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  1. Great news! I’ve been using VER and now kind of prefer it.

  2. If for some reason this trade didn’t go through I have an El Cap I am looking to trade for the NU-33.

  3. Any interest in a Strymon El Capistan or JHS Crayon?

  4. Just moved and had a great experience with

  5. Love the FY-2. I’ve got a clone by Spruce Effects that is super nasty and awesome. Can you tell us anything about this pedal?

  6. Great write up! Interesting thoughts and I tend to agree with most of what you said. As someone who owns the RE-2, RE-20, RE-202 and El Capistan v1, I second that having a dedicated bass and treble knob sets the RE-20 and 202 apart from the RE-2 and El Capistan. Admittedly I keep these because of the footprint for my small board and as you said, the settings at noon are solid.

  7. As a new re-20 owner, I would love to hear you just talk about all three of those pedals if you feel like it. You must love the space echo? I can’t get enough of space echo youtube vids so I’m all ears. What’s your fave? Biggest frustrations with any? Etc etc

  8. Full disclosure I’m not a huge knob turner. I mainly like to dial in head 3 and temporarily apply the effect to get a dub type effect a la King Tubby. I also like the first head for slapback. The Space Echo just sounds the best to me and as noted above, it is due to having treble and bass controls. My favorite thing to do on the RE20 is hook up an expression pedal and program it to control the Echo Volume and then leave the Space Echo always on and dial the pedal in as needed with the exp pedal. Also having a tap tempo option on both the 20 and 201 is awesome to adjust on the fly. The Space Echo just sounds awesome. Why do I have all three? I maintain both a large stereo board and a small board. I haven’t played the RE201 enough but the RE20 still holds up especially if you don’t need wow and flutter and saturation (I don’t). The reverb sounds better in the new Space Echos but I typically use either a Milkman F Stop (small board) or SurfyBear compact (large board) as always on pedals. Honestly the RE20 meets all my needs but being a Space Echo fanboy I bought the 201 anyways 😂 The 201 enclosure and switches are great but I wish the green matched the olive/army green of the RE20. I think I just need more time with it. I’ve been mainly playing the 2 or going back to my 20.

  9. The new Silhouettes are a nice design. Do you think it covers different sonic territory vs. the Jazzmaster?

  10. It does not have much sound wise in common with the Jazzmaster. Jazzmaster pickups are very distinctive and really set them apart from other guitars imo. The Silhouette does not sound distinctively Gibson or Fender to me although I think feel and sound wise this compares most to the strat. The neck and scale feels similar to strat territory and some of the tones on the neck can bet very strat sounding. With that being said, I am not a big strat fan and really love the unique tone this guitar offers. Pickups are very bright and sound good with the tone knob slightly rolled back. It’s a solid player all around and I highly recommend one!

  11. Love both these guitars. I’ve had the Jazzmaster for three years and it is my first JM. Love it! Just received the Silhouette today and it is really different in a great familiar way if that makes any sense.

  12. My two faves are Easy Street in West Seattle and Sonic Boom in Ballard. Easy Street is a bit inaccessible right now due to the West SeattleBridge being repaired, so if you go to West Seattle, I would plan on checking out the touristy options around there like Alki Beach.

  13. How does it campari to Aperol and soda?

  14. This happened in Northwest Seattle (Licton Springs) yesterday morning before 7am. I saw a huge box right outside my building's main entrance as I was walking up from the garage. Usually I bring stuff in for my neighbors but when I saw that it was a portable air-conditioning unit, I didn't bother anymore knowing that it would have been at least 50 pounds.

  15. I think some folks must drive around following Amazon trucks.

  16. Think? I’ve witnessed cars following Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex. Living in a more rural area makes it a bit easier to notice the tactics of stopping at the core er and watching down the street, then stop by houses and hit the next corner. Busted a couple of them but they seem be right back out.

  17. Check out the Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Classic Jazzmaster. It came out in 2018 the year before the Vintera series was introduced.

  18. Yeah but used prices for them are absolutely ridiculous now.

  19. If you are not perceiving a loss in tone then additional buffers are not necessary. If you are perceiving a loss of tone then perhaps try an EQ pedal instead of additional buffers. Buffers at the beginning, middle and end of your chain can help but adding dedicated buffer only pedals are a waste of pedal board real estate imo.

  20. I am a big fan of the Milkman F-Stop if you really want a basic pedal that can do very solid Fender amp spring reverb and tremolo.

  21. If you can find passion fruit juice at the grocery store (like Welch’s) you can mix equal parts sugar with juice and bring nearly to a boil. This is a poor man’s recipe 🤣

  22. Love the old/RI style knobs. Looks great!

  23. The line out is designed for driving another amp with speakers. You can certainly use it, but will likely not enjoy the results. You may try an IR in your DAW SW and that will make things sound much better. Remember that guitar speakers are very lo fi and act as a filter. The line out will give a full bandwidth signal which you may find unpleasant.

  24. This amp is specifically marketing that the line out can be hooked up to an external device for direct recording. Do you own this amp and have any experience using the line out for recording?

  25. Most line outs that are good for recording will have a label that says something like "speaker emulated line out". It doesn't hurt to try it. I checked the harmony web site and specs on H620. I'm fairly certain that if it had emulated speaker or IR/Cab sim, they would have made a bigger deal about it. Again, it doesn't hurt to try. Different strokes for different folks. I have a buddy that has the medium sized one. He loves it, but he's not the kind of guy to record or do any high tech stuff.

  26. Good point that there is no “emulation” description. I’m not sure I’ve seen an amp with a built in 0 watt attenuator with line out capabilities. I have a Supro Blues King which is another cheap amp. I’ve used the line out in this amp and it for sure does not sound great for recording. I’ll stick to my Princeton RI for playing and my Iridium for recording but it would be great to see a combo amp that does both well that is at the Harmony price point. Cheers!

  27. Beaut! Always wanted to play one of those through the amp. Had a Danelectro reissue years ago but it just felt like a toy guitar

  28. Actually sounds and plays great. Does have that kinda toy feel, but in the best way

  29. No way! Super jealous. Do you use it often? I love the idea of having the wheel to control the speed right there by your hand.

  30. Yeah it’s rad! The rate wheel is awesome. The Valcoder sounds the best of the three. Would love an expression pedal on the Valcoder hence why I got the Hummingbird.

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