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The surface of Mars, captured by the Curiosity rover.

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  1. Banning certain ammo would have the same effect as our current laws. Our current laws ban firearms not on function, but more or less on looks for example the AR-15 being newly prohibited but the G36 being non restricted. As a firearm owner I get a background check done on myself every single day, follow every law and restriction it is often upsetting for us to get punished with more laws due to acts of people who do not even own a firearms license or use guns from Canada. I do not think there is an easy answer to the rising violence we are seeing. Banning guns will not work and simply throwing money at the police won't change anything. Just a side note with Handguns you are correct they are only allowed at the range you can not carry a handgun in the woods even for bears. You can however take Non restricted rifles with you on Crown land be it for hunting or sport shooting. Anyways I hope that helps explain a little bit.

  2. And not all US states have the same gun laws. Some are just as restrictive as in other countries. And some states do not even have constitutional provisions for the "right to bare arms".

  3. Haha yeah. This is more of what I thought was happening to me:

  4. Still trying to get it to work. Will get back to you when I do.

  5. It is when factoring in the smaller populations of the west. Resources are more readily available to share, lessening the need for extreme competition for individuals to aquire them, making standards of living slightly better off overall.


  7. The US started a lot of wars that were unjustified/unfair/cruel though. How can you justify Iraq?

  8. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait which caused the US to create a coalition to defend it.

  9. The main purpose for adjusting the colors is so geologists can more accurately compare what they are seeing on Mars with what they know on Earth. Here is an article!

  10. Accuracy here, in part, is do to having more experience in identifying stuff in general on Earth, but it also means they can use their experience to help them more easily pick out and potentially identify subtler variations in soil and rock content on Mars.

  11. A full grown adult male bison can get as big as 2,000lbs (907kgs) and can run up to 40mph (64km/h). The fastest a human can run is 24mph (40km/h) 27.33mph (43.98km/h) [thanks

  12. Nah, most modern editorials about the subject are either nihilistic, agenda-driven, or remakes of what was drilled into us as kids to get views and advertising money.

  13. This is neither of those.

  14. If that's the case, it's absolutely true, and what we were taught as kids. That whole "everyone's going to die" crap came from the make love not war movement. Most ground bursts will be first strike, counterforce. Most others, if there is a second strike, will be air burst, countervalue. The first strike will be the hardest and most damaging (globally). However, they will be confined to small areas of the Midwest and military bases. The US is a big country. There will be fallout, but just hole up somewhere and filter the crap out of the air for a few days.

  15. He goes into detail about how the assumption that stratospheric ash clouds would definitely happen is wrong.

  16. A fun aside about the stuff from last year, a YouTube channel run by a guy named Mick West has gone through all the videos and has broken them down into what is the most likely object.

  17. Here's a little bit of the dark arts that was possible in the nineteen eighties:

  18. Nah, the issue is non-veg prevalence. THe sheer amount of waste of farmland to produce food for animals that are just going to be eaten.

  19. What about coffee (or crops that require heavy use of water, fertilizers, and herbicides which can and do contaminate and destroy waterways aka, rivers, lakes, and oceans)?

  20. The Russian government uses the same tactics as Alex Jones does, but somehow even worse and less believable.

  21. That's because they helped Jones develop those tactics.

  22. To bad he didn't come to the conclusion about NATO before invading Ukraine.

  23. In short, they want the best ones, that are most effective against Omicron.

  24. The vaccines and boosters can be mixed, coming from various makers, to give equal or better immunity. So they could start out with Sinovac to get it into as many people as possible as fast as possible while waiting for supplies of vaccines from other makers, including the US ones.

  25. What is the 'official' Russian version? It was 1,351 some time ago as I recall...

  26. They have not updated the casualty count since then.

  27. They must have forgot to tell the combat medics that.....

  28. The internalized Russian narrative or a global narrative? Because one of those never mattered all that much.

  29. Neither in this particular case. He is losing the narrative on the battlefield in Ukraine with low ranking troops beginning to stop buying into the lies Putin has been telling everyone back in Russia.

  30. Using rubles gives them value internationally which, in turn, allows Russia to continue to buy stuff from abroad. And that limits the impact of sanctions and ultimately takes pressure off them to stop the war in Ukraine where people are dying.

  31. I am sure they wouldn't have tried to refuse paying in rubles if it ultimately had little to no impact doing so either way.

  32. Russia is a nuclear state that needs to be given a path out of the place they're in to prevent them from getting desperate, but that path must not involve territory of Ukraine going to Russia.

  33. That leaves the door open for Putin to rape and pillage other countries. It also sets the stage for other countries to get nukes first, then rape and pillage their own neighboring countries.

  34. North Korea? Who are they going to do that against? America Junior (South Korea)? China? Russia?

  35. South Korea. They want to unite Korea.

  36. I mean that was pretty minor compare to what came after, the Soviet soldiers that participated in partition of Poland were almost all dead by by 1945.

  37. Stalin and Khruschev would not have agreed with you. Both were in WWII and believed the US Lend/Lease program was instrumental to saving the Soviets.

  38. Not that there's much choice under ANY empire. This can be said about Russia, the US, and China will come as well

  39. Clearly using Chinese equipment in a war against their "no-limits" partner is not a good idea.

  40. It is understandable given how desperate Ukraine is for having the capability to defend itself against a much larger force. In a fight for survival, people tend to use whatever they can however they can to succeed.

  41. Which is really interesting, because the particular example you've chosen is a pretty strong argument for how meaningless peace treaties can be. Japan and Russia have enjoyed bilateral diplomatic, economic and cultural ties for decades now. The lack of a peace treaty has meant almost nothing except in nationalist circles. Japan and Russia could sign a peace treaty tomorrow and it wouldn't change the fundamental realities of the relationship between the two countries, which is that Japan is locked into the American-centered regime of rules-based internationalist market economics, whereas Russia is opposed. Because larger concerns underpin their relationship, neither Russia nor Japan really feels pressed to make compromises to produce a final peace treaty, and the reality of the situation is that the 1956 agreement was adequate for the purposes of both countries.

  42. There's an unofficial patch for it. It might help.

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