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AITA for removing my friend as MOH?

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  1. Thank you. I think that’s a pretty good idea, and will try to do it in the future

  2. Hope it works out! Also, reddit is weird, people will tell you "they're a narcissistic monster who wants to kill you!" Over everything. People do weird stuff for lots of different reasons. Maybe your mother has some sort of compulsive behaviour around sharing stuff on Facebook. Maybe she messed up this one time because she was over excited and couldn't control her addiction. I don't know. Maybe she is some horrible narcosistic monster! My point is there's more than one explanation and figure it out for yourself.

  3. Thank you so much again. I really want to look into if this is an addiction or not. Then she’ll be able to do something about it

  4. One thing I think is important with addictions is working to make the negative impacts of the addiction as little as possible as well as obviously trying to minimise the addiction.

  5. What did you do to get here? I’m struggling so bad right now.

  6. I really can't promise at all that this will work for anyone else. But I can explain what feelings I got/get and my journey to where I am now.

  7. Who cares if your an asshole why are you friends with someone who is open about enabling men to cheat?

  8. YTA YTA YTA. Think about your priorities. You could have asked other people to help out/plan stuff and allow her to keep the title.

  9. Yeah it's weird it happens on reddit over and over again. It's like all the


  11. Words are pretty reliant on intent and context and the intent here is clearly to be homophobic and the context is that she's a homophobic POS.

  12. I have no idea about what makes someone trans but please know whatever you are/are not your feelings are totally valid and ok.

  13. it’s as inherently sexual just as much as being straight is, it’s a sexuality. why some people treat it as a

  14. we’re talking about children here though. fetishes aren’t bad but they are sexual. the only thing i’m saying is that being gay is just as “problematic” as being straight. neither should be assumed until around puberty, and at that point a healthy knowledge of all things sexual is necessary for proper development.

  15. Honestly I've seen it before where people are criticising this genre of gay stories written almost exclusively by women. Saying why isn't there gay author representation in the genre? Saying it's homophobic how these characters behave. And all I can think is, this is an incredibly niche, odd little thing that a very small group of girls do and the best thing to do is just leave them to it.

  16. If God wants me to stop sucking dick he's gonna have to come down from heaven and slap it out of my mouth himself!

  17. Maybe you can send a message to your school anonymously explaining how a bathroom which is for everyone to use is much more re-assuring than one specifically for non-binary/trans people.

  18. Asians do put a lot of emphasis on education, but they’re cricket mad too, look at India where the likes of Kohli are like Gods.

  19. By the time they got all the advisors into the room to tell them if it was a party of not they'd already cate cake, had some champers and done a conga line.

  20. I don't give money to homeless people usually. Will give people food sometimes and donate money to Framework.

  21. I am a resident of framework, in reality I don’t know where the money is going but it’s not going to projects in framework.

  22. Yes you cunt. Yes it fucking is a party. Your horrible measley crooked response to this crisis wasn't only more of a total fuck up because people like me didn't do shit like this. Fuck these cunts. They deserve to be put on trial for all their crimes and if found guilty should rot in prison for their rest of their miserable pointless selfish little lives.

  23. Ah that’s because Labour politicians are held to an orders of magnitude higher standard than Tories.

  24. Well if you're going to pretend to be the good guys you should be held to a higher standard! Tories don't make any lies about being horrible people apart from the ones they make constantly that are too blatant to count as anything but admissions of being cunts.

  25. I’m all for a bit of Andrew-bashing but this article implies something quite heavily which isn’t actually stated (I think we all know what).

  26. It might not be enough to convince me of anything as a juror but as a private person free to draw whatever inferences I like going to a sleazy Thai holiday destination with Epstein makes you a total nonce.

  27. If you had a seizure please try and seek out professional medical advice if at all possible

  28. Simon 100%. Dad snapped into bipolar mania when I was in high school, and has never been the same person since. He was the sweetest and gentlest dad when I was little, but now interactions are a little sad and disturbing. Maybe someday he’ll agree to take his meds, but not holding out hope.

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