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  1. Reminds me of that scene in The Simpsons were Maggie reaches for the hammer in the garage and wacks Homer over the head with it

  2. that the same people who used to animate those 'Yo Mama' cartoons?

  3. What do you mean by that? What sort of images are they showing?

  4. Omg that's horrible. Condolences for the person and their loved ones

  5. Wasn’t watching, getting drunk on Gin and Tonic in the sun. Fuck both teams

  6. Where are you currently? Here at my usually warm place it's raining the whole afternoon 😪

  7. Obviously without doxxing myself, in Liverpool. 22c here atm

  8. Don't be sad that's it's over, be glad that it happened

  9. So another Moyes masterclass incoming

  10. Dance of Death by Iron Maiden is a solid record. But that cover...

  11. Make 400k, few meme press conferences and leave, what a great month for him

  12. For real I'd be laughing too if I got to make 400k in a single month

  13. Almost makes it sound like there was only one.

  14. Did Vinagre ever start? Only seem to remember him appearing as a late game sub

  15. Almost bought a ticket to Milwaukee metalfest's Sunday show, would have loved to seen Bodysnatcher, After the Burial and LOG.

  16. Bruh don't be embarrassed they all kick ass. Would love to go see LoG myself one day

  17. Omg RLM talking about Death Metal. I didn’t know I needed this

  18. I watched the The Fellowship of The Ring extended edition last night. It didn’t feel half as long as this

  19. Whilst the scores are somewhat encouraging, going to wait until the player base gets their hands on the game and explores the systems (and more importantly, the monetisation). Been burnt too many times by Blizz recently, I just can't trust them to put out a complete product anymore without controversy

  20. A game hits 90 on open critic and that's only "somewhat" encouraging lol?

  21. Well Diablo 3 was similarly lauded on its release back in the day and that was a trainwreck

  22. 30 years total for all of them btw, not each

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