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  1. Good ole "but it'll be expensive" argument.

  2. Ooh goody, are we including the batteries required every time a nuke goes offline for months?

  3. Sure. But only if we include the need for nuclear or O&G sources on the other side's costs for when solar or wind goes down from heavy storms.

  4. Why? Don't we have months worth of batteries to cover when nukes turn off?

  5. What are you trying to say here? That Australia doesn’t have a diverse economy? Or that it’s a pseudo dictatorship ?

  6. When your top exports are minerals, agriculture, and a pay-to-play immigration / slave labour scam, yes you are affected by the Dutch disease. Don't worry, like all good banana republics we have tourism too! About 80% of our exports are minerals, agricultural outputs, immigration and tourism.

  7. In other words, nothing like a “mineral resource supported dictatorship”.

  8. Services and finished, or even partially finished goods. Manufacturing.

  9. Lol this was my first thought. It’s a really complicated subject and I’m pretty sure most members of the media wouldn’t even know what to ask

  10. Back when journalists gave a shit they would go ask people who did know.

  11. Maybe, but still, maybe it's not done because it's just too expensive? How do you out insulation into buildings that don't have cavities?

  12. You can have cavities, just not ones that channel the spread of fire to take out the entire building.

  13. Why don't you fuck off somewhere your bullshit is welcomed.

  14. Hemp is a much better technology. 1 year crop, stores twice as much carbon as a young forest. You can use the fiber for insulation of buildings and.. well you can use the fiber for basically anything.

  15. As soon as you can get pot legalised in the USA the rest of the world will follow.

  16. What would you do if you were Australia's richest person? Fund climate change denial and whinge about being unable to fly in Africans to work for $2 an hour in your mines? No, me neither. She's genuinely sick in the head.

  17. Adults live in the real world, and deal with it

  18. The road was built like a freeway, and now they are shocked people do freeway speeds.

  19. I did Tae Kwon Do (basically useless) and Karate (less useless). Same teacher, I did two classes a day. Anway.. this is the first thing they teach. If you don't punch through the mitt you get scolded and have to do it so many more times. During testing, if you don't follow through you lose points and can fail.

  20. Unfortunately the article did not take the time to explain how electricity markets work. Consumers need to understand that.

  21. Customers could have a PPA and be shielded from this bullshit.

  22. Can he just fuck off. He keeps causing the share price to spike.

  23. Ignoring the 45% of voters who vote Democrat, and the citizens who don't vote, and the citizens who Republicans systematically disenfranchise from voting

  24. If you don't vote, you get to the status quo, and I have little sympathy. Except the USA is a failed state that doesn't provide voting access.

  25. I feel it’s fair to say check ins are security theatre at this point. They might have a psychological effect, as you say, but in terms of actually doing something to stop the spread - they do absolutely nothing. I also don’t think we need any more awareness that covid is circulating in the community!

  26. I haven’t read any studies on this, but at some point working in the energy industry I came to hear/know/believe that it’s the flooding of regions that were normally above ground prior to building the dams, the materials that don’t belong/grow underwater like trees and non aquatic plants ‘rot’ in an anaerobic way underwater, producing methane in the absence of oxygen which they would have had access to above ground(normally making less potent CO2 and water when decaying). I think it’s a onetime effect of the flooding during construction and not a continued emission due to operation(because that wouldn’t make sense)

  27. It's a pretty simple problem, organic matter falls to the bottom of a dam, and decays without enough oxygen.

  28. They are importing Hard coal. That isn't mined since a few years in Germany. Lignite is the jobs thing.

  29. It absolutely is making the transition more expensive. Germany has opened herself up to getting fucked by gas shortages/prices.

  30. Put word to this effect in writing, and get the manager to sign it.

  31. It absolutely does. Kids see teachers as authority figures. If the teachers say LGBT people aren't worth discussing, the kids won't feel any need to look into it themselves. This is also why states are trying to ban LGBT books in libraries.

  32. I think you're overestimating how active or caring the kids would be. They're not going to support LGBT rights as an act of rebellion because that's not "cool" like weed is. Just a decade or two ago, or even still now, LGBT people were stigmatized and bullied in school. There's no reason to assume that wouldn't happen again. Most kids are not that self-aware.

  33. Can't get bullied. Talking about LGBT is banned. Declaring someone is LGBT means they exist, which is promoting LGBT, which is banned.

  34. Yeah, but your mum would have backhanded you into outer space if you were being a shit.

  35. Kinda sad reading it as a right leaning person, I am not liking this unelectable Christianity stacking in the LNP. And when you think how the last premier of NSW was deposed. She wasn’t that bad of a leader and a human after all . She made mistakes most everyday people could. I liked how she did a far better job handling lockdowns then Dan Andrews. They way she presented things was always a bit more positive. Wasn’t all doom and gloom like Victoria, can’t do this or that which in turn has killed a city like Melbourne of all its culture with shadow lockdowns. I hope there’s a way back and everyone deserves second chances.

  36. Well when the opposition running against her was basically one nation with a labor sticker peeling off. You can see why she is popular.

  37. Nah. Shes popular because she has the best media support this side of Pyongyang.

  38. True, but that hasn't stopped some medical practitioners in the past due to short staffing.

  39. Canberran born.... lived here a lifetime. We have the privilege of being a highly educated population. Which means compliance with public health orders. Our eyes will say we think masks are dumb -.- but we always do what's right for the greater good. Because we understand it's not about us. It's about little Timmy down the street whose immune compromised and needs the hive to keep safe to keep him safe. Canberrans do the right thing even if we bitch. Because we are not selfish and can research the facts.

  40. Yeah, when the only thing that happens when someone has a case is that your check in app tells to to monitor for symptoms, and it pings you for every business you check in to, it's about time they just told us not to bother for a bit.

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