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  1. I don't mind them losing atleast they are trying something new. Y'all get used to it.

  2. Patty doesn't deserve this cunty behaviour from the Murdoch mafia.

  3. There is an alternate universe where Rishabh is born in Alabama: he never plays cricket, becomes a victim of childhood obesity and spends his time driving around Walmart on a mobility scooter while abusing minorities.

  4. The Arellano brothers just seemed different from all the other cartels bosses/leaders. Not sure why.

  5. They had pretty standard middle-class upbringing. Not trying to justify their crimes, but they were much more business oriented than most cartel leaders after them. They were kind of like the Cali Cartel. The cartels now are bonafide terrorist groups.

  6. Goddamit, this is difficult to watch. I mean EVEN if he cheated on her, physical violence is just unacceptable. "She can hit me but you can't" ? Dear God, he sounds like he has gotten used to her abuse. So very sad. I hope there is a case filed on this creature.

  7. For some reason my brain didn't compute that Cronje wasn't busted til 2000.

  8. Match fixing was rife in the 80s and 90s, rumours were everywhere. Though the general public were reluctant to believe it. It wasn't until South Africa's tour of India, 2000, and a surprising moment of competence from Delhi police that the true extent of the match fixing rot was unearthed.

  9. That's your average south Asian mom. Ruining diets since times immemorial.

  10. I like how legends like him Steyn etc are backing it and crybabies like Broad and Co. are on opposite side.

  11. Broad is such a general disgrace. Remember when he tried to bully Deepti on twitter. Befitting for a manchild like him.

  12. Say what you want. I love that BCCI is rich and a bully.

  13. They don't like the brown guy standing up to them. They make BCCI out to be some kind of supervillain. But I love how BCCI has bullied then over their years. Their tears are gratifying.

  14. I remember reading that during Australia's tour of India in 2001, the entire slip cordon but McGrath in particular, kept asking Ganguly "How's Nagma(in bed)?" This was at the height of their affair. Poor Nagma did make the mistake of getting with a married man but she seemed to have single-handedly suffered public abuse because of that relationship. Ganguly refuses to acknowledge her to this day.

  15. People don't like to hear this but this country has a potent rape culture.

  16. Cummins' bookshelf is wild haha. A lot of classic science books, some biographies, a few baby/parenting books on the end, all pretty reasonable. But then inexplicably there's the fucking book of that Harry Potter play thrown in the mix lmao

  17. Not a jee/neetard but I remember during my last semester, we only had 2 months to cover 6 months worth of syllabus. It was also the first time when we had to take a physical exam, after COVID. Suffice to say, I was basically addicted to this stuff. It has high amounts of caffeine and low calories, I would only drink this and study for hours on end. Took me a long time to kick the habit.

  18. 60% of dropouts from the top IITs are scheduled castes/tribes

  19. BCCI can only hope to be as dysfunctional as SLC or PCB. The most we have had in the last years is, some minor captaincy shift drama, the occasional mankad twitter fight; nothing marginally close to SLC or PCB.

  20. even the Langer saga was a molehill in front of all the Asian drama. This was the Asian-BlocTm Rambo was talking about!

  21. Unfortunately, we haven't contributed much to the drama cup since the Kumble-Koach fiasco 😔

  22. And paid writers and impatient fans call for an overhaul of this young team and bring back uncles just because we lost in India. We never won there even at our best.

  23. Your team is actually good. Don't let the outside noise affect you

  24. Simply disgusting. This man and people who defend him( Salman) deserve to be hurt as much as they did that poor woman. But obviously the media doesn't care because she isn't the type of victim that fits their narrative. Absolutely horrific what women have to go through in this industry.

  25. What is wrong with some of the teenage boys of this generation? This man is a human trafficker, a pimp and a violent misogynist

  26. Of course they want peace now so they can recuperate and conduct another 26/11 or Kargil.

  27. BBC reporting that Pant admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. If true, then he's seriously lucky that he didn't collide with any other cars.

  28. He was driving from Delhi to his hometown overnight, tired, it was a terrible decision

  29. Hockey used to be our main sport until the 70s, it's still popular in the rural north.

  30. oh my world imagine the scenes with that. Like a packed pakistan team with afridi fully fit knocking india's top order's heads off

  31. Or im looking at it from the outside and thinking that a boycott is doing nothing but hurting both sides and its time to move on from it.

  32. That's it, you don't know enough. And how's it hurting India exactly?

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