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the longest river in france dried up today

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  1. Why do you assholes care about their personal lives?

  2. Howard said Booey cheats on his wife on the air and Booey never denied it.

  3. If Lake Mead has taught us anything, it's that French mafia bodies are gonna start showing up.

  4. I know the building was sold right after covid. They must have kept the same tenants

  5. why do you assholes care about his personal life?

  6. Let's be honest as long as an Illitch owns the Tigers They will never win.

  7. "Who are you going to get" is how you wind up losing for decades. That being said, Theo Epstein.

  8. Or maybe they grew up around the business, learned from the best, and are very good at what they do as a result?

  9. Impressive week but lets not get ahead of ourselves on the phenom part. It’s easy to say that when someone has as good a week as he just had, it’s another stratosphere to turn one week into “phenom”

  10. Not just one week. Tied the course record in Detroit last week, which got him his 2023 TOUR card.

  11. Was Billy Preston playing the piano? If so, sucks that he got no love.

  12. Breaking: Derek Hill finishes 3rd in 2023 MVP voting.

  13. Your experience is not the same as everyone else dude.

  14. I moved to Chicago when I was 36, got married when I was 39, moved back to the Detroit area when I was 40. Some people don't care about age, they just want to be around people who are cool, and don't do things like get into quoting the dictionary and then telling other people they're the argumentative one.

  15. So you're sticking with it, even if another putter makes more putts? Seems like a damaged relationship.

  16. Don't even need to see who we got it return, contrats for fleecing Al Avila within the division, Twins.

  17. Brilliant PR, there Greg. "Yeah, Tuck, we offered him a SHITLOAD of money, he still told us to go fuck ourselves, probably because we're the worst. So we really leaned into it, embraced the fact that everyone except golf douches hates us, and set our sights on guys like Koepka, DeChambeau, Bubba, Phil, Fat Reed, etc. Things are going great."

  18. Cringe my ass. He is the most entertaining one for sure.

  19. Because entertainment is high on my list of presidential attributes.

  20. Yep, it's over. Al fucked up the first one, time for him to get to work on the next one.

  21. i’m so jealous that you get to watch them both for the first time.

  22. For future reference, for a lot of older American cars, you can look at the stamping on the taillights, they'll say what year it is.

  23. “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.”

  24. Since deployment in August 2021, System 002 (or “Jenny”) has now collected 101,353 kg of plastic over 45 extractions, sweeping an area of ocean of over 3000km2 – comparable to the size of Luxembourg or Rhode Island. Added to the 7,173 kg of plastic captured by our previous prototype systems, The Ocean Cleanup has now collected 108,526 kg of plastic from the GPGP – more than the combined weight of two and a half Boeing 737-800s, or the dry weight of a space shuttle!

  25. This, while admirable, is a drop in the bucket when compared to how much is flowing into the oceans. Their math only works if we stop any new plastic from entering the ocean, which is increasing every day.

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