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We became best friends through Reddit almost 7 years ago. We finally met in person!

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he didn't wake up today after his castration. He was perfectly healthy before, just six months old. I blame myself the most and it really breaks my heart. I hope he crosses the rainbow bridge safely. I already miss him so much. I buried him and now I am feeling more than empty.

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  1. In case anyone's wondering about why the resolution is so high, camera is Fuji GFX 100S. Holy fuck I love this camera. Am I allowed to self promote in the comments, btw? Would just like to share my own links as the source if that's allowed.

  2. I would suggest you move onto Cantrills from the get go if you're intending on getting SAA eventually.

  3. Ok thanks. Might as well bite the bullet.

  4. Additional vote for Cantrill. I passed the saa based on his course. If you want to learn and are coming from another field his course offers more important general IT information than you will get in other cert driven courses. It's a base that's valuable to have to understand the rest of the material. I like Maarek on Udemy as a supplement.

  5. Thank you - I did end up enrolling last night and am not into the meat of the lessons yet (currently in the ‘setting up accounts’ section) but they seem excellent so far! Much more depth than the udemy course I was doing.

  6. the oatmeal reminds me of a time when the internet was a more wild yet more pure place

  7. The Alot is from Hyperbole and a Half.

  8. Ah fuck I got my classic internet cartoon sources mixed up!!!! Hyperbole and a half is great too. The amazing woman who created it seems to have been going through some difficult shit in the last few years :( really hope she's ok

  9. oh my god please remove that exclamation mark, it destroys the tone of a meme that would otherwise work perfectly

  10. Fuck that. What makes OP say this man was unidentified? Everyone in the comments seems to know who he is. OP specifically chose to say he was unidentified, which is blatantly false.

  11. I believe that 'Christian Craighead' is in fact a pseudonym anyway

  12. Is nobody else seeing this as obviously either satire or trolling?

  13. I'm probably just being naive, but what is BM?!

  14. It's a niche market but I'm dead serious, wanting to buy, my girlfriend doesn't produce any so she said if I can source some she doesn't mind

  15. dang that's a nice photo, OP. Looks like medium format, is it?

  16. "but my lord that can't be all armed in time, we don't have the means!"

  17. My heart is broken for you OP. He looks like the most beautiful, gentle little guy.

  18. Hertfordshire covers 634 square miles and is about 50 miles wide - not the biggest of counties by any means, but if you're in Tring, you won't be wanting recommendations in Bishops Stortford! Whereabouts are you, so we can offer some reasonable suggestions?

  19. hijacking top comment to say that if you look at OP's post history you'll see it's a pretty bizarre variety of posts posted in extremely quick succession. Probably a karma bot or something?

  20. I know you hear this a lot, OP, but I just want to let you know that every time I see your posts of your lil squad it brightens my day immensely. Thank you. I wish I could introduce my two to your four.

  21. same issue. it's a shame as i like to run a few offline mode runs in labs and reserve to kill gluhar and raiders at the end of the night as a less tense wind down

  22. How is anything tense? It's the slowest pvp in a game on earth. Fighting scavs/raiders is more tense as they actually move/push

  23. my subjective experience of the game may differ from yours, as per the very nature of subjective experience.

  24. You're right, but LevelCap specifically took ownership, addressed the issue and said they'll make sure it doesn't happen in the future.

  25. Facebook might be a better shout. Be prepared for the conversation to be derailed by every idiot. Maybe the St Albans Eco group?

  26. Lola and I are at the emergency vet with suspected GI stasis. It’s 10pm here in Sydney and I’m just hoping that she’ll be okay. I lost my other rabbit Latte earlier this year and couldn’t have got through it without my little snugglebear

  27. Sending all my best vibes your way, OP. Please please keep us updated!!!

  28. I (38m essex) only know of these because a mate from Durham would post the shit out of it on fb

  29. Herts here - never heard of 'em. Definitely trying next time I'm up north.

  30. It happens. Literally, we have all done this before. Don't beat yourself up about it. Take notes from you experience and this thread to make it better net time.

  31. Nah, ya did fine. But how did you get the cheese ontop?

  32. That’s on point, nice looking steak

  33. it does look great considering the context, but I'd call this medium rare

  34. There's a line of game theory inspired thinking which says that any interstellar civilization must necessarily seek to destroy any other civilizations that it discovers. And, for that reason, the only ones which survive are the ones which manage to stay hidden.

  35. This idea of interstellar civilisations needing to destroy others if they discover them is explored in The Killing Star and The Three Body Problem

  36. You're the one saying that we're more innocent than other civilizations we have no evidence of as if it's a solid, concrete fact. It's on you to prove they exist, dude.

  37. “You might be terrified to learn that we are a relatively kind race compared to any space faring civilisation” is definitely the most exquisitely conceited typical Redditor comment I’ve read today. Damn just insert a ‘probably’ in there somewhere and it’d make a huge difference

  38. awwww as sad as it is that their baby bond is gone, I must admit the way you transition from finding it funny to mild shock and concern when you realise they're fighting was funny.

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