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    Griner was not officially accredited as a journalist by the Russian Foreign Ministry, very different case.

  2. As an American, I really don't feel bad for any of my fellow countrymen who go to Russia and have bad things happen to them at this point. They should know better, by now. Of course, if a diplomat or someone who was sent there on government business is detained, that is another matter, entirely.

  3. He had accreditation from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

  4. These idiot journalists going to russia thinking they have some magical journalist shield around you. It's the real world in Russia, rot in jail. Other journalists, reality check, go to Russia, pay the price

  5. He actually had accreditation from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

  6. Why are Americans still in Russia…🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Because they are journalists?

  8. If you want to learn about more about that abbot Pavlo, aka "Pasha Mercedes", watch

  9. Because they've marked that stuff as surplus and have newer stuff. The Bradleys have been sitting in storage, as have all the Humvees. They were gonna be sold or scrapped so why not allow a country that could use the gear have it? As for the Abrams, again, it's stuff that was in storage that had already been replaced. Same with the M113s. Same with the Hawk batteries. Same with all the European countries sending all their old Soviet era stuff.

  10. That's not what the article is about. The question is not why they send old and outdated stuff, but why they send downgraded stuff.

  11. Bullshit. It's not public knowledge if you are asking other people to post it. It's not public knowledge before it's spread around on the internet by careless posters like you.

  12. Asking to give videos and images a meaningful context is not the same as asking to reveal secret information.

  13. You are asking for "context" and giving an example of division names, their commander's names and their locations.

  14. It does not make more sense if you repeat it. The names of divisions, their commanders and the region where division are garrisoned (not the exact location where they are currently fighting) is public knowledge that is freely available on Wikipedia and other places.

  15. Because he believes that human rights and rule of law are just parts of "culture" and that there are cultures that are fine with not having these.

  16. Its just the by-product of huffing copium on an industrial scale.

  17. Ok, that sounds plausible as well.

  18. Probably just a transformer that overheated, here is another example:

  19. If you're confused about who is Iosif and who is Yevgeny Prigozhin:

  20. Exactly. That's why the picture in the article shows Shrek, not a Mangalore.

  21. Just as a reminder, don't confuse Iosif with Yevgeny Prigozhin. It's quite simple:

  22. Belarus borders CNN. You can always learn something on the Internet.

  23. And Trump is not planning to build a wall on that border.

  24. The fact that the cemetery caretaker did not simply threw the paper away, silently nodding, confirms that it's wrong to believe (as many do) that it's only Putin who is holding the Russians hostage, and that the Russians can't talk because they are afraid of the police. Nearly 80% of the Russians stand behind Putin and many are willing to snitch on dissenting citizens, so that the people are not only afraid of the police, but of their own fellow citizens on the street.

  25. Important to know. Precht has already changed his position after seeing strong Ukrainians and weak Russians. At the beginning of the war he was of the opinion that any resistance would be in vain because the Russians would win anyway. He was proved wrong. And we have to be fair to people who have changed their minds.

  26. The main problem is that these people show off as being experts (or that their opinion is somehow relevant) even though they obviously have no clue, and that they are portrayed and presented as such in the Germany media, that they are given too much room there, creating a false balance.

  27. Good point cito. Thx for the clarification.

  28. Sure, I understand that. And of course there should be room for differing opinions.

  29. It's so funny how they always talk about the "Anglo-Saxons" as if we were still living in the early middle ages.

  30. Google translation of the article

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