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  1. Not to necro an old thread, but in this context you’re using the wrong definitions. It’s vested as in a vested stock option, you now functionally own the authority to buy the stock at the contracted price when the benefit was originally signed for.

  2. Im just gonna kill this semantic bullshit real quick.

  3. Maybe? But oughts aren’t laws. It’s not semantic bullshit, it’s literally just contract law but okay.

  4. Many of my fellow Americans don’t know anything about global issues OR humility, sadly. I forget the statistic but a massive percentage of Americans never even leave their home state, let alone the country. Only 43% of Americans even have a passport. They all just think “we’re number one!” and that’s that.

  5. We don’t know if that’s how her fruit works 100% though.

  6. It will — it will improve the economy significantly.

  7. At .05 where are you getting 10k?

  8. You don't turn around. When platforms get pulled the legs have to be cut 20ft below the mudline. so you get the smallest diver, and he goes down the pipe. not enough room to turn arround. Why its best not to be the little guy.

  9. Thanks for assuring i dont try being a commercial diver. Im the smallest 99% of the time lol

  10. Oh no I talk everyone out of it. It's a horrible job. Everything's expensive and you buy it all.

  11. Eh im less concerned about expenses, im eyeballing law school. I have a 27 inch waist and my shoulder only measure 18 inches or 46 cm across. My nick name would be tube bro

  12. Stop reporting this video, the guy survived with minimal injuries.

  13. If this is a repost of the same vid from a few years ago he dies. His head swelled from internal bleeding.

  14. lol so fucking what. why does anyone care about the races of dwarves. nordic and german myths came out of a time and place with only white people around, thats why they are traditionally white, not because them being white is actually important in any way.

  15. So tradition doesnt matter?

  16. I understand this argument BUT it seems like the opposite does happen. Take the movie The Great Wall as an example. Its a fantasy movie based off of Song Dynasty China, but the lead character is fucking Matt Damon. Or Ghost in the Shell. So I answer your what aboutism with another what aboutism.

  17. Ahhhh yes, because all Catholics molest children. Brilliant left winger here!

  18. Dont wear the shoe if it doesnt fit.

  19. I am no fan of Catholics. I am also no fan of the rainbow people. Any person of honest intentions should acknowledge the Catholics have had a problematic history of diddling kids. However, any honest person should admit the rainbow people are not 100% innocent in this arena either

  20. Im gonna give you a chance to revise this bit

  21. Where he shouldn't have parked in the first place

  22. Rules for thee not for me.

  23. That sucks, but maybe you don’t want to be publicly airing this dirty laundry out while you’re currently going through C&F again.

  24. Airing out bad admins is the duty of any and all grads. Check your personal ethics if you think its acceptable to keep quiet.

  25. Athletes’ playing career is short they need to chase the bag while they can still play. Respect the grind

  26. Dont blow it while youre young and set yourself up properly and youll be fine. 220k isnt anything to skoff at..

  27. Bruh 220k and forced to play elsewhere is an astronomical REACH.

  28. It annoys me that everyone suggests roommates when that’s not exactly an easy find. And who wants to share the roof with complete strangers. Sad that’s college grad can’t even find a shack that he can live in by himself.

  29. Its not so much that anyone "wants" to have a stranger in the same home. Its more of a necessity. The current alternatives are drive an hour or 2 each way and pay in gas. Or be homeless and pay in food costs and parking/showers,health. Take on additional jobs to have more income, but that leads to decreased time working on school work etcs.

  30. What did Florida or the Tampa area used to be? I am moving down from MN (sorry, you all hate me already...I know. I've heard it all so far) but $1200 a month has been unheard of in the cities area (Minneapolis/st Paul and suburbs) for a long time.

  31. In 2014 before i moved to virginia for a few years i had a 3 bed 2 bath apt 1200ish sq ft cost 850 a month in dunedin pinellas county.

  32. I'm not a coward. I favor direct democracy. I just am smart enough to know we live in a republic where that isn't the case. But go off

  33. You do realize that your original point paraphrased is

  34. It's how the legitimate winner of the election is determined. It's not a trick or a loophole or whatever. It's how the fucking thing is determined.

  35. While I agree with you that it's very far from prostitution but I don't believe it's a "Love Language" also providing for your family is totally different then being obligated t9 buy her expensive stuff just to get her attention and "love".

  36. Damn look at you being a non-grass touching neet elsewhere.

  37. Lmaoooo you're so mad pathetic I'm literally married you idiot

  38. Does being married exclude you from not going outside and being a hermit?

  39. It’s okay to be skeptical. I’m not suggesting that the twin towers collapsed due to salt corrosion. Bridges, parking garages, sidewalks, underground power vaults, etc. are prone to it. I’ll share some random links I googled.

  40. Im just gonna put out the first link literally says salt 1 time and talks about preventative maintenance implying theres already issues that exacerbate the problem

  41. I’m sorry that my literal 30 seconds of searching wasn’t sufficient. Next time I’ll invest 45 to 60 seconds.

  42. The majority of Texans do not support the Texas government. Their vote has been gerrymandered and suppressed into not mattering.

  43. Texan here. We should secede, let the US invade and replace all of our politicians. The war won’t last long anyways.

  44. Did you see Afghanistan? Urban warfare/guerrilla warfare is literal CANCER for a standing military.

  45. Crazy to imagine how much energy it takes to vaporize a manhole cover. Those things are heavy, thick and solid, designed to hold up heavy loads.

  46. This was no ordinary manhole cover.....900kg and 100mm thick

  47. Wow what a baity title. No they couldnt lol

  48. Are blood clots as something related to immune response something that needs to happen?

  49. Just an fyi doctors no longer recommended asprin to reduce chance ofnheart attack in case you are running on old news.

  50. With some caveats, but yes for baseline no event population on huge studies risk of bleeding outweighed CV benefit of once daily 81mg ASA.

  51. I will take the word of the BBC over some random website that features articles like “what if cats had hairstyles?”

  52. Megan De Angelis visited the sanctuary and posted videos of the adorable critter on Instagram.

  53. It's a baby aldabara giant tortoise. They're jet black when they're born.

  54. Well, apparently the supposed proof comes from Ohio’s Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN). But eSORN would not go into that much detail.

  55. Maybe not now? Have they always been so tight lipped? And couldnt one possibly find case numbers under his name and look at the court docket?

  56. This is what i found googling just the charge itself

  57. I’m wondering this too. My car insurance company has never asked me where I park my car but, even if I drive it straight into a lake, they’ll cover the damage. My future premiums would probably go up.

  58. Without being an expert i dont think this would be filed under your car insurance.

  59. So was heading to grab some smokes, and all the sudden I see something running at me, she came under my feet and demanded I pet her.

  60. Is it nubbed or does it have the typical cat rings around the tip?

  61. Is it nubbed or does it have the typical cat rings around the tip?

  62. Yup, she’s a woman. No one ever listens to us

  63. Find and read the article before speculating

  64. Walgreens should definitely be sued. That’s just flat out negligence

  65. How? She asked for more hours and was informed she would be working with him.

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