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  1. also , does anyone else have very visual thoughts drifting off to sleep doing so? sometimes i would “fall asleep” and think i was texting someone but the phone would be off, etc

  2. That looks like a problem on your SD Card, make sure your switch is able to read it and that you copied your Hekate and Nyx files (the bootloader folder).

  3. I’m having problems trying to get across my SD files, can you recommend me the right equipments to do so? I don’t see people talking about SD readers as much, I don’t want to get the wrong USB

  4. I have the same model RCM loader from Ali Express, and mine was a bust. I’m not sure why, but it stops being able to boot into hekate after some time (the light just doesn’t blink at all), and the only way I can get it to work again is to re-transfer the payload files into the loader once again before it quickly stops working again.

  5. I’ve tried updating Hekate and changing the payload.bin. Staring to think i’m doing the buttons wrong since it doesn’t show the black screen. I have been pressing the volume up and the power button while it’s off. The blue LED pops up but the switch just turns off again and shows the Nintendo screen.

  6. What is the colour of the flashing LED?

  7. it’s blue, i updated the Hekate and changed the payload.bin. im not sure why the Nintendo screen is still popping up

  8. it’s the best way to do some research on your doctor if you are unsure if they will prescribe a certain medication for you.

  9. perhaps a stranger mistook a stray cat for a stray cat

  10. I fucking love it honestly, but youd absolutely lose a chunk of your foot.

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