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  1. As someone born and raised in Upstate New York (which is temperamentally if not geographically part of the Midwest), I wish to clarify that the brash, loud and combative attitude Florio is calling for is a downstate NY thing.

  2. Not a SEAL, but Col Charles Beckwith (founder of delta force) was a known Rolex GMT guy. Wore them as a young SF officer in Vietnam, and throughout his later career.

  3. I’m all for more pass rush firepower but we need to address OL elsewhere in that case. We’ve signed some decent depth guys but we need plus starters at multiple positions along the offensive line.

  4. He had an acceptable arm before he got hurt. It was never considered a strength.

  5. Aug, so I can flex my old vintage map skin (forget the actual name)

  6. I haven’t bought any skins but somehow ended up with a snow digital camo skin for the aug, not sure if it was an old school Vikendi thing or what.

  7. Did you have any optics on your MK? Does it highlight items for both weapons regardless of what’s equipped?

  8. Nah it’ll highlight any attachment that can be attached to either gun, regardless of whether the attachment slot in question is filled already or not.

  9. Because the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It doesn't matter if Miramar is the most backed out map on the game as long as 10 percent of the people here on reddit bitch about it getting taken out

  10. Ah yes, because PUBG consistently caters to the demands of this sub.

  11. I'm from Long Island and have heard about Ruckert for years and was thrilled when the Jets drafted him.

  12. Cutting a 3rd rounder going into his second season in favor of a 38 year old is lunacy.

  13. From the article: The officer, a “well respected” colonel who is Delta’s current deputy commander and previously commanded the unit’s air squadron, will take command in June, according to a former Delta member.

  14. Congrats man! You’ve seen a lot of great football and glad you got to celebrate a couple of chips.

  15. And then there’s us. Literal generations since a SB win (or even appearance), in large part thanks to the evil dynast you’ve gotten to root for.

  16. One these days things will come together for you guys and it’ll feel glorious for you. I just hope you figure out a way to fuck it up like you always do.

  17. We can win a Super Bowl this year. We have all the pieces, we literally just need a qb that can keep up with burrow mahomes Allen etc in January

  18. 100% am drinking this Koolaid. Our defense was top 5 even with historically bad QB play. Imagine how they’ll be playing with leads and not being on the field the majority of the game.

  19. Coasties don't have a JSOC component. USAF does!

  20. Because we are, by and large, a bunch of pussies who just want to see pics/read stories about cool guys.

  21. Multiple firsts is insane, but I wouldn't be too upset if we just gave them 13 and called it a day

  22. Fuck that 13 is a premium pick, if a 1st has to be part of the package make it next years, with a 3rd or something thrown in this year.

  23. Was married, fucked a married woman who supported the unit. They’re pretty intolerant of that kinda shit.

  24. What’s the source of that? I have heard him say a few times he made a mistake, owned it, was told to leave for 2 years

  25. Imagine being on a private cross country flight with Woody Johnson and Nat Hackett…Robert Saleh is a saint

  26. Headphones go in immediately. “Gotta get some rest for the day out in CA”

  27. I mean it’s not a plane owned entirely by him. You can see it’s a NetJets charter.

  28. Just because it’s a netjets plane doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a bed/convertible couch. That said, it’s a Challenger 350 so doubtful it has a bed. They can fold the seats down flat though, and with an ambien you can get a pretty decent nights sleep.

  29. Nah definitely stop, I don’t want to see the Pats getting Lamar. I’m obligated to hate the Patriots and their players and I really like Lamar.

  30. Right and then we can argue the whole “he played against shit competition” and “he should have sat for a year” and the rest of the excuses. He is infinitely more talented than I am at football, but compared to a competent NFL starter, he is not. Dude has JaMarcus Russell numbers right now. And I was supporting him til the 2nd Pats game. He is SHIT lol.

  31. We all agree he is currently, and has been for his entire pro career, absolute dogshit.

  32. Unclear but when it’s described as “the” army smu I always assume delta

  33. I haven’t used nano clear or any similar products but the other commenter is right: this kind of thing is gonna happen no matter how careful you are.

  34. No - Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is what inspired the pod originally. Pretty sure they’ve never covered this movie (or wall st MNS for that matter)

  35. The podcast is actually for bad movies while this is a great movie.

  36. See I don’t really think it is for bad movies, at least not exclusively anymore. They do plenty of movies that fucking ROCK, like Face/Off and Con Air just to cite a pair of Cage pictures, to say nothing of the Fast and Furious franchise that Paul/June/Jason obviously adore.

  37. Dudes got money. And he doesn’t live an extravagant lifestyle. He can certainly make money after football by doing any number of things. I really don’t think money is playing a part in his decision. But, I could absolutely be way off base on that.

  38. Eh even for people with tons of money, $59m for a year’s work has gotta be pretty damn tempting

  39. Nice car 🚙 now I see why you are hating on me. My GMT master II cost more than your net worth lol. Man I hate u guys the most . The wanna be club “ you guys are LOSERS 💯

  40. The small dick energy from comments like this is unreal.

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