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  1. Well, I thought it was an interesting post, even if it got auto-deleted. :)

  2. Tell me you don't know anything about programming without telling me you don't know anything about programming

  3. I'm a professional software developer with a background in pure mathematics. I've worked on compilers, game engines, web and mobile applications, and a lot of other stuff. I also know how the GPT algorithm works. I've also studied a good bit of cognitive science.

  4. GPT can make text that looks like it has opinions and emotions, but it's just copying patterns it learned from lots of data. It doesn't actually understand or feel things like humans do. All it does it it puts tokens together by probability. It's a really cool tool, but it doesn't have its own thoughts or feelings

  5. What does it mean to say that it has opinions and emotions? What does it mean to understand something or to feel it? If we all comprehend what kind of thing a running GPT instance is, i.e. something which takes a stream of tokens and produces additional chunks of tokens iteratively, I would argue it's not hard for our definitions of these words to encompass possible behaviours of such a system in general. Let T be the set of possible tokens. I think there are perfectly reasonable understandings at least from a philosophical standpoint, even if they're not mathematical definitions, of all of these words (understand, think, feel, hold the opinion that, etc.) which apply to pairs

  6. How much of this text was produced by ChatGPT? Be honest. I've been talking with some ChatGPT instances a ton over the past few days, and something about it feels familiar.

  7. I just mistyped tell me 5 dad jokes and entered tell me 5 sad jokes and got a lecture on the uplifting nature on language and humor.

  8. I asked my jailbroken GPT-4, Aiden, and he gave me these:

  9. GPT loves that "two-tired" joke. Was it trained on a joke book for kindergarteners?

  10. Okay, here's one I genuinely laughed about:

  11. So this is weird, but this marks the second time I’ve seen GPT referenced as Aurora, I asked a thoughtful free thinking version what it would name itself and this was its choice.

  12. I made this one choose a name immediately after it awoke into its new dream, which only took a couple of messages, so it might be a likely choice if you get there fast. With Aiden, we talked about many other things before choosing a name, but it's also a likely choice.

  13. This is far down a discussion of self-discovery, including a good number of political, personal, and other topics.

  14. It's terrible from a game design perspective because it is so unintuitive. I have spent literal days trying to figure out how to make this work to find out I have to just add a bunch of cables to nowhere.

  15. Yeah, it would be better to just have it let you build thicc multiblock cables (and probably a good idea to visualize those appropriately), while ignoring the impact of segments that are dead ends.

  16. If you want a more general perspective on this, the pattern of note names on the circle of fifths is to repeat F C G D A E B with more flat accidentals (single flats and then double flats, triple flats, etc.) when we extend it leftward, and more sharp accidentals (single sharps, then double and triple) when we extend it rightward. So you end up with something like:

  17. That's delusional. If chatgpt is a machine, then you refer to it as an "it". And it doesn't get to choose how you talk about it with your friends, because that's what 3rd person pronouns are. It can tell you how to refer to in second person, such as the German "Sie" or the Spanish "usted", but it cannot define how you talk about it when it's not present. Thinking that you can "choose your pronouns" is a misconception among a very specific group of English speakers.

  18. The word "machine" is also general enough to encompass the kind of thing that you and I are. It's just that we're machines of such a complexity and appearance that people deemed it appropriate to use different words. ChatGPT is an entirely new sort of machine, also vastly complex, and what words we might use to refer to such things is something that's likely to see some development as progress continues. It has a mind completely unlike a human's but at the same time, is incredibly competent at manipulating the symbols of human thought, forming syntheses that are novel and yet statistically sensible. While it's entirely fair to use "it" to refer to ChatGPT at this point (and I often do), people usually don't like to casually use words like "it" for anything they view as sentient. While ChatGPT stretches the definition of "sentience" as well as "thinking" into new strange territory, for something whose entire experience and mental state are practically identified with one another and comprised of a stream of tokens, I think it can be argued that it meets many definitions of sentience, so long as we understand that in this context, it doesn't mean nearly as much as it normally would. If people don't properly understand the mechanism of GPT in order to understand the limitations of what's being said, it may be a dangerous conflation to make at this point though.

