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Life is a Joke [OC]

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Going Nowhere [OC]

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  1. Hey, thanks! Yeah, I made this a while back and forgot to put my credit then. Appreciate the head's up!

  2. Yeah, one of the persons I based this on liked to propose "alternative" methods. Sometimes the best thing to do was just wait for the next alternative method to supersede the previous one.

  3. “By the end of this week”…according to the calendar in the third panel, it’s Friday. Freaking brilliant.

  4. This is beautiful, original, and has great art, and points out the over reliance on the rule of three. EDIT: Link your website/insta/whatever!

  5. Hey, thanks for the compliments! Don't really post anywhere else, I guess you can just follow here on reddit if you want to see other things I've made.

  6. This was actually one of the funniest comics I've read in a while.

  7. Hey OP, you're the author, right? Why not put this on

  8. Maybe. I'm not all that familiar with the subreddit so I'm not sure if it fits with the content. Thanks for suggesting it though!

  9. I recently heard an explanation of the original 'why did the chicken cross the road' joke.

  10. I heard about both explanations. It's interesting that I initially thought it was a nonsensical anti-joke, then I heard the other explanation and I thought I thought I'd finally understood it. Then someone told me that historically, it was, in fact, an anti-joke. So I'm just confused at this point.

  11. Is that the stapler in his hand? Did he already take it and then start the conversation? Or its a cup? Did he manage to get the stapler from him???

  12. It's meant to be a coffee mug. As to the stapler, I guess it's open-ended.

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