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  1. So he was smiling because someone else killed his kids???

  2. I will tell you why I think he was smiling but it's just that, my opinion. My husband and I decided to quit smoking a few years ago. We wanted all the support available to us to achieve this goal so we went to a smoking cessation clinic. What we were told was that research has proven that if you do something every day for 21 days it then becomes a habit. Their point was that if we could handle the "hard" 21 days then after that our habit would be not to smoke. Chris watts unwillinglyhad a camera in his face every day for 8 YEARS. I'm sure the smiling at the news camera was developed over being expected to do this for so long.

  3. Oh, dear lord. He smiled out of habit? And that's why he was calm and smiling within minutes of disposing of his children in the oil tanks?

  4. Jeez, I'm not defending him, as I said it's just my opinion. Apparently you are not here to have an intelligent discussion. Typical of a shiner, you don't realize that the rest of us can dislike two people at one time.

  5. Are you in the US how are you still getting pain medicine, no doctor will prescribe anything anymore for fear of lawsuits

  6. I go to pain mgmt with an mri that shows my issue. No PCP will prescribe them. I am monitored very closely.

  7. Sorry! I just came across your comment. I’m fascinated- could you tell me more?

  8. There is a 10 page letter that SoR wrote to LE after the tragedy. It is actually in the discovery although it has no place there even if it is considered a victim statement. Victim statements do not go into the prosecution or the defense side of discovery, yet there it is. The spelling and grammar is horrible but that is not what is bothersome. It is nothing but a Watts bashing letter and has absolutely nothing to do with the crime except for maybe the last sentence.

  9. Thank you very much for this. I read the ten page letter and I can see exactly what you mean. I’m so sorry but who is ‘LE’?

  10. Sandieo lied too in that letter to the detective about the esophagus surgery. I really think it didn’t happen.

  11. That entire "watts bashing" letter was lies. It had no place in the discovery.

  12. They put it in there because the detectives felt sorry for Sandieo. But remember that part where she said SW saved CW from d—k cancer? 😶‍🌫️

  13. Haha, yes I do. SoR said sw saved his life. But it's incredible that there is no mention of cw going to the doctor or having any type of chemo or radiation therapy. Just like sw supposedly had neck surgery but there is no mention of her doing any type of physical therapy before or after said surgery. Lies, all lies.

  14. SW mysteriously changed her tune toward Chris Watts in the middle of the six week trip. Could it be that her FWB Chris Miller said nay to SW’s fantasy of them getting together?

  15. if the kids had "nut allergies" they seemed to only be a huge risk around Grandma Watts and Jamie's kids ice cream... so much junk in her own pantries with nuts many youtubers have pointed out in slow motion/free frame completely at the "monsters" level...

  16. Exactly, plus there was no temper tantrum at the birthday party when Cece couldn't have the cake all the other kids got to have. A lot of nutgate stemmed fron sw not knowing how to deal with her own children.

  17. I never, ever heard of CM until this year. I had seen him in videos and pictures with SW but didn't know they knew each other from high school...what are the odds of joining a ScamLM and boom the muscle guy from high school is there and see him on Thrive trips regularly. When I saw him compared to Cece I did a double take, I couldn't believe the similarities. Before this I just figured Bella was the daughter that favored CW, and Cece was the baby that favored SW and her side of the family. Cece and Bella look more like cousins than sisters but genetics are weird and it could be CWs daughter. Part of what makes me wonder if SW and CM had a thing together..SW was incredibly demeaning an emasculating towards CW and the public FB posts SW made about CM were slightly nauseating. You can look those up if you haven't seen them, but the more I heard about this CM guy, the way SW would be next to him on Thrive trips..especially the one in New Orleans. If they couldn't afford for her to go on all these trips and she wanted to go on them as often as possible...was there a hidden reason behind that? They definitely had chemistry around each other that's hard to ignore. Of course, I can't sit here and definitively say there was something going on but the interaction between them, the sappy Facebook posts she made about him and the way he wrote that Facebook message after the tragedy occurred...makes you wonder. Even if all 3 kids were CWs, I do wonder if SWs frequent desire to go on those Thrive vacations they could not afford were fueled by the chance to see CM. Especially if they knew each other from high school, just saying. Maybe, they were just platonic friends that just knew each other a long time and everything is just a coincidence. It's one of the aspects of this case I can't concretely assume or make heads or tails from. I'm not one of the people that thinks Cece and Niko were CMs without a shadow of a doubt but hearing that SW and CM may have dated in high school made me wonder how much CM had to do with SWs frequent desire to be on those Thrive trips...

  18. Didn't she make a Facebook post at one time saying something like "I'll need to do something drastic to be with the one I truly love"?

