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  1. Staffies are incredibly loyal dogs that want to please their owners which unfortunately can go both ways. I have a rescue Staffy that was seized from her situation and her previous owners prosecuted (to give you an idea of how bad her history was) and it left her terrified of new situations and next to 0 socialisation with other dogs. It’s taken a lot of training and perseverance to help her get over her nervousness towards other dogs. Whilst this was happening, her natural reaction to being anxious was to bark and growl like hell at other dogs. That being said she is an absolute softie, the definition of a lap dog! As many people have already pointed out, staffies do have an incredibly strong bite (the lockjaw bite however is completely false so please don’t pay any attention to that). As a result, we never encourage any biting behaviour E.g. she’s firmly told off if she nips anyone and when she gets excited she’s redirected to a soft toy to get the energy out. If you, or anyone else, would like extra info about adopting a Staffy please do message me! Unfortunately there’s a lot of them in rescues but with training and gaining the trust of them, they make lovely family pets

  2. No clue. I work in retail and a fair few of my colleagues have caught it from customers (thanks for that). Clearly even a global pandemic doesn’t want me

  3. Hey I’m a mod in a female only discord for apex legends if you’re interested in joining!

  4. I got it done 3 years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve done! I was -7/8 in both eyes with astigmatism and now I’ve got 20/20 vision. The healing is a little tougher than they tell you but mine was really only for 2/3 days. I’m still only young so I can imagine I might need it re doing but for the freedom from glasses and contact lenses I say it’s worth every penny!

  5. Yep I work there! As you said, weekend after pay day and bad weather always brings people in, shame a lot of them forget their manners too! Meadowhall is claustrophobic at the best of times, add in a busy weekend and it’s not enjoyable

  6. Hello M/34 - this is a near identical situation to my own. Season 8 k/dr~0.7. Adr~335. I play casual pubs trios and find it hard with the random teammates. I'm not good though. Sometimes I get a kill and sometimes I fall off a ledge (this happened earlier today). Looking for some squad mates. Have the occasional chat with my partner while playing so that is a distraction. Play here and there for an hour or two most evenings. All relaxed. This goes for anyone else commenting here too. Name: EsotericPerplex

  7. Hey I tried adding you but it wouldn’t let me due to settings. My psn is c_j_mac65

  8. Always down to play with new people!

  9. I’m happy with pinging (also don’t have a mic at the moment) psn is c_j_mac65

  10. I’ve been trialling out The Inkey List beta hydroxy acid and I’m really enjoying it. I suffer from large pores on my nose and have done all the typical stuff of using harsh scrubs or nose strips to try and get rid of the blackheads.

  11. I feel the same. Every role has so many applicants and it feels like an uphill battle. It’s hard to stay positive and upbeat when everything seems to be stacked up against you. One day we will get the job we’ve been searching for. Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way

  12. It sucks SO bad when your bf/gf/whoever says "you deserve better" and then doesn't do a damn thing to become better. Good for you

  13. Definitely. Hindsight is a great thing because I didn’t realise just how unhappy I was and it’s hard to keep a relationship going, especially long distance, when one half doesn’t put in the effort to make it work

  14. I'm sorry. Sending good vibes and love your way. I have a feeling I will be in the same boat as you soon (the LDR and effort part and all). You will absolutely be okay. *hugs*

  15. Sending lots of love your way. Sometimes things don’t work out

  16. Laura Geller Gelato highlighter specifically Gilded Honey

  17. I still have my RCMA powder! Honestly it seems like the tub is never going to run out but it works for me. I have dry skin but I sweat super easily and the RCMA powder is the only thing that stops my makeup sliding. Plus it’s p good value for money

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