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  1. These two hooked up you n Singapore for iifa. They were making out in the corridor.

  2. Any chances we can expect a Robert Eggers-Pattinson Collab again, in the near future?

  3. Haven't properly measured it since I charge in between 30-80. Battery health at 92% though after more than 2 years.

  4. How do you check battery health? Which app? Thanks

  5. Warners bross's visual effects sucks...

  6. Well, every studio has some movies that bad effects since most parts of blockbusters these days are VFX filled and they need to rush.

  7. It could have been great. Was very forgettable. And the script writer must have been on drugs when she wrote the scene showing optimus prime on earth at the end. It pointlessly tries to retconn the tranformers 1 film and the arrival to earth.

  8. Given the fact that Peacemaker claims that he can hear the voices of dead people in his helmet in the comics, I bet Snyder would like the character.

  9. Peacemaker was the inspiration for Comedian in Watchmen

  10. With the current Flash plans, is this show and the suicide squad gonna get removed from canon anyway

  11. Simply, they choose to make as much money as possible without giving shit about "loyal customers", or product quality. Getting rid of one of the leading co-founders reflects a new horrible management team. I used to like OP tho, but not anymore, all their new moves are getting cheaper that's it:

  12. OP 9 has a plastic frame. OP 6 has a metal frame.

  13. Ready ah illa cos no one except Nolan understands it. Avanuke muzhusa purinjucha nu therila.

  14. It's easy bruh. Robert Pattinson's character is the child of the woman the protagonist was saving. In the future they both start an organisation called tenet.

  15. They joke…but this man can probably kill you with the menu.

  16. It's like Aquaman. It is set after the events of TSS but it'll simultaneously also explain his origin story.

  17. David Ayer shouldn't even be there. It should be David F Sandberg instead.

  18. Just unfollow and move on with your life buddy.

  19. Her feed is just full of pr, paid promotions and very corporate/influencer type posts of her own which are really off-putting. It's like she's trying very hard like Deepika to get that social media ambassador/icon stature, which just feels so fake and made-up. Not to mention almost every comment visible being bots. It's gone to that extent wherein her unfiltered video wherein she speaks up about covid and the current state, even that doesn't make any sense and just feels like she made that video cause she had nothing else to post.

  20. The CW did King Shark better lmfao. Quit overhyping a movie that was a 6/10 at best. It was literally just GOTG2 with DC characters

  21. Looks like you saw a different movie or you're just an Ayer cut shill who can't appreciate/differentiate a good movie from others.

  22. She's playing an important role in the movie. Trailers usually are meant to just give a glimpse of what's in the movie. Secondly, a role is a role. It's the impact of the character to the movie and the audience that matters. Why are you this jealous lol?

  23. Can you send the link or share it if possible?

  24. Then Batman Begins was a failure. Wow so many Batman movies that were a failure.

  25. Okay, how much Disney's paying you to defend mcu? Can I also join....

  26. Quick glance at factual data says it has:

  27. Marketing costs are zero right... Dude do some basic research before posting such stuff.

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