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  1. I work with some rehab raptors at work (zoo) and one happens to be a turkey vulture. His name is Larry and is super saucy. I love him.

  2. That’s awesome! And bringing kids closer to live wildlife is so different from them seeing in the wild or on tv. I do daily chats with the birds and so many people go away with a better understanding and appreciation. We’ve just finished our field trip season and the kids always have a blast!

  3. Because the lazy joke of assigning names to birds when people make an ID request has been beaten to death and is obnoxious to see. It is also very Boomer-y.

  4. Okay so I’m sorry. I’m really dumb. I inherited this house from my grandma and I was told that I cannot do laundry because I will run out of water??? There is something in the utility room and turns on every time I run that water. Do I just need a bigger one of whatever that is to be able to do laundry?

  5. We cannot know without seeing how your piping and accessories are laid out?

  6. Thank you!!! I’m just so frustrated. T think maybe I just have a really small expansion tank. I’ll look into it.

  7. So many different types of weather balloons and streetlights, who knew? :\

  8. By responsibly I mean there are times when you need to release emotions or simply be emotional. (i.e. something happens to you that causes you to feel sad) it’s alright to cry and to do so where you feel safe. However if you’ve wronged another person and their actions as a result have hurt you, crying in front of this person isn’t responsible.

  9. Of many benefits, nasal breathing releases nitric oxide (NO). NO is a vasodilator, which helps to widen blood vessels, which in turn improves oxygen circulation within the body.

  10. One fallacy mentioned here is the pressure reducing valve. For these are located in the piping before entering the home. Therefore, controls pressure the same for both not and cold.

  11. I mean as long as you can get to a hospital ASAP and don't have an allergic reaction, most US snakes are really quite safe. Additionally, many snakes dry bite (no venom) for the first bite to tell you to GTFO. They're not trying to kill, they want to be left alone.

  12. Note in the title where I say "parking lot". There were no sheltered spots near where it was.

  13. [Jeeze, the down-voting coupled with an edgy authoritarian attitude here at times. Seems as if some are blessed gifted born with complete knowledge of birdies, eh? Then out the window flies, (ha, I like that :)... that we are all here to learn, and to help pass along what we have learned. Ah, whatta ya do? Except bitch and rant like I'm doing, lol!]

  14. Saw your post yesterday. So, came back to see if your good question of green was answered yet, but nope! lol

  15. If you're not the International Criminal Court that's not your call.

  16. And the illegal invasion of Laos by North Vietnam, starting in 1959 to set up the Ho Chi Minh Trail network, "history" has all but ignored. Fact.

  17. Yep. I'd never disagree with that. I'd disagree that it makes operation MENU any less illegal, and Kissinger, Nixon, Abrams, Wheeler and Laird agreed with that assessment themselves.

  18. Appreciate your worthy reply. I, too, know both sides did not get away scot-free, i.e. two wrongs making a right, nope never.

  19. Stung twice by scorpions. Lucky that both times they were of mildly venomous type. Put ice on the sting, pain went away quite soon enough.

  20. Jokes aside... Talk about very real danger, those beasts can kick sideways, horses cannot.

  21. Can't say for sure, that the guy kneeling looks to be holding a grease gun? An older style, similar as such:

  22. Very early 1970s, saw her at a small West Coast venue. So small it was that the bands had to walk though the tightly seated audience to get up onto the stage. ...

  23. Very good site, can id and give advice about the injury. ...

  24. Well, you got my curiosity. So I googled "book reading stands", and a whole bunch came up, especially with then clicking google image!

  25. This is the old school answer. Remember those podiums that dictionaries and atlases sat on in libraries before the internet was mainstream?

  26. Ah-haha, laughing at myself. For, yes, of course I remember. What with but a few months pushing on closer than not to 70-yrs old, I'd truly be suffering from old-timers disease if didn't remember!

  27. Why does the US military name a lot of its aircraft after Native tribes? Apache, Iroquois, etc?

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