  19. I always wondered if they had this case on that sub I mean obviously it’s the perfect example for anti mlm but the way people think sw was a god I didn’t know if she would be mentioned

  20. I'm a member of the antimlm sub and they frown on mentioning the Watts case. I'm not sure why.

  21. I'm sure the devil is so bored that he is spending his time tempting huns with Apple Fritters.

  22. Wow it even made her calves smaller. Good stuff /s

  23. You can’t argue with stupid people are delusional. If I had to guess she was scared she would lose custody because the judge would be asking why they were in daycare 9 hours a day with a mother who doesn’t work. Or the cps rumor is true, but there is a reason why she was scared.

  24. Plus there was already a scheduled court case in family court for later that month. I wonder what THAT was all about.

  25. What in the world makes you think Shanann didn’t deserve to have custody of her kids? That’s absolutely ludicrous.

  26. A good, living mom? Are you serious? Have you seen the Xmas video or the wack a daddy video or the pro bar video? Poor Bella got such a haunted look in her eyes by the time she was 4 years old. Just because some mothers do worse doesn't mean what sw was doing was ok.

  27. What's the worst that could happen? I could lose $25.

  28. I think after a year or so with Shannan, he had Stockholm Syndrome. Shannan was a bully and Chris was literally afraid of her and her actions. She locked him out of the house before, she threatened anyone that crossed her that they would never see the girls again. Chris Watts is a passive, easy going man…..that is how he was made. He did what he did and went along with Shannan to keep peace in the house. I believe that you are correct, Chris Watts was finally done with living with a tyrant and finally stood up to her……he told her I am in love with another woman, I love the girls but no longer love you……..Shannan could not handle that, no one ever stood up to and challenged her. At the time of the murders, her cheese had slipped right off of her cracker and she was full fledge sociopath and her jealous, vengeful anger took her over and she knew no bounds……she never had boundaries anyway. She killed the girls, they were now competition, they had to go. They were of no use to her anymore. She could not use them as little trinkets to hang over the heads of those that went against her. She knew Chris Watts loved those girls, now more than her, and she wanted to hurt him in the worst way that she possibly could, and she did.

  29. She was giving off an air of desperation during those last couple/few weeks that makes me think that while she might not have been self aware, she realized she needed to modify her behavior and was making a very clumsy but sincere effort.

  30. I have no doubt her effort was sincere. She finally DID realize he was the "best thing that ever happened to her". The problem was she realized too late.

  31. That's why I think he was not more vocal about their finances or SW's oversharing (and often inappropriate) social media presence. He threw in the towel when he had a triple whammy of a bankruptcy, new baby, and in-laws moving in. By the time the 3rd pregnancy came along and they had to raid the 401K, I think he was completely done.

  32. "I rejected him, I tortured him" yep, up until the time she pulled his credit score at DCS then all of a sudden he was "the best thing that ever happened to her".

  33. I agree with everything you said-especially about the roommate situation for a year. I think it was a casual offer to “visit sometime”, and SW+CW became squatters. As for the book, I think she probably bought it herself.

  34. I agree that SW probably took a polite "if you want to move here you can stay with us until you find a place" comment to the extreme. JD probably was thinking a month or two while Chris and shannan went apartment hunting, I seriously doubt she thought they would take total advantage of her kindness and live rent free in her basement for a year.

  35. The whole story is so bizarre. The sale of her house, staying in the Deitz's basement for a year, the new build having so many problems when Shanann supposedly built her first house so should have known what to look for. And then the Roos living in Shanann's basement. There is nothing normal about these people.

  36. And how long did Chris live there before shannan showed up for good? Plus I don't think he hardly knew them at all. I know C&S visited the Deitz's for Thanksgiving but that's the only time Chris was around them before moving in. How awkward.

  37. I haven't listened to it yet but I have no doubt that cw was a victim of emotional, verbal and mental dv. Imagine if the tables were turned and sw said that she had no idea what the login info to the bank accounts were or that cw sent texts to his friends that he "took a night shower which means he wants sex and she knows this" or "she rejected me so I kicked her sorry ass out of bed." This combined with the obvious emasuculation (Chris is a cheater,Chris is a sore loser, he has no game, he needs to grow some balls where his parents are concerned). And then the never ending list of chores even though he spent 10 hours per day working in the oil fields but then had to pick the girls up from daycare everyday, then do laundry, then cook dinner for the girls, then bathe them and read them stories before bedtime, he'll he even took them snacks at midnight because he knew they must be hungry. All while she spent her days lunching with "friends", getting her nails done, shopping and playing "business woman" on her phone.

  38. I went on levels website. If you hit the 3 lines in the top left, hit the getaway trip, I believe it's Cabo next, it gives you all the details. I don't have imgur anymore, so I copy and pasted all the info for ya!

