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'evermore' Dropped 2 Years Ago Today

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  1. Me > one of my best friends > Este Haim (they met in line to buy bagels) > Taylor

  2. Looking at the third image I have no idea how people don’t think this could be about weed and the Mad Men connection is only part of it 😂 she’s literally dancing in a hazy smoky room while her partner is sleeping

  3. Most of what people said, plus my fiancé really takes a lot of pleasure in washing and conditioning my hair and massaging my scalp. He is so good at it. It’s heaven! I love massaging and exfoliating him (every now and then).

  4. She's laying on her back and I'm in an upright position on my knees. I loop my arms under her legs and lift her hips up so that only her upper back is still on the bed (you can also put a pillow or two under her hips to elevate them).

  5. Exactly this and adding another position that I don’t know the name: starts as missionary but then I put my legs on his shoulders and join him on his thrusts

  6. Does this computer belong to you or the company you work for? Are the stickers removable?

  7. They are removable but at my company they are ok with you sticking stickers on their computers, and if you change computers or have to turn them back in, they’ll remove it

  8. And I know it’s long gone, And we were running out of time, But I still see your face in every coffee shop line.

  9. Damn “wish you’d say you love me instead of ‘let’s see how it goes’l gave me literal chills

  10. I mean, probably not the one you’re looking for, but LWYMMD: “but I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time / honey I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time”

  11. Champagne Problems! The lyrics and bridge are great (not god-tier), but I think overall the song is a solid medium and somehow it became a fan favorite.

  12. I cant cum from anything a man does to me. Only by using a vibrator on myself. BUT, I would choose partnered sex over solo masturbation any day. By myself I get an orgasm. It’s boring. It scratches an itch. With a partner I get what I am craving. Lust. Passion. Touch. Pleasure and pleasing someone else. This is what I crave. Every. Single. Day.

  13. Perfectly put! Orgasms are fun and all, but sex and intimacy is a hundred times better and more satisfying. Especially with someone you care about and want to please.

  14. Wet wipes help too! We usually keep a pack on the nightstand and it helps with the immediate cleanup before having to actually get up and shower!

  15. Considering how much these cost I'm willing to out some time into trying to clean it up.

  16. I got a 20 dollar one from Amazon 10 years ago and it still makes amazing waffles. 🧇

  17. I don’t know what I was expecting going into this thread 😢

  18. This is what makes most sense in my head, but Taylor can also be so unpredictable when it comes to releases! She’s could very well announce Debut for New Years and blow us all away

  19. “I do not know about thee yet I am feeling thirty three”

  20. Finally got some sense knocked into them! Wishing the best of luck that my fellow Swifties get tickets ❤️

  21. Bless this album, it’s so good. I gave it yet another back to back listen today in honor of its birthday! I’m still so in love with it, especially Ivy, Coney Island and Right Where You Left Me 💚

  22. this makes me wonder even more if she’s already done basically all of the re-recordings (aside from reputation) and plans on steadily releasing them over the next couple of years during tour + working on this movie since there isn’t really gonna be time for her to get back into the studio

  23. I’m thinking she already re-recorded everything but reputation (which could honestly be in post production by now)

  24. I have that one patch too! So sad for no DMV date this time around

  25. Endgame and I will not elaborate

  26. I love End Game! The hook is so catchy, and the verses are dope (pun intended) too! Taylor’s verse in particular: “I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me”????? Excuse me???? Amazing. The video had such a chill vibe, it was awesome and I will forever cherish this song.

  27. Does it… matter? Taylor is a songwriter and storyteller first. That’s the distinctive feature of her work as an artist and what allowed her to bring her country audience when she transitioned into pop and later into alternative. She should be free to explore different mediums for her art without being constricted into labels, imo.

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