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  1. U.K. based student here - we have us this on our feeds. Generic 20-60mls pre and post on everyone except neonates.

  2. Thank you!! Yeah heard it pretty pricey - not sure if it’s really in my price range sadly - do you know anywhere that’s just as nice but just a tad cheaper?

  3. There’s also shanghai bay near west quay, only been once myself during lockdown but had a good meal, have heard others saying great things about it

  4. U.K. student nurse here - I pay my university £13 per hour I am on placement and £6 an hour of lectures/teaching

  5. I'm also a UK student nurse - I've just put my claim in to the learning support fund for £3,600 of excess accommodation and travel costs for my 9 week placement. A placement where I started at 7.15am every shift and was told to be an HCA until 5pm when I could then shadow the nurses - after helping all the red tray patients eat dinner of course! People who think a 5k grant is enough need to take a good look at their beliefs.

  6. I’m very glad to have LSF but having to pay upfront for all that is a killer, I wouldn’t have the money or overdraft to support.

  7. U.K. based story from Student Nurse. Happened over 2 night shifts. Night 1: Around 4 month old baby been on picu for around a month and stepped down to ward, reliant on haemo filtering on picu and was trying to stretch the time between sessions on ward. Plan was no filtering over weekend and if needed would go back to picu.

  8. House of 5 student nurses here, driveway could do with a little bit of love. we’ve had a couple issues with debris from our driveway getting into car engine and with our shift patterns we’ve really not been able to give any attention to it. (Sorry it’s a lil bit of a self nomination)

  9. As far as I know closures go in around 2pm when it’s a 3pm kick off

  10. Santo doesn’t but trago in portswood has outdoor tables and is same chain

  11. To be completely honest, one thing Southampton really lacks is a proper food scene.

  12. Defo agree, every time family come to visit they mention the lack of a good food scene

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