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  1. I generally don't like streamers or people who watch streams because I am an elder millenial who thinks yall should just play games.

  2. .just quit playing games keep ur comment to yourself, would sound way smarter if you did

  3. Bro don't let these dudes get under ur skin. Your character ,"your swag' ,how you do it makes you fucking awesome bro. Keep in your own lane and just keep passing 5he haters

  4. Derek Carr has played with the Raiders defense for nine seasons.

  5. Eh hes kind of right. Comparing Wentz to Carr is a bad comparison.

  6. Then he sucks what's the point of wasting money or pics on him

  7. Comparing Derek Carr to Carson Wentz is probably dumber than anything people believing in Carr are saying, fwiw

  8. Carr is better qb because Wentz got injured and never recovered. They both can't read defense. Both turn the ball over both have had plenty of opportunities.

  9. Drew Brees isnt walking through that door

  10. Can't wait till end of football season I'll make sure to reshow u yr comments

  11. No no no I don't want car I rather go a different route. We know carr can't preform we already seen his career.

  12. Ya people who never played football dont understand how important leverage is especially if you are small. I was never the biggest person and I played MLB. I would have to get lower than the fullback coming at me or Id get absolutely destroyed. As long as you keep your head up, and know how to cut someone in half with your pads, you are going to be relatively safe . I played for 12 years. I obviously had a few decent concussions. One bad one. But they always happened at the end of the season. I did have a broken wrist and cast on from the week before but decided to play in a championship game. My own teammate who was playing DT absolutely destroyed my ankle from diving at me when I had their RB wrapped up. Broke both leg bones straight through right above my ankle. Clean break though! Last game of year too .

  13. I played SS all the way through college. Missouri Central. I never once twisted legs, ankles or body weight on the back of legs or ankles to make tackles

  14. It's the biggest topic at the Player, owner meetings this summer

  15. That isnt what happened to Bo Jackson really though. He had so much power he messed up his own hip. Are they just going to say no tackling from behind? Defense has to get in front of players and only at the waist? Its thrown around but that is literally flag football with extra steps.

  16. Ok, so I understand you advocating for change when you see what you perceive as a problem, and appreciate respectful discussion. Re-reading my first response, some of my wording may sound a bit dismissive, and I'm not trying to respond with grumbling "skirts on players" kind of bad attitude.

  17. I have to disagree. Ask LT. He Cried after making that tackle and never did it again. The Hawk Roll Tackle is not bad at its concept, but how players have modified it by twisting legs, and ankles, and using the technique on different sides of the body. Using their weight like a cowboy uses to tie cattle with. If the seahawk roll tackle is performed to textbook its not bad, but at full speed its almost impossible without grabbing the legs or ankle and twisting. Its really a product of players getting faster and stronger. In my opinion I truly believe some of the tackles are intentional dirty plays intended to hurt certain players.

  18. Is this the tackling the legion of boom used or has it been a Seahawk tackling style for longer than that

  19. It was created during the legion of boom, if you look at wagnor career and go back and look at his tackling he does it almost every time in some way shape of the form adding different aspects. Like twisting the ankle, putting weight on legs and twist the body. A lot of players have been hurt through out wagnor career do to this. I think its dirty play at the end of the day. I mean thats why bo jackson knee was torn, Because he planted when the guy twisted his ankle. So its been goin on for years in a way, but the Legion of boom deff pushed it to a new level.

  20. So this fan base will stand on their soap boxes about injuries, yet scoff at the prospect of making the game safer?

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