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  1. It will be a ten min video of him threatening republicans to change the election or he will tell his supporters not to vote. his latest obsession is trying to extort his way back to the presidential nomination.

  2. This is going to be hilarious he's going to extort them to all saying the big lie that he was robbed, then strong arm them after that to giving him the 2024 nomination, and lose the next presidential election.

  3. that's probably why their top post lately has a been just memes. they have nothing to actually talk about, even hate gets boring after awhile I guess.

  4. Holocaust as historic event doesn't appear in encyclopedias before 1970s, so the two decades before it appeared isn't a long held historical tradition of not solidifying current events but is in fact evidence of manufacturing and exaggeration in conspired collaboration internationally...

  5. There wasn't even a Nazi party before 1920 so its obvious that they couldn't amass power that quickly. /s

  6. This happens all the time not really excusing it but this isn't new, go to any large grocery store such as Kroger or Wal-mart and almost any of the staple products has a store brand at a cheaper price. they choose what items to offer based on their own sales data.

  7. He was a guy with his wife and child in the car, and you want it to sound like he had a dirty nuke or something.

  8. The criminal in this case is the guy who just killed someone and you are too stoked about someone getting shot to realize that.

  9. cannot impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on healthcare workers without allowing their employers to consider religious exemption requests.

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