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  1. Fairly obvious that a lot of these series are simply precursors to film projects, but Cheadle isn’t getting any younger and he deserves to lead a movie.

  2. Rhodey is basically an honorary OG Avenger, so he definitely deserves a film. As does an

  3. Not honorary, has been an official member since AOU.

  4. He is, of course, an Avenger. But I consider the 6 Avengers from Marvel's The Avengers (2012) to be "OG Avengers", which Rhodey is not. But Rhodey has been around since Iron Man, and War Machine has been around since Iron Man 2, so hence "honorary" OG Avenger.

  5. Its gonna pass no way nome domestic 🤯

  6. It's not making another $40M, at least not in this current re-release.

  7. Why cast an actor that requires a stunt double over an actor that can actually do the action scenes themselves? Especially when that actor wasn't even particularly good at the acting part?

  8. That Rocket better not be exclusive to this 5 pack, I already bought Star-Lord and Groot...

  9. I'm almost positive it will be all other 4 have already came out tho

  10. Yeah, looks like that, Rocket wasn't even on the back of the box.

  11. Would be the 2nd longest MCU film, behind only Avengers: Endgame.

  12. Just want to say thank you for all the info you post on this sub. Have a great day/night!


  14. Tickets reportedly go in sale next Monday

  15. Does anyone else think it's a stupid name? The woman king so you mean queen right?

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