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  1. I like how the mods remove any discussions exposing the cheating problem.... and then deny that they don't work for Activision.

  2. About one in four matches, I'd say.

  3. Get a grip. Most are casuals like everyone else and console cheats have been out for year too now. You guys aren't church doors either.

  4. He only has 5 wins and strictly plays duos. I think it's safe to say you just ran into a cracked duo. His teammate probably saw you from his angle and called it out.

  5. Also, those are only BR wins. He has tens of Resurgence wins

  6. We were playing solos... his stats aren't updating probably because he set his profile to private.

  7. There's cheats for console players. They've been out for more than a year now... where have you been living?

  8. Be careful discussing that. The mod issue bans over stuff like that

  9. yeah... god forbid we point out there are hackers in the game...

  10. Anyone else having this issue? Sinds a few days I am getting this more and more. Just random in the game. No lag or internet issues for the rest. This is on PS5.

  11. I played 4 games today.... the client disconnected 7 times. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love how they just keep putting absolutely broken shit in the game, like they are purposefully trying to make players leave

  13. I had my last friend from the old WZ days quit and uninstall this weekend because of these stupid trucks

  14. Is it just me or is the driver also shielded more than in a normal bertha. Yesterday I had one of those come near me and I shot the guy in the head through the window with an automaton. Full clip didn’t even break his plates.

  15. you're right... the game decided to drop my armored truck 200m away from me and someone else picked it up

  16. You know you can buy a controller if it’s so good. Literally most electronics shops will have them.

  17. i don't wanna use a cheating mechanic just because "Ubisoft impersonator" here can't be bothered to ban the actual cheaters and adds aimbots in its own game to hide its inability to detect... checks notes... people with hit-reg on more than 50% of their bullets... since most normal people are in the 10-20% range

  18. lol... he got removed from Twitch

  19. I honestly dont get why they put the out of combat zone so close to the island anyway

  20. because they're morons who don't play their own game

  21. ok... so they give you the same reward.... an almost invincible truck that guarantees you win the game if you don't get out of it

  22. and it happened twice more

  23. No. You've been banned until Warzone 2 and you must return all the gun blueprints you received in the previous Battle Pass season or face penalty in the front of the CoD gods (prolly some youtube with some hidden cheats)

  24. Kkkkkkk damn, rly felt like playing this week, well guess ill have to wait and lose everything 🥲

  25. it's a typical server disconnect error... no worries, it's double-XP weekend.... you'll make it back in 1-2 Clash games

  26. from the previous match... you can also drop your weapon there, and your teammate can pick it up and have 2... i've seen it done

  27. There's too much Dead Silence on the map....

  28. Fuck Verdansk and that sniper camp fest. You people have collective amnesia. Someone needs to show you how this sub looked last September and all its whiny posts about that map

  29. Verdansk was never the problem, the constant cheating, dead silence was the real problem, not the map.

  30. Sorry dude... still a better game than MW2019 and CW combined. Setting might be shit, but the game itself is heaps better.

  31. No you are just too stupid for me to handle. I’ll leave this here. This video you took is not CLOSE to aimbot Now THIS is aimbot

  32. No, you're to dumb to be alive. That's a misconfigured aim-bot, just to troll people. Actual aim-bots can be configured for soft-aims, similar to Activision's aim-assist. It's literally the same behavior.

  33. No it’s not lol. If he had aimbot he wouldn’t have had to worry about centering and didn’t even stay 100% on target. Does aim assist help you stay on target a little easier on a target flying in? Yes but it’s not close to aimbot.

  34. he wasn't centered here either.... you blind?

  35. Clash is for leveling up weapons. Literally that's its only purpose.... and to make fun of BF2042 for not being able to put together a bug-free large-scale multiplayer.

  36. I'd be the happiest person in the world if the SVT would actually be one-shot headshot material... but it's not... since shooting someone's head only breaks armor for some reason.

  37. you should see the ZRG not kill with direct headshots

  38. Correct. You shouldn't see better from one side of the gas than the other.

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