  39. Just think how much she had to sell in order to go on these trips, and she went on a lot of them.

  40. I think you mean buy. When looking at her posts there is usually less than 10 likes and we know she liked her own posts so I seriously doubt she had enough people purchasing product to even meet the lowest requirement for the trip.

  41. I've only seen one reference to alleged embezzlement at DSC, and that came from Chris, who said his cousin (who also worked there) had accused it. It had been like 6+ years since she worked there. It's difficult to imagine anyone holding that long of a grudge, traveling thousands of miles (or hiring what I would assume would be a very $$ hitman), killing not only her but also her children, perfectly framing Chris Watts....

  42. Well like I said it was just a random thought. I work alone most days and sometimes my mind wonders. This is where it went yesterday.

  43. Well, that's what we're here for, to share our thoughts and theories about the case. It's not impossible...crazy shit happens every day. I just don't think it's particularly probable.

  44. Well I got down voted for it, that's why I was clarifying.

  45. This exactly. I have disintegrating disc disease and basicallly a titanium cage around my spine. Sometimes the pain when I first wake up in the morning takes my breath away. I'm just like you - wake up, take meds, wait till they start working to get up.

  46. I have DDD as well and I'm the same. I keep my meds next to the bed. As soon as the alarm goes off I take them, my hubby brings me coffee and I stay till they start working.

  47. As soon as she replaces her broken phone, recovers from Covid, and deals with her children's schools.

  48. Dr. Now "I haven't seen you in 5 months", Stephanie "I had covid for 2 weeks". Smh...

  49. Dr. Now "I could lose 10lbs in a week." Geez, I love that man!

  50. See the thing is, they weren't really her friends. The only non-thrive person she associated with was Lauren Arnold and in her interview she said everytime she saw sw she tried to get her "back into thrive" (I guess she did it for a short time and quit). Most of the people sw associated with were her downline and in the mlm world you never, ever say anything negative to your upline. The only person I ever heard call out her behavior was someone named Laura and when she did sw shot her down pretty quick.

  51. "P.S. The hubby is doing great." P.S.???? FU hun!

  52. I'm not sure there is much of a defense for digitally raping a child every night before drugging them and locking them in blacked out, loud ass rooms for 12 straight hours.

  53. I think you need to do more research. You knowledge of this "good mother" is sadly lacking in truth.

  54. We will have to agree to disagree. I don't believe he killed the kids before killing Shanann as that would take a plan if some sort. It's quite obvious that there was no plan in place that morning. He was a bumbling idiot of a murderer. He didn't even try to cover his tracks except for the hiding of their bodies. And even that was asinine. He hid their bodies at his job site. CW is no dummy. He has a very high IQ. If he had put just 10 minutes of thought into a plan to murder his family he would have done everything differently starting from the moment after they were dead.

  55. I don't believe he did either. If he had premeditated this he had the perfect opportunity with the cake from the birthday party . Remember, the girls weren't allowed to have any because they were "deathly allergic". All he had to do was ask to take some home for after the girls went to bed so he wouldn't be eating it in front of them. Then, later at home feed it to them, put them to bed and let the reaction happen. SW gets home, checks on her children, finds what she finds, goes into a rage and attacks Chris for his negligence and he kills her in self defense.

  56. There's a picture of Shannon Watts' team members flying to her funeral and they all look like they have pins on that say Thrive

  57. Also, most of her "thrive friends" were incredibly overweight. NA is still shilling thrive and still incredibly overweight. She has also battled cancer since the the murders. Those patches, shakes and pills are nothing but snake oil.

  58. SW herself stopped paying for the house. Being in charge of (his) finances, she made sure they were behind on the mortgage as soon as early Spring 2018. I think that coincided with Chris’ asking SW for a separation.

  59. Yep, she wasn't satisfied with just spending his current salary, she needed to spend his future income (retirement) as well. She really was a piece of work.

  60. I agree with this. I'm far from a traditional person, but I think I'd caution anyone from spending five weeks away from their spouse (who they wished to remain married to) for frivolous reasons. It's one of those things where when you're counting the cost, there are way more things that can go wrong than can go right. Imagine a world where there was no other woman involved, but CW simply got used to the absence of his wife and kids? He got to feeling like Hey, I could get used to this! and slowly began to plan on how he could extract himself from the marriage?

  61. I agree. Even without NK in the picture I think that 5 weeks would have made him realize just how much he didn't love sw any longer. No mile long "honey do" lists on the weekends, no night shower demands, no fb lives, no emasculation and best of all the wonderful sound of silence from her nagging voice.

  62. And she was still her own best customer! Probably because she wasn't a good salesperson at all. "Uhmazinggg" doesn't tell me anything about the product, neither does repeating the flavor (that's clearly printed on the box already) ten times make me want to buy it. Oyy

  63. She really was completely ignorant of the products she was shilling.

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