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  1. Step one is contact your credit card company you have a short window to dispute a transaction. You may need a police report. You can file one yourself online for many issues and you won't have any kind of court dates to worry about it's $170 transaction no one is filing court papers

  2. I don't understand this either. Like why is the gusset so small? Like constantly in danger of one side of the lady bits just popping out.

  3. You need sufficient calories to recover from surgery well. If you don't eat enough your recovery will be difficult and prolonged and your risk of post surgical complications is higher

  4. It used to be so cool. Now it's just all the crumby parts of going to the theatre. Least favorite theatre in the city

  5. None of my laser or electrolysis was covered, but if you have a health spending account probably can expense this for reimbursement

  6. You have to go in person to the theatre, at customer service they will then cancel the tickets you booked and issue new ones for the date you want.

  7. It's often easier to find a new job when you have a job. You're not committed to anything long term perhaps take it and keep on looking. You can always jump ship when you get a better offer

  8. How do you mean roll them? In how many per roll? Sounds like stupid question but I am relatively new to here. I have them separated now in zip lock bags.

  9. Go to the dollar store and buy coin rollers. The roll for each denomination tells you how much per role.

  10. I love that peoples interest rates are finally rising, and they risk losing hundereds of thousands of dollars.

  11. Bank of Canada can put out projections but that is never a guarantee. This is why BoC meets quarterly to evaluate the economy and set the rate. That would be like reading a financial planner's thoughts on the current stock market and taking it as guaranteed results for buying or selling of stock. In a Historical consideration rates are still relatively low now. The problem is we had a super long period of extremely low rates and a generation of people who think 5-7% secured rate is high.

  12. Bank tellers get a "stress compensation" if they are robbed. It's like 2400$ and two weeks of paid leave.

  13. Umm I wish..been a banker for years across a couple banks and worked as a teller we never got any compensation for having been in a robbery.We e ven experienced an armed robbery/takeover once. Barely get the rest of the day off if you're robbed early enough in the day.

  14. You're going to need blood work and an ultrasound to check out your uterus. Then they will discuss the best way to move forward for your health.

  15. rA is a comorbidity with PCOS. As is heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes to name a couple things. All of these are inflammatory to our bodies as well

  16. There's an open house in January you can register for. We're looking into ourselves for our kid who will be going into jr high next year

  17. I'm so sorry hear this. If you consider changing schools Midnapore school has been amazing and is a school that is quite multicultural they also have a Mandarin program in the school along side the regular program. I'm not going to claim it's perfect but I've been surprised how little conflict the kids seem to have (especially compared to when I grew up in the 80s at school)

  18. Hear me out but acne face pads with salicylic acid use on pits

  19. 10 would be a lot for me. Technically that number of drinks in one night is considered binge drinking. In my early 20s I would often binge drink when in university. However many types of alcohol have a lot of sugars and as I learned more about PCOS and as hangovers got worse I rarely drink and when I do 1-3 drinks over the course of a entire evening

  20. Is your period due, my weight always got up 5ish pounds before my period

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