gets in the media is through paid puff pieces and podcasts that Peepaw buys for her occasionally

  7. I think that’s an allergic shiner. Several of the Baldwinitos have them

  8. She looks like a mouth breather, it’s an alarming look.

  9. Her whole personality revolves around being naked and flashing her botched tatas and elongated ass. Tells you the level of failure her parents and her whole family are.

  10. Apparently Peepaw the drunken creep is coherent enough to sneakily take pictures of sleeping people without waking them 🤷‍♀️

  11. Why does she always look so damn old and haggard? Like this is a woman in her mid 30s here yikes

  12. Did she filter ML’s face in this pic? Because it doesn’t look like her… She is such an annoying c u next Tuesday. Who says “honey eyes”?

  13. If it’s a picture of ML there’s a 99.9% it’s been massively filtered and photoshopped, paparazzi pics of her look like a completely different child

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