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  1. My mom swears by mustard - but I do Dijon mustard, sugar, honey, then top it with either a sautéed pear or an apple. My favorite is the pear though because the texture is sooo soft.

  2. Mmmm sounds good! almost looked like gyro meat! Which I might need to try on a pie next week. I have to limit my pizza making to once a week or I'll gain to much weight hahah

  3. Thank you! It’s my partners parents restaurant and I was on pizzas last night for their soft opening - meatballs made in house of course too :)

  4. Thank you! We were anxious about bringing it up to them after we talked about it and considered just staying anyways since we already agreed to, but you’re right, we do just need to communicate better.

  5. Ah! I feel your pain. Had to do this with the Aldi pumpkin loaf slices this year -_-

  6. I want to try those so badly!! Maybe next year or I’ll bring them to an event so I don’t eat the whole thing in one sitting.

  7. Podcasts!!! My two favs are: AITA podcast & Two Hot Takes !!

  8. I’ve seen videos of two hot takes on TikTok! I should check them out!

  9. That’s how I discovered them!! I love their show and even my former coworkers liked it since I would play it in the morning at work.

  10. Been there before. Figured I would take at least one store order just to see. Ended up being a super heavy cage that would barely fit in my car and I drove 17 miles for such a little amount I think 4.50? NEVER AGAIN!!!

  11. Target is the same price as Walmart if you shop with their debit card, 5% off everything. And it’s Target, they are awesome. Oh, and Aldi rocks too!!!

  12. Right! And it’s so much cleaner.

  13. And after downloading the target app there are so many deals!!! ALONG with price matching. It is sooo much peaceful in there

  14. Mine started when I howled at him first and kept doing it at about 4-5 months!!!! I had to keep howling at him though and he did the head tilt thing then after a few tries he started talking back!!! A few months after he wouldn’t talk unless spoke to, and now he talks all of the time. :)

  15. Had you been wondering at all beforehand if you might be pregnant?

  16. Nope! I just thought I was pmsing - I have the cramps, bloating & sore breasts and was just wondering when the heck my period was gonna start. I also got nauseous running yesterday and Saturday, but I just thought I was pushing myself too hard.

  17. Click on you’re run, click the 3 dots in the top right, click share, take a picture or upload a picture from you’re camera load, click the arrow on the top right and then choose the type of stickers you want on the image and click upload to Nike feed or wherever you would like to post it.

  18. I wanted to try them from Trader Joe’s but it’s over hour away!!!

  19. Both were lit at the same time, they both have good throws but to say the least, I defiantly will be buying more Aldi candles instead of bath & body works.

  20. Believe it or not, it doesn’t say— but this is an 11 ounce candle so a little smaller than BBW candles

  21. What’s the burn time!!? It should say it on the bottom!

  22. For candle, candle holders & wallflowers I put them in my entertainment center!! For fine fragrances & 1 lotion that I’m using - in my mirror in the bathroom. For soaps - A few under each sink. For body wash & other lotions & body creams, in dollar tree bins and I put them in my linen closet. I have designated shelves towards the bottoms of the linen closet for bathroom stuff! I hope this helps :)!

  23. What I sometimes do is pour some water like 3/4ths of the way of the candle jar and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. I wait a few hours then check on it and the wax should be all the way at the top and firm. Not sure if it’s safe though.

  24. I think it’s totally worth it for a bathroom or a tight area, or by a door. I also love the fact that there are so many seasonal ones too to decorate with but I defiantly don’t keep them in every room.

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