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  1. Browsing the subreddit and what do I find!

  2. Reported for harassment. Go away and stop bothering the adults.

  3. I just posted two videos of him saying these things to another comment within this thread.

  4. Well, repeatedly being called a liar for something someone can google. I don’t really give a fuck. If you’re going to act like that, you don’t deserve respect.

  5. None of this is based on reality, stop wasting everyone's time with your nonsense.

  6. Apollo astronaut Harrison Schmitt, the only trained geologist to walk on the moon and also former US senator, is a climate change skeptic.

  7. Not just the US either, Julie Payette was Governor-General of Canada for a bit and turned out to be a

  8. Oh dear God no, it would be so embarrassing to see him degenerate into a Qanon Trump simp if he were still around.

  9. Are you saying anti new world order is an anti semitic conspiracy theory?

  10. Yes, the antisemitic conspiracy theory is indeed an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

  11. Ketchup is great on hot dogs. These people are ridiculous.

  12. Cite your sources or stop wasting everyone's time.

  13. Imagine posting this and expecting to be taken seriously. What too many Canada Proud facebook memes will do to a fella...

  14. I haven't listened to it in a while but I distinctly remember [Night Thoughts](

  15. At least the excessive emojis make it easy to skip over this incoherent mess.

  16. The mayor didn't talk to the feds, the Ottawa police chief sat on his thumb, Doug off snowmobiling...

  17. A public reminder that the reddit hive mind is not real life. PP has this election in the bag. I cannot wait for that day.

  18. Did you genuinely think that was a substantive comment? How embarrassing for you.

  19. Why are Americans obsessed with therapy? Not everyone needs a Therapist.

  20. People who need to watch snuff films do.

  21. Funny how when it comes to legal gun owners it’s an immediate OIC and confiscation of legally purchased property, FOR THE GREATER GOOD but when it comes to housing suddenly policy is hard

  22. Yes, the two completely different situations are handled differently.

  23. Try again when you have something of substance to contribute.

  24. Well when the current PM of a country has existing public photos of him in blackface I guess you’d have to say something pretty outrageous to definitely end your political career.

  25. "Sir, you're losing votes from the bigoted nutcases." "Buddy! Pal! C'mere you little scamp! Hugs?"

  26. STOP LYING! That was not the CPC position, and I doubt it was the Blocs. The CPC position was that a referendum was necessary for legitimacy because allowing those that rely on votes to decide how votes are counted is a conflict of interest. STOP LYING! Btw it was also Stephane Dion's position.

  27. Throwing a tantrum doesn't make the other guy a liar, calm down.

  28. None of this is based in reality, stop being ridiculous.

  29. Specifically, hot coffee on a cool morning while wrapped up in a blankie.

  30. Boozy coffee on a snowy winter morning is pure decadence.

  31. The best rum for a Mai Tai is the best non-white rum you can get your hands on

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