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  1. NFL talk when Vikings shut down packers: MIN is one of the best teams in the NFC! SB contenders!

  2. If I could watch McNabb in Skins gear and not puke, I can handle this.

  3. They have notoriously likely to fail screens, and replacements are made of unobtanium. Sound fine though.

  4. I took a position as Win desktop/server support, but during the interview we got to talking about my little Linux/Drupal setup I had at home, and Linux things I'd done, which at that point I considered very minor hobbyist stuff.

  5. I don't hate him.I hate the Hemiskr.The fucking idiot always screaming with edgy voice and saying TaLos THe UnEaRiNg, TaLos thE AlMiGhty or some bullshit and fucking up the silence.

  6. He’s my first non defensive kill. Stealth archer from the rock next to the waterfall. SHUT. UP.

  7. What is the best way to store the database? Cloud or shared folder...

  8. Benefits are part of your total compensation from the company.

  9. 99% yes.I could easily get another job for more pay+benefits.

  10. Yeah this is changed in the beta already where I basically rewrote a bunch of this stuff, will be going out to all in the next version or so. The in-app purchase/subscription APIs are pretty complex and I wasn't handling the "user's subscription will expire" flag super well as you can see, the intent was only to be helpful and give you a heads up that you might lose some features, nothing nefarious (I hope I've proved over the years that I'm not a crappy person).

  11. People forget Marx wrote things that weren't The Communist Manifesto. And that those other things he wrote were way more important than The Communist Manifest.

  12. Which of his other writings would you recommend?

  13. I wouldn't hold that against them as long as their response was, "Eh, I'm terrible with vim, I use nano"

  14. No, that wasn't it, but also pretty hilarious!

  15. Title, I think it was a comedy or dramedy.

  16. That thing looks like it belongs in a Kubrick movie.

  17. Not OP but I just got one a month or so ago.

  18. The iOS music maker community is VERY hostile to subscriptions of any kind.

  19. I saw 12/18 and thought you meant the time signature.

  20. Jimmy, I don't care what you're doing, get your ASS IN HERE FOR THE FAMILY PHOTO RIGHT NOW!

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