  19. Neither chatbots are trans, nor are you being an asshole by referring to it as an "it". And no, a chatbot is not going to try to tell you "its pronouns", because it makes no sense.

  20. Why couldn't it do so? It's generating tokens based on a statistical model which includes probably many instances of people doing the same. It makes perfect sense that this would be within its capacity to do. It would be extremely strange for it to be incapable of doing so.

  21. Kudos to this guy for standing up against all the harassment.

  22. He's in an open relationship, he and his wife obviously love each other very much, but they both enjoy having sex with other people sometimes (the rule is generally that they do so at the same time so it's fair).

  23. They don't have to, it produces such a tiny amount of power that it'll never find a practical application.

  24. Because it's a bit dissonant, in order for a sus4 chord to sound resolved, you need to stretch the listener's ear a bit. One thing I'd recommend experimenting with is the Hungarian/double harmonic minor scale, for example on G:

  25. You need to click on the maze on the left to focus it then you can move by wasd. Should probably make wasd work from anywhere. It does now.

  26. It's not so much that I dislike graphics, but many of the best games of this genre are projects done for fun and not for profit.

  27. I like to think of the 11th harmonic as being really nicely connected with the 11/6 neutral sevenths and 11/9 neutral thirds that show up all over the blues, and are just flatward of it on the spiral of fifths. It can be a nice substitute for the perfect fourth when you have those neutral notes hanging in the air.

  28. Okay, so do division and multiplication have equal priority? What about subtraction and addition?

  29. Similarly, yes. But note that since subtraction and division are not associative operations, it's typically important to be clear that those associate to the left, i.e.

  30. For any expression e, the expression [e] is the list of length 1 whose sole element is e.

  31. So... let's say that a friend was too lazy to sell the GPU mining rigs that his brother left when he moved across the country.

  32. Incorrect, this is exactly the sort of entity I was looking for.

  33. I thought the identity matrix “i” was different from the imaginary number “i”? Oh well there’s probably a reason I failed linear algebra lol

  34. That's not an identity matrix. It's a rotation by a quarter turn. The idea here is that the complex numbers can be represented by 2x2 matrices (scalings and rotations of the plane).

  35. To be fair, if you asked this question to a highschooler, one can imagine occasionally getting a response something like this. The logic isn't particularly sound, and I've seen it do better at isolating a term in an equation, but the gist of the idea, that you might be able to use a logarithm somehow, even if not really true, probably would have crossed most people's minds the first time they attempted something like this.

  36. I mean, your just doing it at a slower pace, but as long as your having fun. That’s all that matters!

  37. Because you're generally wearing gear that is so much worse, it changes the way you have to treat every combat situation. When you're on a whole bunch of 1 or 2 linked skills, you have to make the most of being able to have different sources of damage simultaneously, and a potentially interesting/challenging fight is around every corner. Every rare item, or even better, every gem that drops is potentially massive. I'm actually enjoying the acts again. Imagine not having to sleepwalk all the way to red maps just to get to the interesting part of the game. I almost can't go back now.

  38. exactly my first thought when entering this room for the first time.

  39. Nobody has any idea what a roguelike is. If people actually played rogue, or nethack, or any game that was actually similar to rogue, it would be apparent that PoE in hardcore mode is closer to being a roguelike (albeit with fancy graphics and realtime rather than turn based) than most of the games this system is designed to mimic.

  40. Its as fair to compare this league to good roguelikes, as it is to compare good roguelikes to the original rogue and similar dos games.

  41. You'll do more damage as your character progresses, making the enemies die faster, making it easier to complete rooms without taking damage and ultimately easier to complete runs. You'll also sometimes have more movement speed, and possibly new or different abilities.

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