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  1. That belt gives me serious secondhand embarrassment. 😬

  2. El crisis esta dificil, afuera (out) meaning up, momento de darse la luz ( giving birth). Hillary is my best entertainment. All the media

  3. Poor Edu. Most of the pictures is him being used as a sexual toy.



  6. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. One of the first RED FLAGS that should have alerted people that she wasn't actually Spanish or even spent a considerable amount of time in Spain is to look at her wardrobe choices.


  8. This happened when you fake being spanish for 10 years and pretending being pregnant for 8 years, when you send a woman to Rikers and so much more. They always did whatever they want and non facing consequences.

  9. That's beautiful where else did you go in Chile and what other parts did you like or would recommend?

  10. I'm chilean. This is in the north. Iquique. Chile is beautiful. There are many places you can visit. Summer season now so lots of tourists everywhere.

  11. Okay great so can you tell me some good places I should be going to? I will be in Chile in March and I will probably go to La Serena

  12. Don't drive traffic to her insta. Download or record.

  13. Why are you reposting your own repost of your own post from 11 hours ago?

  14. Why doesn’t she just privately invest in actually learning Spanish? If this is her schtick, why has she only bothered to learn a handful of common phrases and exaggerated facial expressions?!

  15. The thing here is that to learn languages is excellent but she says she is from Spain non having a native spanish. I'm from a spanish speaking country and I speak English but I don't say I'm from the USA. I'm not talking to people with an accent in spanish. She isn't well and should be treated.

  16. 1:10-1:12 her accent is GONE! Lol she sounds so different. "No not really probably not." And I'll agree she looks very pretty here. Not the face we see now thats for sure.

  17. We are big fans with the English a which is more opened and then she said it with the Spanish a.

  18. There a video where Hillary asked Leo to say Alec baldwin. After leo said it he said Quiero más, asking for food (I want some more). She uses this as a rewarding issue.

  19. You forgot the one where she’s carrying her into the building after the murder vacation

  20. For the newbies: this kid is named after her hot supposed-ex, Eduardo Ramos. She still stalks the big Eduardo on Instagram.

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