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  1. If you’re willing to travel and are looking for something a little more festive, Hunter Family Tree Farm is nice in Lacey, or a lot of my family tends to go to Red Barn. For somewhere closer, we hit up Wreath Works last year, it was good (though parking is a hot commodity there).

  2. Question for everyone in here, I’m about to be a new dad myself, what are some things I may struggle with or some hurdles I could expect to encounter? I’m pretty excited but might have rose tinted glasses on at the moment.

  3. For my husband, I think he is struggling with the fact that he has lost so much time to pursue his hobbies and interests. Logically, you know baby is going to take up time, but you figure you'll still have time during naps, or here and there, to play a video game / read a book / go for a hike / etc.

  4. This is super helpful, thank you for sharing. I’m at that point where I feel like I’d have time to still do these hobbies during naps but knowing that it will never feel like you have enough time because you feel like you will just be interrupted (or you are trying to sleep yourself) makes so much sense, and these escapes are critical, I would definitely start to feel the same if I couldn’t do any hobbies. Has he thought about wearing a baby harness while doing his hobbies? I’m hoping your baby becomes a sleepy baby and wishing you both the best.

  5. Train and sit on the right side. I think they have a bar cart too (unless it’s closed due to COVID).

  6. Crystal is the nicest in my opinion, Snoqualmie is usually the cheapest but still good, White Pass is fun (but far), it’s good for an overnighter to break up the drive. Haven’t been to Steven’s, but I’ve heard great things and Whistler is awesome.

  7. Ginza on 19th is one of my favorites, but I haven’t tried a ton of places in Tacoma.

  8. So either she recovers (no thanks to vitamins, Ivermectin, or Vicks) and declares that it's proof that vaccines aren't needed, that her alternative medicine works, and that nobody really dies of COVID...

  9. Or option 3, she is low key vaxxed and will claim it was vitamins, ivermectin, or vicks.

  10. If you’re ever up in Seattle, The Other Coast is amazing. The Rajun Cajun is my favorite sandwich I’ve ever had.

  11. This is actually a phobia of mine as I fall asleep.

  12. The thing is, many people no longer give a shit about NK's antics because covid. We've reached an emotional saturation point where in it is impossible to internalize further bad news. We are full up. So, NK - by all accounts in deep, deep doo doo - can posture all it wants; they aren't going to get the reactions they are used to.

  13. I have a feeling they are really going to be in deeper doo doo soon cause China is in some serious deep deep doo doo of their own. In addition to COVID, they have a potential housing market collapse and supply chain issues.

  14. I’ve hear JBLM is a major transporter of nuclear weapons, which if true is pretty spooky. A few years ago there was and article stating the largest known stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world were just 30 minutes west of Seattle at that submarine base…

  15. The Matador had the best nachos, in my humble opinion. I admit I have not tried all the nachos in town.

  16. Yea I second this, wouldn’t say they are the best nachos ever but they do a good job of layering and the Matador has a warm / cozy atmosphere for those long wintery nights. I’d say they are a really good happy hour nachos for a date night with some drinks (especially if you smoke weed prior to going).

  17. I genuinely appreciate the regular doughnut discourse on this sub.

  18. Agreed, not the biggest donut fan but tried Paos last weekend and it was amazing, and it’s because of this sub right here. Though we tried the weekend before and didn’t realize it was cash only 🤦‍♂️ we went through the long drive through line to find out the hard way haha.

  19. Cheers looks like a great spot for a beer, side note some fellow Redditors are looking to join you lol: Seeking Boat Friend

  20. But it directly interferes with their business development goals. TX in the end is all about money. Never confuse that.

  21. Can’t control the money flow… if they can’t control the state.

  22. Is your lease month to month? I ran into this issue in Seattle a few years ago. Not sure if it’s the same in Tacoma, but I did a lot of digging and what I found was if you were on a year lease, they could only raise your rent by so much (like 20% max) but if you were on month to month lease and they gave you 60 days notice, they could raise it as much as they want. When the new company bought the building they let everyone’s leases run out then put us on month to month and then jacked up the rent like 50%. Might be worth looking into.

  23. Fire on a space station is worse because there is no possibility for outside help.

  24. I would think NASA and other space agencies would have thought of this where you could seal off segments of the space station and remove the oxygen to put out the fire.

  25. If you’re willing to make a trip to Seattle, The Other Coast is the best I’ve had in Washington. Their Raging Cajun is so good.

  26. I’m going to advise my kids to get GEs done at a community college and then transfer to a 4 year university to finish. For many subjects I thought the community college did a better job of being educators. Many 4 year institution professors are there to do research and unfortunately there’s a difference between being an expert in something and being able to teach it, especially breaking it down for those that are not yet fellow PhDs. I could count my noteworthy profs on one hand.

  27. I agree, I went to Community College and it was like going to a private school (smaller class sizes, more 1:1 time with teachers, more resources available) then I transferred to a four year and I was a just a drop in a massive body of water.

  28. If you have a car, Wallypark has some great parking options that are competitive to an Uber ride and super convenient. We park in the garage on the roof and pre-purchase online and can snag some great deals.

  29. My wife’s from Tacoma, I’m from Olympia. I was always very hesitant to move to Tacoma, not due to crime but more so it seemed like Tacoma didn’t have a vibe. I love living in a beautiful city and yet there are factory smoke plumes wrecking the downtown views IMO, and driving through I5 was never that appealing… but I was wrong. Here are some highlights for me:

  30. Oh, I'm sorry, is this an old picture? I thought it was recent and was wondering why nobody did anything with the cars after 20 years. I'm not from the US and I was only 6 when this happened so I don't have a lot of context.

  31. Is 50% of the people in this thread stoned ? Really having to spell stuff out here lol

  32. Yes I am stoned and thought it was taken recently and it was like a memorial of those lost.

  33. I was thinking the same thing. I thought they memorialized the cars in the lot or something.

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